Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
aviantier5ahead Peacock Headdress An ostentatious aegisalt-plated headdress worn by skilled Avian warriors. Rare head
aviantier5apants Peacock Skirt Boots made from aegisalt are said to never take a wrong step. This has not been confirmed. Rare legs
aviantier5mchest Flamingo Chainmail A ferozium chainmail suit that guards the torso but lets the feathers breathe. Rare chest
aviantier5mhead Flamingo Headdress Each feather in this elaborate headdress is carved from pure ferozium. Rare head
aviantier5mpants Flamingo Skirt A lightweight ferozium-laced skirt. Additonal bird-foot booties not optional. Rare legs
aviantier5schest Phoenix Breastplate The violium plating on this chestpiece makes it near-impenetrable by conventional weapons. Rare chest
aviantier5shead Phoenix Helm A shining battle helm made from bright, pure violium. Rare head
aviantier5spants Phoenix Greaves Some say that these violium greaves grant their wearer mythical swiftness. Others say that that's all made up. Rare legs
aviantier6achest Macaw Shirt This no-frills shirt is interwoven with pure solarium thread. A deft mix of strength and style. Legendary chest
aviantier6ahead Macaw Headdress Gaudy yet hard as nails, this headwear defends against all manner of dangers. Legendary head
aviantier6apants Macaw Leggings These slim-cut leggings are interwoven with pure solarium thread for added durability. Legendary legs
aviantier6mchest Raven's Breast A coat of Avian armour interwoven with pure solarium. Magnificent. Legendary chest
aviantier6mhead Raven's Beak Reinforced with pure solarium, this beautiful work of wearable art can invoke joy or fear in the beholder. Legendary head
aviantier6mpants Raven's Claws Legwear fashioned from woven solarium. Simply stunning. Legendary legs
aviantier6schest Toucan Breastplate This chestplate's shoulders are at the perfect height for whacking people in the face as you walk by. Legendary chest
aviantier6shead Toucan Helm This incredibly durable helm is surprisingly comfortable. Legendary head
aviantier6spants Toucan Loincloth This violium loincloth is reinforced with solarium, allowing movement whilst still protecting the legs. Legendary legs
avianwaterlight Crystal Light The crystal embedded into this fixture glows with a pale light. Common object
avianworkerpants Worker Skirt A light, breezy skirt with big pockets for tools. Ideal for labourers. Common legs
avianworkershirt Worker Shirt A shirt made from a comfortable, breathable fabric. Perfect for working outside all day! Common chest
avioscalefossil1 Avioscale Skull A fossilised Avioscale skull. Uncommon item
avioscalefossil2 Avioscale Torso A fossilised Avioscale torso. Uncommon item
avioscalefossil3 Avioscale Legs A fossilised pair of Avioscale legs. Uncommon item
aztecmaterial Glyph Block Small glyphs cover this stone. Common matitem
aztectech Avian Tech Block An advanced synthetic Avian material with printed markings. Common matitem
baconpancakes Bacon Pancakes Pancake. Bacon. Pancake. Bacon. Pancake. Butter. Eat. Common consumable
badgooplush Bad Goo Plushie Bad Goo Plushie. A cuddly goo doll. Common object
baguettebox Box Of Bread A box of fresh, crusty bread. Common object
bakedpotato Baked Potato Crispy on the outside, hot as molten lava on the inside. Common consumable
ballandchain Ball and Chain I wonder how heavy it is. Common object
bamboo Bamboo Freshly cut stalks of bamboo. Common matitem
bamboodoor Bamboo Door This door is strong and sustainably sourced. Common object
bambooplatform Bamboo Platform Strong platforms fashioned from bamboo stalks. Common matitem
banana Banana A genetically enhanced banana. Common consumable
bananacon Bananacon With bacon, a banana and some wizardry, you get a bananacon. Common consumable
bananacreamdonut Banana Cream Donut A delicious donut filled with banana and cream. It's almost healthy! Uncommon consumable
bananacreampie Banana Cream Pie Better for eating, or for throwing in people's faces? Uncommon consumable
bananahead Banana Mask A giant banana mask. Banananananana! Rare head
bananaicecream Banana Ice Cream Creamy, icy, banana goodness. Common consumable
bananaseed Banana Seed Genetically enhanced bananas. Smaller trees with bigger fruit. Common object
bananasplit Banana Split The secret ingredient in this Apex favourite is pineapple! Rare consumable
bandage Bandage A bandage for healing minor wounds. Restores 50 health over 1 second. Common consumable
