Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
boosterflamehuman Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
boosterflamehuman2 Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
boosterflamehuman3 Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
boosterflamenovakid Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
bossdoor Force Field A force field which can only be passed through one way. Common object
bossrightspawner Boss Right Spawner Ruin spawner. Legendary object
bosstentacle Boss Tentacle Ruin tentacle. Legendary object
bossweb Ixodoom Web The web of the Ixodoom. Common object
bottle Empty Bottle Perfect for storing liquids. Common item
bottledhealingwater Bottled Healing Water The restorative power of this water is incredible. Common consumable
bottledwater Bottled Water Fresh, clean water. Soothing and rejuvenating. Common consumable
bouldertrap Temple Boulder Trap A trap that drops heavy boulders on unsuspecting intruders. Common object
bouncyball Bouncy Ball This ball bounces when thrown. Common thrownitem
bouncycollar Bouncy Collar A collar that makes your pet unnecessarily bouncy. Uncommon augment
bow Hunting Bow Harvests meat and other goods from monsters. Common activeitem
bowlingball Bowling Ball A large heavy bowling ball. Common thrownitem
bowlingpin Bowling Pin Knock it down! Common object
box1 Wooden Crate A small wooden crate. Common object
box2 Secure Wooden Crate A secured wooden crate. Common object
boxingglove Boxing Glove Now you can be a contender. Rare activeitem
boxmanhathead The Boxman's Bodacity The most bodacious boxman there ever was. Legendary head
brain Superior Brain This brain looks to be perfect for experimentation. Common item
brainsblock Brains Pulsating brain matter.. I wonder if it's thinking. Common matitem
brainsynapse1 Synapse A tentacle nerve ending Common object
brassknuckles Brass Knuckles It's hard to crack these knuckles. Legendary activeitem
brasslamppost1 Brass Lamp Post A creaky lamp post, made from brass pipes. Common object
brassteleporter Brass Teleporter A personal teleporter, connects to bookmarked locations. ^red;Destroyed when broken. Legendary object
bread Bread Mmm, fresh out of the oven. Common consumable
breathprotectionback Breathing EPP Produces breathable air. Helpful in places with ^red;no breathable atmosphere^reset;. Uncommon back
brickmaterial Bricks Small but perfectly formed bricks made from clay. Common matitem
brightpiano Bright Piano A bright-sounding piano. Great for performing more upbeat songs! Common instrument
brightstripe Brightstripe Vibrant and beautiful, it has a friendly little smile on its face. Common object
brineapple Brineapple Jellied coralcreep inside of a glazed pineapple, served warm. A fancy Hylotl treat! Common consumable
brokenanchor Broken Anchor A broken anchor Common object
brokenapexfuelhatch Broken FTL Fuel Hatch A broken FTL fuel hatch. This won't do! Common object
brokenavianfuelhatch Broken FTL Fuel Hatch A broken FTL fuel hatch. This won't do! Common object
brokenfloranfuelhatch Broken FTL Fuel Hatch A broken FTL fuel hatch. This won't do! Common object
brokenglitchfuelhatch Broken FTL Fuel Hatch A broken FTL fuel hatch. This won't do! Common object
brokenhumanfuelhatch Broken FTL Fuel Hatch A broken FTL fuel hatch. This won't do! Common object
brokenhylotlfuelhatch Broken FTL Fuel Hatch A broken FTL fuel hatch. This won't do! Common object
brokennovakidfuelhatch Broken FTL Fuel Hatch A broken FTL fuel hatch. This won't do! Common object
brokenprotectoratebroadsword Broken Broadsword A very nice sword in very poor condition. Common activeitem
brokentank Broken Tank A broken tank. Common object
broom Broom The most useful of sweeping tools. Common activeitem
browndye Brown Dye This coloured dye can be applied to a piece of armour or clothing with a right-click. Common augment
bruisersword Bruiser's Broadsword This thing is massive! Rare activeitem
bubblegun Bubble Blaster A bubble gun! It shoots bubbles! Wheeeee! Uncommon activeitem
buccaneerchest Buccaneer Coat A whaleskin pirate coat - well it smells like whale anyway. Rare chest
buccaneerhead Tricorne Hat My hat, it has three corners, three corners has my hat! Rare head
