Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
cellchest Cell Chest A chest with a spherical lock. Common object
celldoor Cell Door A barrier composed of two coiling bars. Common object
celllamp Cell Lamp A tall lamp, with each light linked to another. Common object
cellmateria Cell Materia Cell Materia, I hear you can use this to craft things. Common item
cellmatter Cell Matter Cell Matter - it can be used to craft unspeakable things. Common item
cellstructure1 Cell Structure A weird jumble of cells. Common object
cellstructure2 Cell Structure A weird jumble of cells. Common object
cellstructure3 Cell Structure A weird jumble of cells. Common object
cellstructure4 Cell Structure A weird jumble of cells. Common object
cellstructure5 Cell Structure A weird jumble of cells. Common object
celltable Cell Table A clean, brightly coloured table. Common object
chain Tungsten Chain Tungsten chains, and not the fun kind. Common matitem
chainsaw Chainsaw Great for chopping down trees. Try to avoid massacres. Common harvestingtool
chakram Chakram Grand masters of the chakram can catch it without losing fingers. Legendary activeitem
chalktally Tally Marks Someone couldn't count to 25. Common object
challengedoor Challenge Door A mysterious doorway leading into an unknown dimension. What could possibly go wrong? Legendary object
challengereturndoor Challenge Door I sure hope this door will take me back to reality! Legendary object
championspeardisplay Champion's Spear Display A display commemorating the spear of a Floran who won a hunting ceremony. Rare object
chargegun Charge Gun Bad things are unleashed upon those who wait. Legendary activeitem
cheapwallpaper Tacky Wallpaper Cheap, tacky wallpaper. Common matitem
checkpoint Mission Checkpoint If you die, you will respawn at this location. Legendary object
cheese Cheese A wedge of cheese. Common consumable
cheeseburger Cheeseburger A juicy hamburger, topped with cheese. Rare consumable
chefchest Chef Jacket Given to every chef when they pass their chef exams. Legendary chest
chefhead Chef Hat To make the wearer look like a professional chef. Legendary head
cheflegs Chef Apron An apron to protect your legs from oil spillages. Legendary legs
chessbishop White Stone Bishop A white bishop from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessbishopblack Black Stone Bishop A black bishop from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessking White Stone King A white king from an oversized chess set. Common object
chesskingblack Black Stone King A black king from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessknight White Stone Knight A white knight from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessknightblack Black Stone Knight A black knight from an oversized chess set. Common object
chesspawn White Stone Pawn A white pawn from an oversized chess set. Common object
chesspawnblack Black Stone Pawn A black pawn from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessqueen White Stone Queen A white queen from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessqueenblack Black Stone Queen A black queen from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessrook White Stone Rook A white rook from an oversized chess set. Common object
chessrookblack Black Stone Rook A black rook from an oversized chess set. Common object
chestavian1 Decorative Chest A chest adorned with ancient Avian art. Common object
chestavian2 Old Chest A dank old chest, fashioned from wood and iron. Common object
chestfloran1 Small Primitive Chest A small chest, made from sticks. Its security is questionable. Uncommon object
chestfloran2 Large Primitive Chest A long chest, made from sticks. Its security is questionable. Uncommon object
chestmedavian1 Large Decorative Chest A chest adorned with ancient Avian art. Uncommon object
chestmedavian2 Large Old Chest A large old chest, fashioned from wood and iron. Uncommon object
chestplant1 Small Overgrown Chest A chest made from plant material. It appears to be still growing. Common object
chili Chilli Super hot to humans, super, super hot to everyone else. Common consumable
chiliseed Chilli Seed Hot, hot, hot fiesta!! Extra hot to anyone but the humans. Common object
chocolate Chocolate Just objectively the best thing ever. Common consumable
