Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
apexfritter Apex Fritter A crispy Apex dish. A fried corn fritter, with banana of course. Common consumable
apexfuelhatch FTL Fuel Hatch Accepts Liquid Erchius as fuel for the ship's FTL dive. Common object
apexhdtv Big Ape HDTV I think Big Ape is watching... Common object
apexlamp1 Standard Issue Lamp A short wooden lamp with a polka dot lamp shade. Common object
apexlamp2 Standard Issue Tall Lamp A tall wooden lamp with a polka dot lamp shade. Common object
apexlamp3 Paper Lantern A paper ceiling lamp. Common object
apexlevel1sign Apex Level 01 Sign Go Ape! Common object
apexlocker Laboratory Locker A Miniknog locker. Common object
apexmedsign Medical Bay Sign The sign indicates something medicine-related in the vicinity. Common object
apexmocksign Disobey Sign A defaced poster of Big Ape. Common object
apexnameplate Fancy Plaque A fancy plaque with an inscription on it. Common object
apexnavyjacket Navy Jacket A standard issue Apex navy jacket. Common chest
apexnavypants Navy Trousers Standard issue Apex navy trousers. Common legs
apexobeysign Obey Sign I'd better do what they say... ha! Common object
apexofficechair Office Chair A standard issue office chair. Common object
apexofficerjacket Officer Jacket A standard issue Apex officer jacket. Common chest
apexofficerpants Officer Trousers Standard issue Apex officer trousers. Common legs
apexoven Standard Issue Oven Cooks food to a reasonable standard. Common object
apexpainting1 Glorious Leader Painting A very flattering painting of Big Ape, Glorious Beloved Leader of the Apex. Common object
apexpainting2 Apex Portrait A portrait of an Apex peace-keeper. Common object
apexpainting3 Big Ape Record It's a framed replica of Big Ape's hit album, 'Jungle Love'. Common object
apexpainting4 Standard Issue Painting Don't underestimate an Apex's love for bananas. Common object
apexpainting5 Big Ape Cross-Stitch May we forever obey him. Common object
apexpiano Standard Issue Piano There's some sheet music here. Common object
apexpod Life Support Pod There seems to be an Apex in there, connected to a bunch of wires and tubes. Common object
apexpod2 Empty Life Support Pod The pod is empty. Common object
apexradio Standard Issue Radio The radio is switched on but silent. Common object
apexrecordplayer Standard Issue Turntable It's churning out sultry tunes from Big Ape's #1 album, 'Jungle Love'. Common object
apexsecuritycamera Hi-tech Security Camera The finest security camera around. Common object
apexshipdetails Metal Railing A riveted metal wall. Common matitem
apexshipdoor Apex Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
apexshipdoorBroken Apex Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
apexshiphatch Apex Ship Hatch A hatch suitable for a spaceship. Common object
apexshiplight Ship Light A common ship light. Common object
apexshiplightBroken Broken Ship Light A malfunctioning light. Common object
apexshiplocker Shiplocker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
apexshiplockerTier0 Shiplocker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
apexshipplatform Ship Platform Durable enough to withstand the demands of space travel. Common matitem
apexshipsupport Ship Support A wall support used in ship construction. Common matitem
apexshipwall Wall Panel A sleek metal wall panel. Common matitem
apexsink Bathroom Sink Don't forget to wash your hands! Common object
apexskullhead Apex Skull Mask An Apex skull. Maybe the rest of them was donated to science? Rare head
apexslidingdoor1 Light Sliding Door A lightweight sliding door, advertised as being slimmer, faster, and more expensive. Common object
apexslidingdoor2 Black Sliding Door A lightweight sliding door, advertised as being slimmer, faster, and more expensive. Common object
apexspeaker Announcement Intercom Intercoms are often used to broadcast messages...or receive them. Common object
apexspecialistjacket Specialist Jacket A standard issue Apex specialist jacket. Common chest
apexspecialistpants Specialist Trousers Standard issue Apex specialist trousers. Common legs
apexstatue Apex Scientist Statue This seems to be a scientist that 'gave his body to science'. Common object
apexstatue1 Big Ape Bust It's a bust of Big Ape, Glorious Leader of the Apex. Common object
apexstatue2 Great Banana Statue All Hail the Great Banana! Common object
apexstatue3 Great Banana Lock Statue All Hail the Great Banana! The sacred fruit! Common object
apexstoragelocker Apex Storage Locker A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. Rare object
apexstoreshelf Wooden Store Shelf There are some items on this shelf. Common object
apexstoresign Store Sign A sign advertising a place to buy stuff. Common object
apextable Standard Issue Table A basic mass produced table. Common object
apextablelamp Green Lamp Pod This strange lamp emits a low green light. Common object
apextent Military Tent A military tent. Common object
apexthoughtreassign Reassignment Sign Think happy thoughts! Common object
apextier1chest Defector's Chestguard A low-grade military chestguard that protects the most vital organs. Common chest
apextier1head Defector's Mask An iron mask that somewhat disguises the wearer's identity. Common head
apextier1pants Defector's Trousers Trousers and boots that allow for flexibility whilst still providing protection from the elements. Common legs
apextier2chest Rebel's Chestguard Upper body armour fashioned from segmented tungsten plates. Common chest
apextier2head Rebel's Hood This hood and mask gives the wearer a rebellious appearance. Common head
apextier2pants Rebel's Trousers Tungsten-plated leg armour that doesn't restrict the movement of the wearer. Common legs
