Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
trashcan Trash Can A trash can. What a load of rubbish. Common object
travellersbeacon Traveller's Meter A machine that hobbyist travellers use to record geological information. Uncommon object
treasurechest Treasure Chest A treasure chest. Rare object
treasuredtrophies Treasured Trophies Got something rare? We've got something rarer. Common object
treasurehoard Treasure Hoard A shimmering hoard of valuable treasure. Common matitem
treasuremap Treasure Map X marks the spot. Common object
treeprop1 Tree Prop A nice tree. Common object
treeprop2 Tree Prop A nice tree. Common object
treeprop3 Tree Prop A nice tree. Common object
trexfossil1 T-Rex Skull A fossilised T-Rex skull. Rare item
trexfossil2 T-Rex Torso A fossilised T-Rex torso. Rare item
trexfossil3 T-Rex Legs Fossilised T-Rex legs and hips. Rare item
trexfossil4 T-Rex Upper Tail; A fossilised T-Rex tail fragment. Rare item
trexfossil5 T-Rex Lower Tail A fossilised T-Rex tail tip. Rare item
triangliumore Trianglium Ore Trianglium Ore. Beautiful smooth shiny triangles. Common item
tribalbed2 Avian Bed A beautifully carved Avian bed. Common object
tribalbookcase1 Large Carved Bookcase Hand-made and beautiful, this bookcase is intricately carved. Common object
tribalbookcase2 Small Avian Bookcase This book case was built to store Avian history. Common object
tribalcabinet1 Small Carved Cabinet Carved patterns surround this small cabinet. Common object
tribalcloset1 Avian Closet The crystal on top of this closet appears to be broken. Common object
tribalcounter1 Carved Counter A smooth cooking surface. Common object
tribaldoor Carved Door A beautifully carved door. Common object
tribalfeathersback Tribal Feathers Decorative feathers to adorn your rump. Uncommon back
triballamp Avian Lamp A beautiful lamp built from Avian crystal tech. Common object
tribalplatform Temple Platform Platforms build from solid temple bricks. Common matitem
tribalserver Avian Server This Avian server must contain a vast amount of data. Common object
tribaltable Carved Table An interestingly carved table. Common object
tribalwallcabinet Carved Wall Cabinet Looks like a place you might store an eggcup... Do Avians eat eggs? Common object
tribalwingsback Stargazer Acolyte Wings Wings like these are commonly worn by the Stargazers as a symbol of their faith. Rare back
tricornhat Horned Tricorn This fancy tricorn comes with a facemask. Legendary head
trictusaf Trictus Figurine The label reads, "Its diet is made up of small amounts of water that it finds by digging into the ground." Legendary object
trilobitefossil Trilobite A fossilised trilobite. Uncommon item
triplodaf Triplod Figurine The label reads, "It watches you through its big lens." Legendary object
trophybronze Warrior's Trophy The plaque reads "All that is gold does not glitter. Awarded for a heroic victory.". Uncommon object
trophygold Champion's Trophy The plaque reads "Awarded to those who can pass through the fire of combat unburned.". Legendary object
trophysilver Hunter's Trophy The plaque reads "Awarded to those who can challenge nature's power.". Rare object
tropicalpunch Tropical Punch A tropical mix that packs a punch. Rare consumable
trough Trough It's a trough for feeding livestock. Common object
trumpet Trumpet A trumpet. Try not to blow your own horn. Common instrument
tshirtchest Plain T-Shirt A plain cotton T-Shirt. Appropriate clothing for all occasions and scenarios. Common chest
tungstenaxe Tungsten Axe This axe is surprisingly hefty for its size. Common activeitem
tungstenbar Tungsten Bar Ore for tungsten bars is primarily found on planets orbiting gentle stars. Common item
tungstenbow Tungsten Hunting Bow Harvests meat and other goods from monsters. Common activeitem
tungstenchair Metal Folding Chair An uncomfortable-looking chair. Common object
tungstenhammer Tungsten Hammer Heavy, but hard-hitting. Common activeitem
tungstenmagnum Tungsten Magnum A large handgun that packs a punch. Common activeitem
tungstenore Tungsten Ore It's tungsten. It can be used for smelting. Common item
tungstenplatform Tungsten Platform Strong platforms made from tungsten. Common matitem
tungstensample Tungsten Sample "A perfect sample of a tungsten ore." Legendary object
tungstenshotgun Tungsten Shotgun Fires a spread that's lethal at close range. Common activeitem
turnback turnback A graffiti sign. Common object
turtleplush Turtle Plushie A cute little turtle plush. Common object
turtleshellback Turtle Shell A turtle shell. It's quite spacious inside! Rare back
