Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
electricdoor Electrical Barrier It's some sort of electrical barrier. Looks dangerous... Common object
electricfluffaloegg Electric Fluffalo Egg Hatches into a vulnerable electric fluffalo calf - a good source of static cells once fully grown. Rare object
electriclight Electric Light A cheap electric light. Common object
electricrailgun Tesla's Wrath Powerfully strong to cover long distances. Legendary activeitem
electricsign Electricity Warning Sign Watch out! Lightning bolts! Common object
electroniumhat Electronium Hat I feel smarter just wearing this thing! Legendary head
embercoral1 Ember Coral A crispy coral shrub. Common object
embercoral2 Ember Coral A crispy coral shrub. Common object
embercoral3 Ember Coral A crispy coral shrub. Common object
embercoral4 Ember Coral A crispy coral shrub. Common object
embercoral5 Ember Coral A crispy coral shrub. Common object
endomorphicjelly Endomorphic Jelly A strange jelly that seems to react to touch. Uncommon item
energyaugment1 Energy I Augment An EPP module that boosts your total energy a little. Uncommon augment
energyaugment2 Energy II Augment An EPP module that boosts your total energy. Rare augment
energyaugment3 Energy III Augment An EPP module that boosts your total energy greatly. Legendary augment
energyjavelin Energy Javelin A powerful javelin full of kinetic energy. Suitable for hunting. Common thrownitem
energypickaxe Energy Pickaxe A mining tool unlike anything you've seen in other media. Legendary activeitem
energywhip Lucaine's Energy Whip A whip made from pure energy. Get cracking! Legendary activeitem
erchiuscrystalsample Erchius Crystal Sample "A perfect sample of Erchius Crystal fuel - larger amounts are used to fuel ship FTL drives." Legendary object
erchiuseye Erchius Eye The eye of the Erchius Horror! Focus it upon your enemies. Legendary activeitem
erchiushorroraf Erchius Horror Figurine The label reads, "A parasitic aberration grown from within Erchius crystals." Legendary object
escaperadar Escape Radar Dish A radar dish. Not to be confused with a salad dish. Common object
essence Ancient Essence Mysterious energy used by the Ancients. It pulses in harmony with the living universe. Legendary currency
essencechest Ancient Essence Chest A fearsome ancient chest ornamented with a lidless eye. Legendary object
ethnichead Tribal Mask A large, foreboding mask. Legendary head
eventlight Small Spotlight A light meant to draw attention to an area. Common object
evileye Evil Eye I think it's looking at me. Legendary activeitem
evilmushroomhead Evil Mushroom Hat It never stops staring. Who would make such a thing? Rare head
executionerschest Executioner's Gloves Tough gloves, made for dealing out justice. Rare chest
executionershead Executioner's Mask A traditional executioner's hood. Rare head
executivebed Executive Bed An executive bed. For the sleep of your life. Common object
executivechair Executive Chair An executive chair. You'll never want to stand again. Common object
executivedoor Executive Door An impenetrable executive door. Common object
executivelight Executive Light A dazzling executive light. Common object
executiveswitch Executive Console An executive console. So exquisite, you can't help but treat it with respect. Common object
executivetable Executive Table A beautiful executive table. Common object
exitteleporter Exit Teleporter This teleporter will get you back to the ship when you're ready to leave. Common object
exmachina Ex Machina Serial No: 0451 Legendary activeitem
explorerchest Explorer's Chestpiece A durable chestpiece, perfect for exploring in. Uncommon chest
explorerlegs Explorer's Leg Armour These trousers are made of a light material, to ease the load of a tired adventurer. Uncommon legs
explosivebarrel Explosive Barrel An explosive metal barrel. It looks dangerous. Common object
eyeback All-Seeing Cape An ancient cape made from a mysterious glimmering material. Rare back
eyeballback Optic Nerve A large optic nerve. Rare back
eyeballchest Eyeball Shirt A shirt woven from optic nerves. Rare chest
eyeballhead Eyeball Mask A giant eyeball mask. Drastically reduces your depth perception. Rare head
eyeballlegs Eyeball Skirt This all-in-one leg covering features a giant living eye. Creepy. Rare legs
eyebed Eye Bed A bed adorned with eyes. Great for nightmares. Common object
eyebowls Eyebowls Oculemon stuffed inside half an eggshoot, popular hors d'oeuvres at Floran gatherings. Common consumable
eyechair Eye Chair An eye chair. Not to be confused with a high chair. Common object
