Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
wildfeathercrownseed Feathercrown Seed Feathers sprout from the top of the feathercrown and catch in the wind. Common object
wildfunguschest Wild Fungus Rags These rags will make you look like a fun guy! Rare chest
wildfungushead Wild Fungus Cap If you wear this cap, all of your friends will think you're a fun guy! Rare head
wildfunguspants Wild Fungus Skirt These boots are durable, but will make your feet smell awful. Rare legs
wildgrapesseed Grape Seed Grapes, natures snackfood. Common object
wildkiwiseed Kiwi Seed This particular variety of space kiwi grows close to the ground. Common object
wildneonmelonseed Neonmelon Seed The vibrant flesh of a neonmelon tastes like bubblegum. Common object
wildoculemonseed Oculemon Seed The iris is the best part of this strange fruit. Common object
wildpearlpeaseed Pearlpea Seed Pearlpea, I'll need to bite down hard. Common object
wildpineappleseed Pineapple Seed Pineapple, make sure you cut it open first. Common object
wildpotatoseed Potato Seed Potatoes! Boil em', mash em', stick em in a stew. Common object
wildpussplumseed Pussplum Seed The juicy pussplum gets its name from its creamy centre. Common object
wildreefpodseed Reefpod Seed Reefpod, tastes like a crunchy smoothie with added sea water. Common object
wildriceseed Rice Seed Boil it, fry it, throw it at a bride. Rice! For all your culinary needs. Common object
wildsugarcaneseed Sugarcane Seed Sugarcane is a fibrous crop with rich, sweet sap. Common object
wildtomatoseed Tomato Seed Tomatoes are a rich, juicy fruit. Or vegetable. One of the two. Common object
wildtoxictopseed Toxictop Seed Toxic looking fruit, but is it all that bad? Common object
wildvines Wild Vines A segment of some wild vines. Common item
wildwartweedseed Wartweed Seed Not a fussy plant, wartweed grow easily under any condition. Common object
wildwheatseed Wheat Seed Wheat, a staple crop with many uses. Common object
windchicken Weathervane Is that an Avian... or a chicken? Common object
windchime Bamboo Wind Chime Hollow bamboo strung together to make a wind chime. Common object
wingedurn Winged Urn A winged urn, perhaps believed to carry the dead into the afterlife. Common object
winningticket Winning Ticket These are awarded to people who beat the game "Mazebound64". Common item
winterscarfhead Winter Scarf It's a cozy hand-knit scarf. Bundle up or you'll catch a cold! Legendary head
wire Copper Wire A spool of copper wire. Common item
wiredcustomsign Sign A customized signboard Common object
wiredtarget Wired Target This practice target outputs a wire signal until broken. Common object
wiretool Wire Mode Built to place optical wires between input points. ^green;Quick select with [T] key. Essential wiretool
wiringstation ^orange;Wiring Station^white; Used to produce complex wiring components. Legendary object
wisperaf Wisper Figurine The label reads, "Some believe Wispers are lost spirits. At night their glow can lead explorers astray." Legendary object
wizardback Magic Scroll A comically large scroll. Inside, it says, 'The person wearing this wants everyone to know that they are a wizard.' Uncommon back
wizardchest Wizard Robe Top Wizards are often seen wearing tops like this. Uncommon chest
wizardhead Wizard Hat It's a floppy blue traffic cone. Why not wear it on your head? Uncommon head
wizardlegs Wizard Robe Bottoms It's like a bathrobe, but for very serious wizards. Do wizards take a lot of baths? Uncommon legs
woodbridge Wooden Bridge Block The wood is very old and creaks in the wind. Common matitem
woodchair Wooden Padded Chair A basic wooden chair. Common object
wooddoor Paneled Door A manufactured paneled door. Common object
woodenarmchair1 Wooden Armchair A comfy wooden armchair. Common object
woodenarmchair2 Soft Armchair A luxurious armchair. Common object
woodenbed Wooden Bed A comfy wooden bed. Common object