tvhelmethead T.V. Helmet The signal is dead so you can't even watch sports on it. Legendary head
tvstation TV Station Once used to broadcast a video signal. Common object
UFOprop UFO Prop A busted UFO. Common object
ultimatejuice Ultimate Juice All the fruit, in a juice. Legendary consumable
uncathat The Un-Cat Hat It smells like green eggs and ham. Legendary head
uncommonassaultrifle Uncommon Assault Rifle A fully automatic, military grade rifle. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonaxe Uncommon Axe Designed for effective chopping. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonbroadsword Uncommon Broadsword A powerful two-handed sword. Uncommon activeitem
uncommondagger Uncommon Dagger Razor sharp and lightning quick. Uncommon activeitem
uncommongrenadelauncher Uncommon Grenade Launcher For when your grenades need some distance. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonhammer Uncommon Hammer Slow, heavy and effective. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonmachinepistol Uncommon Machine Pistol A small fully automatic pistol. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonpistol Uncommon Pistol A small handgun. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonrocketlauncher Uncommon Rocket Launcher The power to blow stuff up. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonshortsword Uncommon Shortsword A sturdy one-handed sword. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonshotgun Uncommon Shotgun Fires a spread that's lethal at close range. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonsniperrifle Uncommon Sniper Rifle Powerfully strong to cover long distances. Uncommon activeitem
uncommonspear Uncommon Spear This spear is perfect for enemies just out of reach. Uncommon activeitem
undecoratedtree Faux Fir Tree A synthetic fir tree. Uncommon object
underwaterlight Waterproof Light A light protected by a glass cage. Common object
underwaterlightsmall Small Waterproof Light A tiny wall light. Common object
underwaterlightsmallbroken Broken Waterproof Light A tiny wall light. It's broken. Common object
unicornhead Unicorn Head It comes from a new age. Rare head
unicornplush Unicorn Plushie A squishy, adorable unicorn. What's not to love? Common object
upgrademodule Upgrade Module These modules can be used to upgrade ships and other useful equipment. Legendary item
uraniumore Uranium Ore It's uranium. A good source of fuel. Uncommon item
uraniumrod Uranium Rod It's a uranium rod. Uncommon item
uraniumsample Uranium Sample "A perfect sample of a uranium ore." Legendary object
uranusmodel Uranus Model A detailed model of the Sol System's planet Uranus. Common object
ursaminer Ursa Miner A family business. Sells refined ores for crafting. Common object
ursaminerclosed Ursa Miner A family business. Sells refined ores for crafting. Common object
ushankahead Ushanka A hat straight from the Motherland. Legendary head
valentinechocolates Box of Chocolates A heart shaped box with themed chocolates inside! Uncommon consumable
valkyriehelm Valkyrie Helm The markings on this helm read "Chooser of the slain". Legendary head
valorouschest Valorous Chestpiece A rusted piece of ancient Hylotl armour, adorned with a diamond in the center. Uncommon chest
valoroushead Valorous Helmet A rusted ceremonial helmet worn by the Hylotl of ages past. Uncommon head
valorouspants Valorous Greaves Hylotl leg armour, rusted from many years of disuse but still beautifully crafted. Uncommon legs
vaseclassiclarge1 Large Striped Vase A large decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. Common object
vaseclassiclarge2 Large Fancy Vase A large decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. Common object
vaseclassicmedium1 Fancy Vase A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. Common object
vaseclassicmedium2 Classic Vase A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. Common object
vaseclassicsmall1 Small Fancy Vase A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. Common object
vaseclassicsmall2 Small Striped Vase A decorative vase. Looks pretty smashable. Common object
vaultkey Vault Key A shining key that can open a door to long forgotten places. Legendary item
vendingmachine Vending Machine Ooh, what should I get? Common object
venetianmaskhead Venetian Mask A Venetian mask and hat. What time is it? CARNIVALE! Legendary head
venomsample Venom Sample A sample of volatile venomous fluid. Can be used for crafting. Uncommon item
vent Air Vent This vent clangs as air whistles through. Common object