chocolatecake Chocolate Cake A cake made of chocolate! And other cake ingredients. Uncommon consumable
choconut Choconut A delicious fusion of coconut and chocolate in donut form. Rare consumable
cider Mulled Fruit Drink Acceptable whether you're wearing sweatpants and a beanie or pantaloons. Common object
cinderfly Cinderfly Thrives in desolate conditions. Common object
clarinet Clarinet A clarinet. Try not to squeak. Common instrument
classicapestatue Big Ape Monument An appropriately glorious monument dedicated to a glorious leader. Common object
classicapestatuenohead Headless Big Ape Statue Big ape statue with no head. Common object
classicbanner1 Classic Banner Top The classiest curtain. Common object
classicbanner2 Classic Banner Mid The classiest curtain. Common object
classicbanner2b Classic Banner Mid Symbol The classiest curtain. Common object
classicbanner3 Classic Banner Bottom The classiest curtain. Common object
classicbannertattered Tattered Classic Banner This used to be the classiest curtain. Now it's a bit tattered. Common object
classicbardoor Classic Barred Door This door is beautifully crafted. Common object
classicbed Classic Bed A beautiful bed of rich wood and silks. Common object
classicbookcase Classic Bookcase A bookcase built to be filled with classic literature. Common object
classicbowl Classic Bowl A fine china bowl. Common object
classiccandlestick Classic Candlestick A golden candlestick with three prongs. The wax never seems to melt. Common object
classicchair Classic Chair A dining chair fit for the sort of person who enjoys caviar. Common object
classicchandelier Classic Chandelier This chandelier is made of wrought-iron. It looks expensive. Common object
classicchest Classic Chest A classy chest filled with classy treasure! Common object
classicchina Classic China Cabinet The reason you don't play ball in the house. Common object
classiccupboard Classic Cupboard A large classy storage cabinet. Common object
classiccurtain1 Classic Curtain The classiest curtain. Common object
classiccurtain2 Classic Drape The classiest drape. Common object
classiccurtain3 Classic Thin Drape Thin hanging drapes. Quite classy. Common object
classicdesk Classic Desk The sort of desk that's used exclusively for making important decisions. Common object
classicdiningtable Classic Dining Table For when you want to make a table-based statement. Common object
classicdoor Classic Door A classic banana-infused wood door with a gilded handle. Common object
classicfountain Water Fountain An ornate fountain - much of the water appears to be wasted. Common object
classicglass Crystal Glass A soft scent of fruit juice lingers. Common object
classiclight Classic Light A pretty iron wall sconce. Common object
classiclightart Classic Ceiling Light A ceiling spotlight. Ideal lighting for fancy artwork. Common object
classicmug Classic Mug A fine china mug. Common object
classicpillarsmall Small Pillar For displaying the fanciest of items, or holding up the smallest of buildings. Common object
classicplate Classic Plate A fine china plate. Common object
classictable Classic Table Good for hosting small dinner parties. Common object
clawglove Claw Glove Not adamantium, but still cool. Legendary activeitem
clay Clay Heavy, sticky clay. Common matitem
claypot1 Small Clay Pot A decorative clay pot. Wonder what's inside? Common object
claypot2 Unusual Clay Pot A cracked clay pot. Wonder what's inside? Common object
claypot3 Wide Clay Pot A decorative clay pot. Wonder what's inside? Common object
climbingrope Rope A length of rope. Useful for climbing and tying things together! Common activeitem
clocktophathead Clock Tophat A punkish top hat with a clock in it. Legendary head
cloudblock Cloud A cloud dense enough to walk on. Common matitem
clubceilinglights Blue Club Lights Colourful ceiling lights found in clubs. Common object
clubceilinglightsgreen Green Club Lights Colourful lights found in clubs. Common object
clubceilinglightsred Red Club Lights Colourful lights found in clubs. Common object
clubceilinglightsyellow Yellow Club Lights Colourful lights found in clubs. Common object
clubdecks Club Decks The huge speakers pump out loud dance music. Common object
clublampsmall Club Lamp The lamp emits a low, ambient blue light. Common object
clubspeaker Club Speaker A large club speaker. Common object