woodenbed2 Wooden Bed A comfy wooden bed with a headboard. Common object
woodenbookcase Wooden Bookcase A tall wooden bookcase full of books. Common object
woodencabinet1 Double Wooden Cabinet A sturdy wooden cabinet. Common object
woodencabinet2 Tall Wooden Cabinet A sturdy wooden cabinet. Common object
woodencabinet3 Wide Wooden Cabinet A sturdy wooden cabinet. Common object
woodenceilingbookcase1 Wall Bookshelf A sturdy suspended bookshelf. Common object
woodenceilingcabinet1 Double Wall Cabinet A sturdy suspended cabinet. Common object
woodenceilingcabinet2 Single Wall Cabinet A sturdy suspended cabinet. Common object
woodenchair Wooden Chair An uncomfortable-looking wooden chair. Common object
woodenchest Wooden Chest A basic wooden chest. Common object
woodencookingtable ^orange;Kitchen Counter^white; Used to produce wholesome foods with a variety of effects. Uncommon object
woodencouch1 Wooden Couch A comfy wooden couch, the stripes help it go faster. Common object
woodencouch2 Soft Couch A fluffy two-seater couch. Common object
woodencrate1 Wooden Crate A mysterious wooden crate. Common object
woodencrate2 Large Wooden Crate A mysterious wooden crate. Common object
woodencrategoldfilled Treasure Filled Crate A wooden crate filled with treasure. Rare object
woodendesk Wooden Desk An expensive-looking wooden desk. Common object
woodendoor Wooden Door A crude wooden door. Not very secure. Common object
woodenelevatorlong Long Wooden Elevator This simple wooden elevator operates on a pulley system. Common object
woodenelevatorshort Short Wooden Elevator This simple wooden elevator operates on a pulley system. Common object
woodenendtable Wooden End Table A cute wooden end table. Common object
woodengate Wooden Gate A crude wooden gate. Not very secure. Common object
woodenlamp1 Wooden Table Lamp A cute wooden lamp. Common object
woodenlamp2 Wooden Standing Lamp A tall wooden lamp with a homely feel. Common object
woodenlamp3 Wooden Ceiling Lamp A homely ceiling lamp. Common object
woodenplatform Ornate Platform Nicely finished ornate, wooden platforms. Common matitem
woodensink Wooden Sink A wooden cabinet with a sink installed. Common object
woodenstand1 Thin Wooden Stand A thin solid wooden stand. Common object
woodenstand2 Wide Wooden Stand A wide solid wooden stand. Common object
woodenstool Simple Wooden Stool A simple wooden stool. Common object
woodentalllantern Tall Wooden Torch A large flickering torch warms the air around it. Common object
woodenteleporter Wooden Teleporter A personal teleporter, connects to bookmarked locations. ^red;Destroyed when broken. Legendary object
woodenutilitypole1 Wooden Utility Pole A wooden utility pole. Common object
woodenutilitypole2 Wooden Telephone Pole A wooden utility pole. Common object
woodenverticaldoor Wooden Hatch A crude wooden hatch. Common object
woodenwateringcan Wooden Watering Can Gently and efficiently water your crops. Common activeitem
woodenwindow1 Wooden Window A window with wooden panes. Common matitem
woodenwindow2 Wooden Blinds Old wooden slats that don't let much light through. Common matitem
woodpanelling Wood Panelling This wood panelling was fashionable in a distant era. Common matitem
woodstool Wooden Stool A small wooden stool. Common object
woodsupport Wooden Support A worn wooden support. Common object
woodtable Wooden Table A basic wooden table. Common object
woodtoilet Wooden Toilet A wooden toilet. Common object
woollyback Prehistoric Fur Tail This woolly tail won't help with balance, but it will make you look a bit like a woolly mammoth! Rare back
woollychest Prehistoric Woolly Coat It's woolly in order to retain warmth, and yet it doesn't cover much skin. Curious! Rare chest
woollylegs Prehistoric Woolly Pants These will keep a very small amount of the wearer warm. Rare legs