venusdepixel Venus de Pixel Ancient Greek marble sculpture, Venus De Pixel. Sculptor Unknown. Legendary object
venusmodel Venus Model A detailed model of the Sol System's planet Venus. Common object
vibrantplant Vibrant Plant A particularly colourful potted plant. Uncommon object
vicioushead Vicious Mask A poorly made mask with red eyes and teeth. It makes you look... untrustworthy. Rare head
vikinghead Viking Helm An incredibly historically inaccurate Viking helmet. Rare head
villagedoor Village Door A cheaply made wooden door. Common object
vine Vine A thick coil of vines. They look strong. Common matitem
vineclimber Vineclimber Its legs look like intertwining vines. Common object
vinefist Vine Fist Unleash the power of nature! Legendary activeitem
vinewhip Vine Whip A whip made from a thorny vine. Get cracking! Legendary activeitem
violin Violin A violin. Don't bow out just yet. Common instrument
violiumbroadsword Violium Broadsword This hardened violium hilt houses the projector for a wicked energy blade. Legendary activeitem
violiumore Violium Ore Violium ore. Can be used for smelting. Rare item
violiumsample Violium Sample "A perfect sample of a violium ore." Legendary object
violiumshortsword Violium Shortsword This violium hilt houses the projector for a wicked energy blade. Rare activeitem
visorhead Visor You can wear this over your eyes! Does it help you see better? Nope. Legendary head
volatilepowder Volatile Powder A dangerous powder, useful for crafting explosives. Common item
volcanicchest Volcanic Chest This sturdy chest is made from volcanic material. Heat rises from it. Common object
volcanicsalsa Volcanic Salsa A fiery salsa made from fruit and veg that can really bring the heat! Common consumable
volcanictrap Natural Volcanic Geyser Volcanic gas escapes from this opening. Hot is an understatement. Common object
volcanopod Dispensing Pod A material dispensing pod. Common object
voltipaf Voltip Figurine The label reads, "The result of a scientific experiment gone wrong." Legendary object
voxel10k 10k Voxel 10000 pixels compressed into a voxel. Decompress it to get those pixels back. Common item
voxel1k 1k Voxel 1000 pixels compressed into a voxel. Decompress it to get those pixels back. Common item
voxel2k 2k Voxel 2000 pixels compressed into a voxel. Decompress it to get those pixels back. Common item
voxel5k 5k Voxel 5000 pixels compressed into a voxel. Decompress it to get those pixels back. Common item
voyagerchest Voyager's Chestguard The low cut and big shoulderpads suggest this armour was designed more for style than protection. Uncommon chest
voyagerhead Voyager's Helm The visor makes this helm look incredibly sleek. Uncommon head
voyagerlegs Voyager's Trousers These trousers are surprisingly durable, considering how comfortable they are. Uncommon legs
vrheadset VR Headset A virtual reality headset. Common object
wagonwheel Wagon Wheel A decorative wooden wagon wheel. Common object
wallb WALL-B A cute little explosive that packs a serious punch! Common object
wallbuttontrigger Small Wall Button Who knows what it might activate... just press it! Common object
wallpaper Classic Wallpaper Some classy wallpaper, the perfect finishing touch. Common matitem
wallpipe Wall Pipe A sewer pipe. Common object
wallshackles Wall Shackles These iron shackles may make escaping from prison inconvenient. Common object
wallshield Glitch Shield Display Just a ceremonial shield. It wouldn't do much good in a fight. Common object
wantedposter Wanted Poster A faded poster, offering a bounty from long ago. Common object
wartweed Wartweed Warty but not very weedy. Common consumable
wartweedjam Wartweed Jam A coarse, seedy jam that leaves behind a dry taste in your mouth. Common consumable
wartweedjamdonut Wartweed Jam Donut Many have been fooled by this unpleasant donut's tempting appearance. Uncommon consumable
wartweedseed Wartweed Seed Not a fussy plant, wartweed grow easily under any condition. Common object
wartweedstew Wartweed Stew A hearty, thick stew of wartweed and vegetables. Common consumable
waste Waste Disgusting, faintly glowing toxic waste. Common matitem
waterballoon Water Balloon A favourite of children and pranksters everywhere. Common thrownitem
watercooler Water Cooler A water cooler. The best place to find the hottest gossip. Common object
wateremblem Avian Water Emblem This emblem signifies the tranquil and life-bringing element of water. Common object
watergun Squirt Gun Pump action pressurises the water in this plastic gun. Uncommon activeitem
wateringcan Watering Can Water your crops with this fashionable watering can. Uncommon activeitem