coalore Coal It's coal. A decent source of fuel. Common item
coalsample Coal Sample "A perfect sample of a coal ore." Legendary object
cobblestonebrick Cobblestone Brick Small bricks made from cobblestone. Common matitem
cobblestonematerial Cobblestone Hard cobblestones, smooth to the touch. Common matitem
cocoa Cocoa Pod A large pod packed full of rich cocoa beans. Grind it up and you've got chocolate! Common item
cocoaseed Cocoa Seed A cocoa plant. Once ripe, the pods can be turned into chocolate. Common object
coconut Coconut This coconut is just waiting to be thrown. Common thrownitem
coconutblock Coconut Block Bricks made from coconut and mortar. Common matitem
coconuticecream Coconut Ice Cream Perfect for when you're stranded on a tropical island. Common consumable
coconutmilk Coconut Drink The best reason to crack open a coconut. The taste is amazing. Common consumable
coconutrice Coconut Rice You can't see the coconut, but it's there! Common consumable
coffee Coffee Freshly brewed coffee. Common consumable
coffeebeans Coffee Beans Bitter coffee beans. Common consumable
coffeecake Coffee Cake A moist cake enriched with coffee. Moreish! Uncommon consumable
coffeemachine Coffee Machine A coffee machine, for the perfect pick-me-up. Common object
coffeeseed Coffee Seed Coffee beans can be brewed to make a tasty beverage. Common object
cog Copper Cog It's a cog. Common item
coldprotectionback Heating EPP Upgrade This upgrade adds heat generation to your EPP's capabilities. Useful on ^red;dangerously cold^reset; planets. Rare back
colonydeed ^yellow;Colony Deed Place in an enclosed building with at least one door and light source and someone will move in! Common object
colourfulbush1 Colourful Bush A bush with unusual colouring. Common object
colourfulbush2 Colourful Bush A cute, colourful bush. Common object
colourfulbush3 Colourful Bush A divine, colourful bush. Common object
colourfulbush4 Colourful Bush A colourful bush of high aesthetic value. Common object
colourfulbush5 Colourful Bush A colourful bush that may secretly be a Floran in disguise. Common object
combinationprop Combination Lock Prop The classiest curtain. Common object
comedyscript Comedy Script A creased, stained piece of paper with terrible jokes written on it. Common item
commonassaultrifle Common Assault Rifle A fully automatic, military grade rifle. Common activeitem
commonaxe Common Axe Designed for effective chopping. Common activeitem
commonbroadsword Common Broadsword A powerful two-handed sword. Common activeitem
commondagger Common Dagger Razor sharp and lightning quick. Common activeitem
commongrenadelauncher Common Grenade Launcher For when your grenades need some distance. Common activeitem
commonhammer Common Hammer Slow, heavy and effective. Common activeitem
commonlargeshield Large Shield There's something special between us. Common activeitem
commonmachinepistol Common Machine Pistol A small fully automatic pistol. Common activeitem
commonpistol Common Pistol A small handgun. Common activeitem
commonrocketlauncher Common Rocket Launcher The power to blow stuff up. Common activeitem
commonshortsword Common Shortsword A sturdy one-handed sword. Common activeitem
commonshotgun Common Shotgun Fires a spread that's lethal at close range. Common activeitem
commonsmallshield Small Shield There's a little something special between us. Common activeitem
commonsniperrifle Common Sniper Rifle Powerfully strong to cover long distances. Common activeitem
commonspear Common Spear This spear is perfect for enemies just out of reach. Common activeitem
composite01material Titanium Panel A smooth panel made of titanium. Common matitem
compositerail Composite Rail A strong reinforced rail. Common matitem
compositerailplatform Composite Rail Platform Place a self-propelled platform that follows rails. rare activeitem
compoundbow Compound Bow Harvests meat and other goods from monsters. Uncommon activeitem
conceptchest Casual Cardigan A simple jacket, in case it gets a bit chilly. Common chest
conceptlegs Casual Shorts They're longer than your average shorts. Common legs
concretematerial Concrete Block Cold, hard, concrete. Common matitem
consoletribal1 Carved Bird Console An access panel with a bird crudely etched into the base. Common object