eyechest Eye Chest A chest sealed with a piercing eye. Worth a look inside. Common object
eyedoor Eye Door A door covered in eyes. Don't blink. Common object
eyehead All-Seeing Helmet A helmet with a big eyeball in the centre. Practical! Rare head
eyehead2 Terrifying Eye Hat Your piercing gaze should instil fear into even the bravest heart. Rare head
eyepatchhead Dastardly Eyepatch Wearing this patch is well worth the loss of depth perception. Rare head
eyepiles Pile of Eyes A tumbling heap of squishy eyeballs. Common matitem
eyeshield Eye Shield Sees every attack coming. Uncommon activeitem
eyesword Oculus Reaver Seeing from the sword's eye is disorienting at first. Legendary activeitem
eyetable Eye Table An eye table. Not good for people wearing skirts. Common object
fabric Woven Fabric A small square of woven fabric. Common item
faceleechhead Benevolent Face Leech A constant companion for your face. Rare head
fadedblocks Soft Brick Soft faded brick. Common matitem
fairyback Fairy Wings Beautiful wings, they make me feel pretty. Legendary back
fairychest Dance Top A dance top, ensures 300% less jiggle. Legendary chest
fairyhead Crown A jewel encrusted party hat. It looks real! Legendary head
fairylegs Tutu It's frilly, but it wont keep your sugar plums warm. Legendary legs
fairylights Yellow Fairy Lights A string of small, twinkling fairy lights. Uncommon object
fakelicense1 Fake Sparrow License Lets you permanently upgrade your ship to a bigger Sparrow-type corvette. Legendary item
fakelicense2 Fake Kestrel License Lets you permanently upgrade your ship to a bigger Kestrel-type corvette. Legendary item
fakelicense3 Fake Falcon License Lets you permanently upgrade your ship to a bigger Falcon-type cruiser. Legendary item
fakelicense4 Fake Eagle License Lets you permanently upgrade your ship to a bigger Eagle-type cruiser. Legendary item
fakelicense5 Fake Condor License Lets you permanently upgrade your ship to a bigger Condor-type dreadnought. Legendary item
falconwingsback Stargazer Prophet Wings Wings like these are worn by the highest-ranking Stargazers. Rare back
fallingrocks Old Falling Rocks Sign An old battered sign warning of falling rocks. Common object
fallingrocksmodern Falling Rocks Sign A warning sign showing falling rocks. Common object
fancaphead Sporty Cap A sporty baseball cap for a true fan. Legendary head
fancyhead Dapper Hat A fancy bowler hat. Distinguished. Rare head
fancysnowman Fancy Snowman A stylishly dressed snowman. Common object
fantasyboardgame Fantasy Board Game A board game, with a cardboard castle and game pieces. Common object
farmtools Farm Tools A spade, a rake and a broom for all sorts of back-breaking farm work. Common object
fawnfly Fawnfly Its tawny wings make it hard to spot on trees. Common object
feathercrown Feathercrown Feathercrown, you have to pluck it before consuming. Common consumable
feathercrownjam Feathercrown Jam A sweet and flavoursome preserve, precious among Avians. Common consumable
feathercrownseed Feathercrown Seed Feathers sprout from the top of the feathercrown and catch in the wind. Common object
featherfood Feather Food A traditional Avian ceremonial food eaten at celebrations. Uncommon consumable
featherhead Feather Headband A headband with some large fake feathers on top. Legendary head
feathers1 Vibrant Feather Bundle Gorgeous, vibrant feathers arranged like flowers Common object
feathers2 Colourful Feather Bundle Gorgeous, colourful feathers arranged like flowers. Common object
featherybird Decorative Bird Huge feathers are sprouting from this small bird statue. Common object
fedorahead Fedora The fedora - some wear it to look respectable, others disreputable. Legendary head
fence Wooden Fence A sturdy wooden fence. Common matitem
fennixaf Fennix Figurine The label reads, "Sometimes when chasing its own tail it can accidentally set itself on fire." Legendary object
fernfossil Fern Fossil A fossilised fern. Uncommon item
feroziumore Ferozium Ore Ferozium ore. Can be used for smelting. Rare item
feroziumsample Ferozium Sample "A perfect sample of a ferozium ore." Legendary object
feroziumstaff Ferozium Staff This hardened ferozium staff concentrates energy at an impressive distance. Legendary activeitem
feroziumwand Ferozium Wand What is this, a staff for ants? Rare activeitem
filingcabinet Filing Cabinet A filing cabinet. Sorted. Common object
filledcapturepod Filled Capture Pod Throw it down to release the creature captured inside! Common activeitem
fillerup Fill 'Er Up Fills up your ship's fuel Legendary item