bandithat1 Bandit's Bandana A bandit's bandanna. Rare head
bandithat2 Bandit's Hood A hood that hides the wearer's face - perfect for covert operations. Rare head
banjo Banjo A banjo. Get ready to duel! Common instrument
bannermedievallarge Large Glitch Banner A beautifully woven banner. Common object
bannermedievalsmall Small Glitch Banner A beautifully woven banner. Common object
barbedwire Barbed Wire Ouch! I shouldn't get too close to that. Common object
bardoor Iron Bar Door I wouldn't want to find myself locked behind these thick iron bars. Common object
bardoor2 Portcullis This heavy iron portcullis opens upwards. Common object
bardoor2sideways Horizontal Portcullis This heavy iron portcullis opens inward. Common object
bardoor3 Large Portcullis This massive iron portcullis closes with a thud. Common object
baroncapeback Baron's Cape This cape was designed to swish dramatically as the wearer enters a room. Common back
barrel Small Barrel A barrel. Anything could be inside! Common object
barrelchest Barrel A barrel you can wear! Rare chest
barrelgoldfilled Treasure Barrel A barrel filled with treasure! Rare object
barrelhead Barrel Lid The lid to a large, wooden barrel. Rare head
barrellarge Large Barrel A barrel. Sadly not full party hats. Common object
bars Metal Bars Closely spaced thick metal bars. Common matitem
barstool Bar Stool A wobbly bar stool. Common object
barvent Barred Vent A small barred vent. Common object
baseboard Classic Baseboard This baseboard completes the classic home look. Common matitem
basic Pelt It's the pelt of an animal. Common item
basicbath Basic Bath Common object
basicbathdripping Dripping Basic Bath Common object
basicmetalchair Basic Metal Chair A sturdy metal chair. Common object
basictoilet Basic Toilet A normal looking toilet! Thank the stars! Common object
basictv Old Television A television! I don't think this has worked for a long time. Common object
bassguitar Bass Guitar A bass guitar. Lay down some rhythm. Common instrument
bathroomhanddryer Bathroom Hand Dryer A handy hand dryer. Hands off. Common object
bathroomsink Bathroom Sink A bathroom sink. Wash your hands! Common object
bathroomstall Bathroom Stall A bathroom stall. Don't get stuck! Common object
bathroomtrash Rubbish Bin Trash. Just trash. Or is it? Answer: yes. Common object
bathroomtrashquest Bathroom Trash Trash. Just trash. Or is it? Answer: yes. Common object
bathroomurinal Bathroom Urinal A bathroom urinal. Useful for some. Common object
batongaf Batong Figurine The label reads, "By tasting the particles in the air it can sense what's ahead of it." Legendary object
batteredbanana Battered Banana Your standard banana, battered and fried in a rich dough. Common consumable
battery Battery This battery can be used to power hi-tech stations, weapons and wearables! Uncommon item
batterypackAAback AA Battery Pack So that you always look energised! Legendary back
battlestandard Battle Standard A chequered flag bearing an emblem. Common object
batwingsback Terrifying Wings Equip these gilded, batlike wings and become the stuff of nightmares! Rare back
beachball Beachball It's an inflatable beachball. Common thrownitem
beachcreeperchest Creepling Chestpiece This thing is creepy and bizarre. Rare chest
beachcreeperhead Creepling Mask Look how creepy those eyes are! Rare head
beachcreeperlegs Creepling Trousers These trousers have the texture of mouldy leather. Gross. Rare legs
beaconsnow Distress Beacon A distress beacon. Who knows who might hear it? Common object
beakseed Beakseed Beakseed. Mmm crunchy. Common consumable
beakseedbread Beakseed Bread Dense, heavy bread packed full of seeds. Common consumable
beakseedjam Beakseed Jam Sweet and crunchy. If only there was a seedless variety. Common consumable
beakseedseed Beakseed Seed Grows crunchy beakseed. The nostril is the best part. Common object
beakseedtart Beakseed Tart Created out of necessity in beakseed season to make use of all the jam. Common consumable
beamaxe Matter Manipulator Manipulates anything that matters. ^green;Quick select with [R] key. Essential beamaxe
beamaxeX Matter Manipulator Manipulates anything that matters. ^green;Quick select with [R] key. Essential beamaxe
beanstalk Beanstalk A beanstalk, it grows up to the sky. Common object
bearhead Bear Hat A bear hat, for when you're feeling grizzly. Legendary head
bearplush Bear Plushie A cuddly bear plushy. Awwwww. Common object