consoletribal2 Carved Egg Console An access panel with an egg etched into its base. Common object
consoletribal3 Carved Flame Console An access panel with a flame carved into its base. Common object
consoletribal4 Large Carved Console A large control panel powered by Avian crystals. Common object
consoletribalwall Carved Security Panel A small security panel. Common object
cookedalienmeat Cooked Steak A slab of delicious cooked alien meat. Common consumable
cookedbacon Cooked Bacon Salty, crispy alien bacon. Common consumable
cookedfish Cooked Fish A tasty fillet of cooked fish. Common consumable
cookedham Cooked Ham A haunch of roasted alien ham. Common consumable
cookedpoultry Cooked Poultry A perfeclty roasted bird. What a beautiful sight to behold. Common consumable
cookedribmeat Cooked Ribs Pass the barbecue sauce! Common consumable
cookedtentacle Cooked Tentacle Chewy... But in a nice way. Common consumable
cookedtomato Cooked Tomato Soft, sweet and juicy. Common consumable
coolchest Stylish Jacket Wearing this faux-leather jacket fills you with confidence. Common chest
coolfezhead Cool Fez Fezzes are... neat! Rare head
coollegs Stylish Bottoms When you wear these cool bottoms, you feel as though anything is possible. Common legs
coolshadeshead Cool Shades A really cool set of shades. Looks like someone famous would wear these. Legendary head
copperarmorchest Copper Chestpiece A simple chestpiece made of copper. Rare chest
copperarmorhead Copper Goggles A pair of sturdy copper goggles. Rare head
copperarmorpants Copper Greaves A practical pair of copper greaves. Rare legs
copperbar Copper Bar Ore for copper bars is found at shallow depths on most planets around all stars. Common item
copperblock Copper Gear Block This copper block has a distinct gear-like imprint. Common matitem
copperbox1 Copper Crate A strong storage crate made from copper. Common object
copperceilinglight Copper Ceiling Light A hanging ceiling light made from copper. Common object
copperdrill Copper Drill Drills fast but breaks quickly. A temporary alternative to the matter manipulator. Common miningtool
copperfence Copper Fence A sturdy copper fence. Common matitem
copperladder Copper Ladder A copper ladder Common matitem
copperlantern Copper Oil Lantern An oil lantern made of copper. Common object
copperore Copper Ore Copper ore. Can be used for smelting. Common item
copperpickaxe Copper Pickaxe This tool won't last long, but I'll be able to dig pretty fast with it. Common miningtool
copperplatform Copper Platform A platform made from copper. Common matitem
copperrock Copper Rock A cracked rock full of copper. Common object
copperrocksmall Small Copper Rock A cracked rock full of copper. Common object
copperroofing Copper Roofing Roofing tiles fashioned from copper. Common matitem
coppersample Copper Sample "A perfect sample of a copper ore." Legendary object
coppershelf Copper Wall Shelf A wall shelf made from copper. Common object
coppersupport Copper Support A copper structural support beam. Common object
copperwindow Copper Window A window with a frame made from solid copper. Common matitem
coralcreep Coralcreep The coralcreep fruit turns red when cooked, like a lobster. Common consumable
coralcreepcurry Coralcreep Curry A mildly spicy curry made with the coralcreep fruit. Uncommon consumable
coralcreepseed Coralcreep Seed The coralcreep fruit looks like a sea creature. Common object
coralfragment Ember Coral Fragment It radiates a pleasant warmth. Common item
coralmirror Coral Mirror A wall mirror set in a coral frame. Common object
corefragmentore Core Fragment These naturally occurring crystals produce energy. Common item
corefragmentsample Core Fragment Sample "A perfect sample of a core fragment." Legendary object
corn Corn Sweet and corny, good for digestion! Common consumable
corncob Corn Cob A buttery ear of corn on the cob. Common consumable
cornpeckers Corn Peckers Beakseed and dried corn. A common Avian trail mix, or breakfast cereal. Common consumable
cornseed Corn Seed Sweet, yellow corn. Common object
corobocklehead Corobockle A little person, to keep your head warm. Legendary head
corruptdirtmaterial Corrupt Dirt A disgusting block of corrupted dirt. Common matitem
cotton Cotton Fibre A tuft of natural cotton fibre. Common item
cottonseed Cotton Seed A plant which grows fluffy cotton buds. Common object