fireblockaugment Fire Resist Augment An EPP module that makes you highly resistant to fire. Rare augment
firebombcollar Fire Bomb Collar A collar that causes your pet to explode when they're defeated. Uncommon augment
fireboomerang Molten Boomerang A blazing hot boomerang with a molten core. Legendary activeitem
firedclay Fired Clay Clay cooked into a solid brick. Common item
fireemblem Avian Fire Emblem This emblem signifies the wild and destructive element of fire. Common object
fireextinguisher Fire Extinguisher A fire extinguisher. Not for fun and games. Common object
fireflowerpot Fiery Flower A fiery-looking flower in a pot. Common object
firefluffaloegg Fire Fluffalo Egg Hatches into a vulnerable fire fluffalo calf - a good source of scorched cores once fully grown. Rare object
fireflybush Firefly Bush Little glowing bugs appear to be living in this bush. Common object
firelordback Fire Lord's Cloak The cape of a powerful fire lord. The threads are bonded with super-hot flames. Rare back
firelordchest Fire Lord's Breastplate This breastplate is said to be forged in the core of dead stars by powerful beings. Rare chest
firelordhead Fire Lord's Helm Rumours say one can hear the whispers of the past wearing this helmet. Rare head
firelordlegs Fire Lord's Greaves These greaves are said to allow the wearer to step through the hottest flames. Rare legs
fireplacetools Fireplace Tools Tools used for poking at burning coals or kindling. Common object
firework Red Firework Time for a celebration! Common thrownitem
fireworkblue Blue Firework Time for a celebration! Common thrownitem
fireworkgreen Green Firework Time for a celebration! Common thrownitem
fireworkgun Zephyr Spark Launcher Yes, it shoots fireworks! Legendary activeitem
fireygiant Fireygiant A large, formidable bug. Can survive extreme heat. Common object
fishaxe Fishaxe NOW you mine fish. Legendary miningtool
fishdumplings Fish Dumplings Simple fish dumplings, steamed and lightly seasoned. Common consumable
fishfingers Fish Fingers Tasty fried fish in stick form. Where's the custard? Common consumable
fishfossil Fish Fossil A fossilised fish. Uncommon item
fishinabone Fish in a Bone A whole fish shoved haphazardly inside a boneboo. Common consumable
fishinglurecontrol Motorized Lure A lure with internal gyros for better control. Uncommon augment
fishinglurelight Illuminated Lure A lure with a bright internal light for night fishing. Uncommon augment
fishingluresinking Sinking Lure A heavy lure that sinks quickly. Uncommon augment
fishingreelfast High Speed Reel A reel that winds faster when not under load. Uncommon augment
fishingreellong High Capacity Reel A reel with a larger spool for a longer line. Uncommon augment
fishingreelstrong High Tension Reel A heavy reel with high-test line that won't break as easily. Uncommon augment
fishingrod Fishing Rod A simple wooden fishing rod with titanium fittings. uncommon activeitem
fishnchips Fish and Chips Fry all the things! This is an old favorite for humans. Uncommon consumable
fishpie Fish Pie Stargazy pie! Baked fish in sauce, topped with creamy mash. Rare consumable
fishstew Fish Stew A light stew that goes down easy. Uncommon consumable
fistlauncher Fist Launcher This device is meticulously engineered to launch fists with great force Common object
flagapex Apex Flag An Apex flag. The symbol of the Miniknog. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. Common object
flagavian Avian Flag The Avian flag. Use ^green;[E] to bookmark a teleportation location. Common object
flagfloran Floran Flag The Floran flag. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. Common object
flagglitch Glitch Flag The flag of the Glitch. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. Common object
flaghuman Human Flag The flag of the Protectorate. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. Common object
flaghylotl Hylotl Flag The Hylotl flag. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. Common object
flagnovakid Novakid Flag The Novakid flag. Use ^green;[E]^white; to bookmark a teleportation location. Common object
flameroach Flameroach Hot to the touch, its shell flickers like flame. Common object
flamethrower Flamethrower Love the smell of napalm, any time of day. Legendary activeitem
flamethrowerblade Flamethrower Blade It's a flamethrower built to look like a sword. Legendary activeitem
flametrap Avian Flame Trap A flame trap designed to deter invaders. Common object
flamingdemonsword Firestorm's Fury According to legend, this flaming blade was forged by fallen angels. Legendary activeitem
flare Flare Good for lighting up a dark cave before you dive into it. Common thrownitem