buccaneerlegs Buccaneer Pantaloons Pirate pantaloons, with holes for legs (peg or otherwise). Rare legs
buglike1 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike10 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike2 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike3 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike4 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike5 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike6 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike7 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike8 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
buglike9 Hive Bush -todo- Common object
bugnet Bug Net A net for catching bugs! Hunt insects down, capture them, and grow your collection! Common activeitem
bugshell Bug Shell The old, withered shell of some long-dead insect. Common item
buildinghathead Building Hat A hat made from a tiny building. Rare head
bulb Bulb An output light. Indicates whether something is on or off. Common object
bulbopaf Bulbop Figurine The label reads, "It looks like a large and chunky leek. It bleeds when you cut it, though." Legendary object
bunkerbigpanel Large Monitor The amount of data on this screen is overwhelming. Common object
bunkerbookcase Metal Bookcase There's a book in here titled, 'How to Travel Backwards in Time for Dummies'. Common object
bunkercabinet1 Metal Cabinet It looks like it's full of hazardous materials. Common object
bunkerceilinglight1 Metal Ceiling Lamp A metallic ceiling lamp. Common object
bunkerceilinglight2 Metal Ceiling Lamp A metallic ceiling lamp. Common object
bunkercomputer Small Computer Looks like it's mainly used for data entry. Nothing too interesting. Common object
bunkerconsole1 Command Console It's full of really tempting levers but I should probably leave it alone. Common object
bunkerconsole2 Large Console Two keyboards and one monitor? Common object
bunkerconsole3 Small Console It looks like a screen full of personnel memos. Common object
bunkerconsole4 Wide Console It's a screen full of super top secret mission data... Boring. Common object
bunkercorner Metal Support Beam A support beam painted with cautionary stripes. Mind your head! Common object
bunkercrate Metal Crate A metal crate. Common object
bunkerdesk Metal Office Desk An office desk with a built-in monitor. Looks like someone was doing some coding. Common object
bunkerdisplay1 Blueprint Display The display shows a round central room branching off into several hallways. Common object
bunkerdisplay2 Statistical Display A screen with a pie chart representing budget statistics. Common object
bunkerdisplay3 Map Display It's a map displaying a round central room branching out into several corridors. Common object
bunkerdisplay4 Anomalous Display That's no moon... Common object
bunkereyescanner Eye Scanner A device to scan eyeballs and match them to personnel data. Common object
bunkerhandscanner Fingerprint Scanner It scans fingerprints and matches them to personnel data. Common object
bunkerheater1 Space Heater A space heater! Common object
bunkerlighth Wide Fluorescent Lamp A blindingly bright fluorescent light. Common object
bunkerlightv Tall Fluorescent Lamp A blindingly bright fluorescent light. Common object
bunkermotiondetector Motion Detector Stay still! It can't see you if you stay still. Common object
bunkerpanel1 Environmental Data Panel This panel appears to monitor some obscure environmental data. Common object
bunkerpanel2 Medical Data Panel It's a screen displaying an old medical scan. Common object
bunkerpanel3 LED Recruitment Panel A flashy electronic recruitment poster. Common object
bunkerposter1 Motivational Poster That's not very encouraging. Common object
bunkerposter2 Calming Poster There is no need to be upset. Common object
bunkerserver Server Cabinet It's a large server cabinet. Common object
bunkerslidingdoor Modern Sliding Door This sliding door makes me feel like I'm in a sci-fi game... Common object
bunkertable1 Metal Table A simple metal table. Common object
bunkertable2 Solid Metal Table A solid metal table. Common object
bunkertable3 Large Metal Table Ideal for laying out battle strategies, holding meetings and snacking. Common object
bunkertv Small Wall Monitor A monitor displaying a task list. Common object