watermachine Water Cooler It's one of those drinking machines people use to make small-talk. Common object
wavebed Wave Bed An incredibly comfortable wave bed. Common object
wavebird Wavebird A bug that can usually be found chasing the crest of a wave. Common object
wavechair Wave Chair An exceptionally comfortable wave chair. Common object
wavedoor Wave Door A very sturdy wave door. Common object
wavelight Wave Lamp A hollow circular lamp. Common object
waveswitch Wave Console A wave console. It has a strong curved design. Common object
wavetable Wave Table A very hardy wave table. Common object
wazlights Waz Lights Fairy lights that spell out 'waz', whatever that means. Uncommon object
weaponchest Weapon Chest A heavy duty chest for storing weapons. Common object
weaponupgradeanvil Weapon Upgrade Anvil This advanced ancient technology can raise the effectiveness of some weapons. Legendary object
wedding1chest Elegant Wedding Top An elegant top. It's intended for brides, but can be worn by anyone feeling fancy. Legendary chest
wedding1legs Elegant Wedding Skirt An elegant skirt. It's intended for brides, but may be worn by anyone feeling fancy. Legendary legs
wedding2chest Wedding Dress The top half of a ball gown - traditional wedding attire on Earth. Legendary chest
wedding2head Wedding Veil A wedding veil crafted of silk tulle. Legendary head
wedding2legs Wedding Skirt The skirt of a ball gown - traditional wedding attire on Earth. Legendary legs
weldershelmethead Welder's Helmet This will provide sufficient heat protection whilst you're welding. Rare head
wellcover Well Cover I sure could use some water... Common object
wetdirt Wet Dirt Not quite mud, not quite dirt...it's wet dirt. Common matitem
wflowerpot White Flower A pretty white flower in a pot. Common object
wheat Wheat Essential for making bread. Common item
wheatseed Wheat Seed Wheat, a staple crop with many uses. Common object
wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow A wheelbarrow for transporting goods. Common object
whitedye White Dye This coloured dye can be applied to a piece of armour or clothing with a right-click. Common augment
wicker Wicker A roughly woven wicker material. Common matitem
wickerbasket1 Small Wicker Basket A tiny basket made of wicker. Common object
wickerbasket2 Wide Wicker Basket A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! Common object
wickerbasket3 Tall Wicker Basket A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! Common object
wickerbasket4 Handled Wicker Basket A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! Common object
wickerbasket5 Large Wicker Basket A wicker basket. Maybe it's got cool stuff inside! Common object
wickersupport Wicker Support Block A tightly woven wicker material. Common matitem
wighead Very Subtle Wig An understated wig that's perfect for casual occasions. Legendary head
wildautomatoseed Automato Seed Automatoes! Be sure to spit out the screws. Common object
wildavesmingoseed Avesmingo Seed Avesmingo, the plant of a 100 different flavours. Common object
wildbananaseed Banana Seed Genetically enhanced bananas. Smaller trees with bigger fruit. Common object
wildbeakseedseed Beakseed Seed Grows crunchy beakseed. The nostril is the best part. Common object
wildboltbulbseed Boltbulb Seed Boltbulb! Surprisingly soft. Common object
wildbonebooseed Boneboo Seed Boneboo, a good source of calcium. Common object
wildcarrotseed Carrot Seed Grows delicious carrots, brought all the way across the stars from Earth. Common object
wildchiliseed Chilli Seed Hot, hot, hot fiesta!! Extra hot to anyone but the humans. Common object
wildcocoaseed Cocoa Seed Cocoa beans can be brewed to make a tasty beverage. Common object
wildcoffeeseed Coffee Seed Coffee beans can be brewed to make a tasty beverage. Common object
wildcoralcreepseed Coralcreep Seed The coralcreep fruit looks like a sea creature. Common object
wildcornseed Corn Seed Sweet, yellow corn. Common object
wildcottonseed Cotton Seed A plant which grows fluffy cotton buds! Common object
wildcrystalplantseed Crystal Plant Seed A Crystal plant. Truns out money does grow on trees. Common object
wildcurrentcornseed Currentcorn Seed Currentcorn, full of acid. Not good for fleshy creatures. Common object
wilddiodiaseed Diodia Seed Diodia, a soft root vegetable with a coppery taste. Common object
wilddirturchinseed Dirturchin Seed Dirturchins are squidgy and kind of tasteless. Common object
wildeggshootseed Eggshoot Seed Eggshoot, full of runny goodness. Common object