bedouinchest Desert Cloak A layered guise for those willing to brave the unknown. Rare chest
bedouinhead Desert Head Scarf For those who want to brave the elements without fear. Rare head
bedouinlegs Desert Trousers You'll be able to stay fresh and breezy in these flattering trousers. Rare legs
beehivehead Beehive I think I found some honey in here. Nope, just more bees. Common head
bench Bench A basic bench. Common object
benjaminstatue Benjamin Deust Statue A statue dedicated to Benjamin "Meuterion" Deust. Legendary object
berethead Sassy Beret A sassy felt hat. Chic and a la mode. Legendary head
berryhead Berry Hat A giant berry you can wear. Not to be confused with a beret. Rare head
bettychest Disguise Chestpiece Armour equipped with a snazzy scarf. Legendary chest
bettyhead Disguise Mask A mask, to keep the wearer's identity hidden. Legendary head
bettylegs Disguise Trousers Stay protected with these fashionable armoured trousers. Legendary legs
bevhead Brewmaster Hat Headwear that's both convenient AND fattening! Legendary head
bigapeaf Big Ape Figurine The label reads, "The figurehead of the Miniknog regime. Requires holographic projectors to remain stable." Legendary object
bigapedoll Big Ape Doll A somewhat suspicious doll of Big Ape. Rare object
bigapescreen Ape Monitor Common object
bigapetargetmap Big Ape Target Map A disorganised map for locating Big Ape. Whoever drew it was very angry. Rare object
bigboosterflame Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
bigboosterflameavian Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
bigboosterflameglitch Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
bigboosterflamehuman Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
bigjar1 Big Bird Jar A lavish bird-shaped jar. Maybe I can smash it... Common object
bigpresent Big Present A festive pink box with a bow on top. Uncommon object
bigredbutton Big Red Button Urge... to push... rising! Common object
biohazardsign Biohazard Sign A metal sign with a biohazard symbol. Common object
bioluminchest Glow Suit A luminescent suit - shine like a star! Rare chest
bioluminhead Glow Mask A luminescent mask - light up the night! Rare head
bioluminlegs Glow Trousers Some luminescent trousers - tread carefully no longer! Rare legs
biorock Yellow Glow Rock This rock is glowing with bioluminescence. Common matitem
biorock2 Blue Glow Rock This blue rock is faintly glowing with bioluminescence. Common matitem
biosample Bio Sample A sample of novel biological compounds and genetic information. Common item
bioshroom1 Glow Mushrooms A clump of little glowing mushrooms Common object
bioshroom2 Glow Mushrooms A clump of little glowing mushrooms Common object
bioshroom3 Glow Mushrooms A clump of little glowing mushrooms Common object
bioshroom4 Glow Mushrooms A clump of little glowing mushrooms Common object
bioshroom5 Glow Mushrooms A clump of little glowing mushrooms Common object
bioshroomtable Glow Table A giant glowing mushroom table. Perfect for sitting at in the dark. Common object
biovine1 Glow Vine It's a glowing vine! Common object
biovine2 Glow Vine It's a glowing vine! Common object
biovine3 Glow Vine It's a glowing vine! Common object
biovine4 Glow Vine It's a glowing vine! Common object
biovine5 Glow Vine It's a glowing vine! Common object
birdaltar2 Avian Prayer Altar The altar is covered in carvings of a winged god. Common object
birdbed Guardian's Nest A solid stone bed topped with a nest of hay. Common object
birddoor Golden Crystal Door A heavy golden door with crystals set into its surface. Common object
birdgodemblem Avian Emblem I swear the eye is following me around the room.. Common object
birdgong1 Large Gong A large metal gong. It's so tempting to give it a smack! Common object
birdgong2 Fancy Avian Gong A big fancy gong. It's covered in carvings. Common object
birdgroundlantern Torch Stand Deep shadows stretch away from this flickering torch. Common object
birdjar1 Fancy Temple Jar This jar has seen better days. It looks smashable... Common object
birdjar2 Ugly Temple Jar What an ugly jar. Common object
birdsnest Bird's Nest A bird's nest with an egg in it. Common object
birdtable Temple Table A stone table in typical Avian style. Common object
birdthrone Avian Throne A masterfully crafted throne, fit for Kluex himself. Common object
blackblock ... ... Common matitem