flashlight Flashlight A handy flashlight! Uncommon flashlight
flatwhite Flat White Coffee Coffee with milk. Common consumable
fleshbed Flesh Bed A bed made of fresh flesh. Common object
fleshblock Flesh Chunk Some hideous, foul-smelling kind of flesh. Common matitem
fleshbush1 Flesh Bush A fleshy bush. Squishy. Common object
fleshbush2 Flesh Bush A fleshy bush. Squishy. Common object
fleshbush3 Flesh Bush A fleshy bush. Squishy. Common object
fleshbush4 Flesh Bush A fleshy bush. Squishy. Common object
fleshbush5 Flesh Bush A fleshy bush. Squishy. Common object
fleshbush6 Flesh Bush A fleshy bush. Squishy. Common object
fleshchair Flesh Chair A fleshy chair. About as gross as it sounds. Common object
fleshchest Flesh Chest A squishy, fleshy chest. To store things in. Common object
fleshdoor Flesh Door A squishy, fleshy door. Common object
fleshstrand Flesh Strand A long, sinewy strand of flesh. Common item
fleshtable Flesh Table A fleshy table. Perfect for carnivores. Common object
flickeringfluorescentlight Damaged Fluorescent Light This fluorescent light has seen better days. Common object
floodlights Floodlights If I look at these lights any longer, I'll probably go blind. Common object
floodlightsmall Small Flood Light A small light that can work in water. Common object
floodlightsmallflickering Small Flickering Flood Light A small flickering light that can work in water. Common object
floop Floop Floop marker. Legendary object
floor Floor Floor marker. Common object
floorgear1 Floor Gear A rusted gear half-buried in the ground. Common object
floorpipe1 Floor Pipe A pipe that comes out from the floor. Common object
floorpipe2 Floor Pipe A pipe that comes out from the floor. Common object
floorpipe3 Floor Pipe A pipe that comes out from the floor. Common object
floppyhathead Floppy Fancy Hat Perfect for taking tea on the lawn. Rare head
floranarmchair Primitive Armchair It's just an armchair made of bones. No big deal. Common object
floranartifactaltar Floran Artifact Altar It looks like it was made to hold something important. Common object
floranbed Primitive Bed The bone frame is sort of disturbing, but that fur blanket looks mighty comfy. Common object
floranbench Primitive Bench A bench made of wood and bones. Seems... inviting? Common object
floranbonedisplay1 Bone Trophy The result of a successful Floran hunt. Common object
floranbonedisplay2 Bone Carving There are barbaric Floran tales etched into the bone. Common object
floranbonerack Bone Rack A rack of 3 unidentified bones. Common object
floranbonestool Primitive Stool A tiny stool carved from bone. Common object
floranbonetable1 Large Primitive Table This entire table appears to have been carved from a single, enormous bone. Common object
floranbonetable2 Short Primitive Table A table made from many small bones. Common object
floranbookcase Primitive Bookcase A bookcase made from the remains of Floran prey. Common object
floranbouldertrap Floran Boulder Trap A trap that drops heavy boulders on unsuspecting intruders. Common object
florancabinet1 Large Primitive Cabinet A cabinet adorned with huge, sharp fangs. Common object
florancabinet2 Small Primitive Cabinet A cabinet adorned with huge, sharp fangs. Common object
florancabinet3 Huge Primitive Cabinet The cabinet made of leather stretched between four large tusks. Common object
florancaptainschair Floran Captain's Chair The Captain sits here to fly the ship. Common object
floranceilingbones1 Large Bone Chimes A string of bones to hang from the ceiling, like a morbid wind chime. Common object
floranceilingbones2 Small Bone Chimes A string of bones to hang from the ceiling, like a morbid wind chime. Common object
floranchair Primitive Chair A simple wooden chair with bone accents. Common object
floranchandelier Primitive Chandelier Torches have been stuck to a sapling in lieu of a fancy chandelier. Common object
florancorner Leather Support A piece of thin leather is stretched from the ceiling. Common object
florancouch Primitive Couch A couch made of leather hide and large bones. Common object
florancrate Primitive Crate A storage crate made of unrefined wood and bone. Common object
florancurtain Primitive Curtain A curtain, or a slab of half-dried, half-eaten meat. One of the two. Common object
florandesk Primitive Desk A desk, probably belonging to the greenfinger of a Floran tribe. Common object
florandoor Primitive Door This door is hardly suitable for keeping the weather out. Common object
florandrum1 Medium Bongo A bongo drum fashioned out of leather and wood. Common object