workoutchest Sleeveless Top A light breathable top suitable for working out. No pain, no gain, right? Common chest
workoutlegs Sweatpants These are perfect whether you're working out or just eating pizza in front of the TV. So versatile! Common legs
wormerang Giant Worm A terrifying giant worm, throw it at someone! Legendary activeitem
wormgun Alien Worm Gun This gun contains a squirming mass of mutated alien worms. Legendary activeitem
wormstatue Stone Worm Statue A statue of a worm. But where's the hook? Common object
wreckbed Wrecked Bed Filth and rust have eaten away at this bed. Thankfully I'm not at all tired. Common object
wreckboiler Wrecked Boiler An old boiler. A dripping echoes from inside. Common object
wreckchair Wrecked Chair A filthy chair. Insects skitter in and out of holes in the fabric. Common object
wreckconsole1 Wrecked Console No chance of this thing starting up. Common object
wreckconsole2 Wrecked Computer Scratching sounds from the inside... I think something has made a nest in there. Common object
wreckconsole3 Wrecked Terminal It looks like an old remote terminal. Common object
wreckcrate1 Wrecked Crate A antique crate, I wonder what's inside.. Common object
wreckdoor Wrecked Door This door is almost rusted shut. Common object
wreckfan Wrecked Fan The stale air produces little more than a creak from this old fan. Common object
wreckgenerator Wrecked Generator Once upon a time, a couple of these things could power a whole ship. Common object
wrecklocker Wrecked Locker An old locker. Hey! There's a photo taped to the inside... Common object
wreckpanel1 Wrecked Panel An old input panel. One of the keys has fallen off. Common object
wreckpanel2 Small Wrecked Panel An old input panel, probably used to be used for security. Common object
wreckplatform Wrecked Platform Rusty scaffolding. It doesn't look safe. Common matitem
wreckscreen Wrecked Monitor A smashed monitor, not much use now. Common object
wrecksmalltable Small Wrecked Table A small damaged table. Common object
wrecksupport Wrecked Support A rusty metal support. Common object
wrecktable Wrecked Table A battered old table. Still operational as far as tables go! Common object
wreckturbine2 Wrecked Turbine A wrecked turbine, completely non-operational. Common object
wreckturbines Wrecked Turbines A couple of wrecked turbines caked in dust. Common object
wrecktv Wrecked Screen The screen sends out an ominous flickering light. Common object
wreckvat1 Wrecked Vat A smashed vat, the inside is covered in dried slime... Did something break out? Common object
wreckvendingmachine Wrecked Vending Machine This vending machine is empty, I guess the crew had a taste for soda. Common object
wreckvent Wrecked Vent Stale air whistles through this old vent. Common object
wreckwiresceiling Wrecked Hanging Wires Old wiring, torn apart. Common object
xenofly Xenofly This guy has a creepy little face. Common object
xenonpack Xenon Pack A backpack with an attached xenon light. More light than you'll ever need! Rare back
xor XOR Switch An /'XOR'/ switch. Requires one input to be on, and one off. Common object
yellowdye Yellow Dye This coloured dye can be applied to a piece of armour or clothing with a right-click. Common augment
yellowflashlight Flashlight A yellow flashlight! Don't be afraid. Uncommon flashlight
yellowstim Yellow Stim Pack A stimpack full of yellow liquid, this'll make you glow! Common consumable
yokataf Yokat Figurine The label reads, "Greedy and sly in nature. If disturbed whilst sneaking it will give you the evil eye." Legendary object
zenrock1 Zen Rock A stone perfect for alien zen gardens. Common object
zenrock2 Zen Rock A stone structure perfect for alien zen gardens. Common object
zenrock3 Zen Rock A stone structure perfect for alien zen gardens. Common object
zenrock4 Zen Rock A stone perfect for alien zen gardens. Common object
zenrock5 Zen Rock A stone perfect for alien zen gardens. Common object