bunkertv2 USCM Television Monitors A set of three TV monitors facing in different directions.' Common object
bunkervent Bunker Vent Sterile, recycled air whirs through the fanblades at a steady pace. Common object
bunkerwires Wires This is just an electrical fire waiting to happen. Common object
bunnyhead Bunny Hat A living bunny wants to rest on your head! Legendary head
burlapsack Burlap Sack An ordinary burlap sack. Common object
burningcoals Burning Coals Don't burn your feet! Common object
burningeyeballs Burning Eyeballs Watch out, they're super spicy! Uncommon consumable
bushprop1 Bush Prop 1 A bush from an ocean planet. Common object
bushprop2 Bush Prop 2 A bush from an ocean planet. Common object
bushprop3 Bush Prop 3 A bush from an ocean planet. Common object
butterbee Butterbee A bright yellow bug, its wings smell like butter. Common object
butterflybush Butterfly Bush Little flapping bugs appear to be moving inside this bush. Common object
butterflywingsback Butterfly Wings Finally I can be a fairy! Rare back
buzzyback Buzzy Wings A pair of insect wings. Wearing these doesn't let you fly, unfortunately. Rare back
buzzychest Buzzy Shirt A fuzzy striped shirt. It smells faintly of honey. Rare chest
buzzyhead Buzzy Hat A cute insect hat with little antennae! How adorable. Rare head
buzzylegs Buzzy Trousers A pair of striped costume trousers. Don't worry, the stinger is just for show. Rare legs
cabinbunkbed Cabin Bunk Bed What's better than a bed? Two beds! Common object
cabinchair Cabin Chair An old, hand carved rocking chair. Common object
cabinlamp Cabin Lamp An electric light with a hand-carved wooden stand. Common object
cabinornament Decorative Antlers A conspicuous pair of antlers. What kind of creature did these belong to? Common object
cabinroofing Cabin Roofing Simple roofing for a cabin. Common matitem
cabinstooltable Cabin Stool Table A small, three legged wooden table. Common object
cabinstove Cabin Stove A quaint metal stove, perfect for cooking. Common object
cabintable Cabin Table A classic wooden table, suitable for any environment. Common object
cacti Cactus Spiky, succulent cacti. Common item
cactiblock Cacti Block Cactus that's been fashioned into a construction block. Still prickly. Common matitem
cactiflowerpot Cactus Pot An exotic-looking cactus in a flower pot. Common object
cactiicecream Cacti Ice Cream A tasty, prickly treat! Common consumable
cactusjuice Cactus Juice Cool as a cactus. Common consumable
cake Cake It's a delicious cake! Common consumable
cameronstatue Cameron York Statue A statue of Cameron "KyeTheShy" York. Loved to adventure, but wandered a little too far... Into Space. Legendary object
camochest Camo Jacket Perfect for when you need to blend into a lush jungle environment. Rare chest
camohead Camo Helmet Keep your head down and you may just go unnoticed. Rare head
camolegs Camo Trousers The kneepads on these trousers are incredibly thick. Rare legs
campfire ^orange;Campfire^white; Embers dance away from the campfire, warming the air. The heat can be used for cooking. Uncommon object
campfirebanana Campfire Banana A banana roasted over a campfire, with gratuitous amounts of chocolate. Common consumable
candiedcorn Candied Corn It looks like the old spooky holiday treat, but there's actual corn in the centre of each morsel. Common consumable
candyapple Candy Apple All the nutritious value of an apple masked by globs of sweet, sweet sugar. Common consumable
candyautomato Candy Automato It's like an automato flavoured lollipop! Which is kind of weird. Common consumable
candyblock Candy Block Sweet-smelling rock candy! Common matitem
cannedfood Canned Food Not the best quality food, but it's filling and will keep for a long time. Common consumable
canvas Canvas A square of high-quality canvas. Uncommon item
caphead Cap -50 intelligence when worn sideways. Legendary head
capricoataf Capricoat Figurine The label reads, "Its thick coat keeps it warm in the coldest climates." Legendary object
capsulebig Large Capsule A large breakable capsule. Wonder what's inside. Common object
capsulemed Medium Capsule A breakable capsule. Wonder what's inside. Common object
capsulesmall Small Capsule A small breakable capsule. Wonder what's inside. Common object