blackdye Black Dye This coloured dye can be applied to a piece of armour or clothing with a right-click. Common augment
blackglass Black Glass A dark-tinted panel of glass. Common matitem
blackteleporter Executive Teleporter A personal teleporter, connects to bookmarked locations. ^red;Destroyed when broken. Legendary object
bladedwingsback Bladed Wings Imposing wings, made from sharp blades shaped like feathers. Rare back
blaststone Blaststone Sharp rocks produced by blasts of enormous heat. Common matitem
bloodypuss Bloody Puss A thick, shake-like drink of meat and pussplum. Common consumable
blueback Blueback This blue bug has sharp little teeth. Common object
bluedye Blue Dye This coloured dye can be applied to a piece of armour or clothing with a right-click. Common augment
blueflask Blue Flask A flask full of blue liquid. Common object
bluelight Blue Light A cold blue light. Common object
blueneonsymbol Blue Neon Block A tile with a strange blue glyph engraved in the centre. Common matitem
blueprintblob Blueprint Blob A blueprint encased in a vile bubble of slime. Common object
bluestim Blue Stim Pack A stimpack full of blue liquid, it gives your jump a boost! Common consumable
boatcontrollergreen Green Boat Controller Create a green sailing boat from stored nanites. Rare activeitem
bobfaeaf Bobfae Figurine The label reads, "Not the most efficient flyer, it's a mystery how bobfae have survived as a species." Legendary object
bobotaf Bobot Figurine The label reads, "Nobody knows where it came from or who made it." Legendary object
boiledpearlpeas Boiled Pearlpeas A bowl of rather bland boiled pearlpeas. Common consumable
boiledrice Boiled Rice Light and fluffy. Common consumable
boilerback Boiler A portable boiler, powered by movement. Rare back
boilervalve Boiler Valve A brass valve, rusted from years of use. Common object
bolt Bolt A small metal bolt. Common item
boltbulb Boltbulb Boltbulb! Surprisingly soft. Common consumable
boltbulbseed Boltbulb Seed Grows boltbulb! Surprisingly soft. Common object
boltos Bolt O's Bolt O's, for when you wake up so hungry you don't care what you're putting in your mouth! Common consumable
bomb Bomb A great way to blow stuff up. Be careful where you throw them! Common thrownitem
bombsheltershelf1 Shelter Shelf Everything you need to survive. Almost. Common object
bonbonbonbons Bon Bon Bon Bons Eureka! The only possible way to improve on perfection is to multiply it. Common consumable
bonbons Bon Bons Confectionery perfection. Common consumable
bone Bone It's a bone. Common item
bonebed Bone Coffin Bed A coffin bed. The hottest in undead comfort. Common object
boneboo Boneboo Spooky. Common consumable
bonebooseed Boneboo Seed Boneboo, a good source of calcium. Common object
bonechair Bone Chair A bone throne. For all your royal bone needs. Common object
bonechest Bone Chest A chest made of bone. Hopefully it's not filled with marrow. Common object
bonedoor Bone Door A door made of bone. Where does it lead? Hell? Or the bathroom? Common object
bonedragonaf Bone Dragon Figurine The label reads, "A towering, fire-breathing robot Dragon, designed to look like a reanimated skeleton." Legendary object
bonematerial Packed Bones A collection of bones tightly packed together. Common matitem
bones Floran Bone Xylophone A bone xylophone. Produces a killer sound. Common instrument
bonespike Bone Spike Don't wanna fall on one of these... Common object
bonetable Bone Table A creepy bone table. Looks more like a sacrificial altar. Good for picnics. Common object
bonewingsback Skeletal Wings Certainly the only thing spookier than a skeleton is a flying one! Rare back
bonusarmorchest Mysterious Chestpiece An armour chestpiece made from a mysterious material. Legendary chest
bonusarmorhead Mysterious Helmet This helmet seems to be forged from a mysterious material. Rare head
bonusarmorlegs Mysterious Greaves These greaves are made from a mysterious material. Rare legs
bookpiles Pile of Books A pile of dusty old books, they're full of tales of dragons and knights. Common matitem
boomerang Boomerang State-of-the-art microthrusters guarantee that it will always return. Legendary activeitem
boosterflame Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
boosterflameapex Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
boosterflameapex2 Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object
boosterflameapex3 Booster Flame I wonder how quickly that would cook a burger. Common object