capsulespace Surface-Mounted Capsule A large breakable capsule. Wonder what's inside. Common object
captainshead Captain's Cap Who is the captain? It must be whoever is wearing this! Legendary head
capturepod Capture Pod Throw it at a monster to forcefully capture it and bring it to a new home. Common thrownitem
capturestation ^orange;Pet Station^white; Used to produce capture pods, healing stations and other pet related items. Legendary object
carbed Car Bed A car shaped bed, for those young at heart. Common object
card01 Trading Card #01 A token of appreciation from a galactic baker. Legendary item
cardboard1 Upright Cardboard Box An upright cardboard box. Common object
cardboard2 Cardboard Box A simple cardboard box. Common object
cardboard3 Open Cardboard Box An opened cardboard box. Common object
cardboardboxarmor Cardboard Box Armor Imagination is the key to true power! Common chest
cardboardhead Cardboard Hat Because who wants to spend money on a fancy hat? Legendary head
caretakerchest Caretaker Robes A caretaker's traditional robes Legendary chest
caretakerhead Caretaker Hood A mysterious looking caretaker's hood Legendary head
caretakerlegs Caretaker Trousers Some widely draped caretaker's trousers. Legendary legs
carrot Carrot Mmm crunchy. Common consumable
carrotbread Carrot Bread A loaf of carrot bread. Let's be honest, it's just bread-shaped cake. Common consumable
carrotcake Carrot Cake It's a delicious carrot cake! Tastes better than it sounds. Uncommon consumable
carrothathead The Motivator Constantly within sight, constantly out of reach. Legendary head
carrotjuice Carrot Juice Carrots in liquid form. Surprisingly sweet, unsurprisingly nutritious. Common consumable
carrotseed Carrot Seed Grows delicious carrots, brought all the way across the stars from Earth. Common object
carrotsoup Carrot Soup Creamy, delicious, nutritious! Common consumable
castledoor Medieval Door A strong and secure door. Common object
castledungeondoor Medieval Cell Door A dungeon cell door, built to hold even the strongest prisoner. Common object
castlehiddendoor Hidden Brick Door Something isn't quite right with these bricks. Common object
castlehiddentrapdoor Hidden Brick Trapdoor Something isn't quite right with these bricks. Common object
castleswitch Gem Switch A suspicious crystal with more to it than meets the eye. Common object
castlewalls1 Heavy Stone Brick Strong stone slabs, perfect for building a castle. Common matitem
castlewalls2 Small Stone Brick Small stone slabs, perfect for the finer details. Common matitem
causticstaghead Caustic Stag Helmet Fear the mighty bug! Rare head
caveart1 Animal Cave Art Cave art depicting some animals. Common object
caveart2 Hunter Cave Art Cave art depicting some hunters. Common object
caveart3 Figure Cave Art Cave art depicting some large figure. Common object
caveart4 Ambiguous Cave Art Cave art depicting a tentacled being. Common object
caveart5 Mysterious Cave Art Cave art depicting an offering. Common object
cavebed Rock Bed A bed made of rock. Common object
cavebow Rock Bow A heavy stone bow, almost too stiff to draw. Common activeitem
cavechair Rock Chair A rock chair. Common object
cavechest Rock Chest A chest made of rock. Common object
cavedetector Cave Detector Emits pulses to plot the density of nearby materials. legendary activeitem
cavelamp Stalactite Lamp A glowing stalactite. Common object
ceilingslime1 Dripping Slime A glob of dripping slime. Common object
ceilingslime2 Dripping Slime A glob of dripping slime. Common object
ceilingslime3 Dripping Slime A glob of dripping slime. Common object
ceilingspike1 Stalactite Watch out! Common object
ceilingspike2 Stalactite Watch out! Common object
ceilingspike3 Stalactite Watch out! Common object
ceilingspike4 Stalactite Watch out! Common object
ceilingstalactite1 Rock Stalactite This is an old rock stalactite. Common object
ceilingstalactite2 Rock Stalactite This is an old rock stalactite. Common object
ceilingstalactite3 Rock Stalactite This is an old rock stalactite. Common object
ceilingstalactite4 Rock Stalactite This is an old rock stalactite. Common object
ceilingstalactite5 Rock Stalactite This is an old rock stalactite. Common object
cellchair Cell Chair A bright, modern looking chair. Common object