apextier3chest Insurgent's Jacket This jacket has titanium shoulder guards and built-in shock-resistant padding. Uncommon chest
apextier3head Insurgent's Mask This cunning headwear leaves only the the eyes visible. Uncommon head
apextier3pants Insurgent's Trousers Impact-absorbing trousers with titanium plated boots. Uncommon legs
apextier4chest Revolutionary's Jacket The durasteel lining of this jacket makes it both fashionable and tough. Uncommon chest
apextier4head Revolutionary's Bandana This bandana and shash are perfect for the budding revolutionary. Uncommon head
apextier4pants Revolutionary's Trousers Durasteel-lined trousers, accompanied by heavy-duty boots. Sleek and practical - vive la revolution! Uncommon legs
apextier5achest Rogue's Chestguard A fabric chestguard woven of aegisalt that provides protection and allows stealthy movement. Rare chest
apextier5ahead Rogue's Hood A hood that conceals the wearer's face and creates an air of mystery - perfect for clandestine operations. Rare head
apextier5apants Rogue's Trousers Trousers and boots that are light and flexible - ideal attire for sneaking about. Rare legs
apextier5mchest Spy's Jacket The multiple layers of folded ferozium used to fashion this armour render its wearer almost indomitable. Rare chest
apextier5mhead Spy's Hood Headwear that veils the wearer's face. The goggles tint the world scarlet. Rare head
apextier5mpants Spy's Trousers These flexible trousers are toughened with ferozium, so the wearer will be swift, silent and safe. Rare legs
apextier5schest Assassin's Chestguard Armour-reinforced regal garments, to suit the would-be assassin. Rare chest
apextier5shead Assassin's Mask Headgear designed to inconspicuously disguise the wearer. Rare head
apextier5spants Assassin's Trousers An elegant set of trousers and boots that are light enough for the wearer to make a quick getaway. Rare legs
apextier6achest Infiltrator's Breastplate This near-impenetrable armour is flexible at the neck, arm joints and midriff, to allow agility in combat. Legendary chest
apextier6ahead Infiltrator's Helm Few things are as intimidating as the expressionless stare of this heavily plated helmet. Legendary head
apextier6apants Infiltrator's Greaves A set of leg armour with solarium-reinforced greaves that little can pierce. Legendary legs
apextier6mchest Usurper's Coat A solarium laced jacket that offers far greater protection than the average observer might suspect. Legendary chest
apextier6mhead Usurper's Hood A hooded mask that suits the enigmatic nature of those that would overthrow regimes. Legendary head
apextier6mpants Usurper's Trousers Don't be fooled by their sleek looks, these trousers are uncommonly durable. Legendary legs
apextier6schest Frontliner's Breastplate The gigantic pauldrons of this armour broadcast that the wearer means business. Legendary chest
apextier6shead Frontliner's Helm An incredibly durable helmet which is downright terrifying to all who dare to oppose you. Legendary head
apextier6spants Frontliner's Greaves Profoundly scary shoes. Legendary legs
apextorturebed Interrogation Table A table reserved for traitors. Common object
apexturret Hi-tech Turret The finest automated security turret around. Common object
apextv Big Ape TV There's nothing on. Every channel just displays a picture of Big Ape. Common object
apexwallpainting1 Modern Painting What does it MEAN? Common object
apexwallpainting2 Vertical Modern Painting What does it MEAN? Common object
apexwardrobe Standard Issue Wardrobe A very basic mass produced wardrobe. Common object
apexwoodenchair Standard Issue Chair A standard issue wooden dining chair. Common object
apexwoodenshelves Standard Issue Shelves The shelves are empty. Common object
apexwoodpanel Standard Issue Wall Panel It's just a wall panel. Common object
applebasket Apple Basket A basket full of apples. Common object
applecrumble Apple Crumble Sweet, stewed apple under a blanket of golden crumble. Common consumable
arcadeblue Blue Arcade Machine The machine runs a game called 'Psychedelic Rodeo Melee'. Common object
arcadedance Dance-Dance Machine Let's play some Dance-Dance! Common object
arcadegame Mazebound64 This machine runs a game called 'Mazebound64'. Common object
arcadegameclosed Closed Mazebound64 This would be a neat venue for a stall. Common object
arcadegreen Green Arcade Machine This machine runs a game called 'Stylish Thief Wasteland'. Common object
arcademachine Arcade Machine An old-school arcade machine. This one plays 'Super Tralgar Blaster 2'. Common object
arcadeorange Orange Arcade Machine This machine runs a game called 'Sleazy Burger Heroes'. Common object
arcadepurple Purple Arcade Machine This machine runs 'Screaming Fashion Agent'. Common object
arcadered Red Arcade Machine This machine runs a game called 'Cool Wizard Island'. Common object
arcadesign Arcade Sign An arcade sign. There's probably an arcade nearby. Common object
arcadestarbound Starbound Arcade Machine An arcade machine running a game called 'Starbound'. Common object
arcadeyellow Yellow Arcade Machine This machine runs a game called 'Zombie Banana Mansion'. Common object
arenabruiserchest Bruiser's Chestpiece These imposing shoulders and armour are mostly for show. Common chest
arenachampionhead Arena Champion's Helm The legendary helmet of the arena champion. Legendary head
arenaflametrap Arena Flame Trap This trap spews a flame that empowers enemies. Legendary object
arkdestinationteleporter Broken Ark Teleporter This ancient teleporter no longer functions. Common object
arkteleporter Ark Teleporter This teleporter should get you back to the Ark. Common object
armoredcultistback Armoured Cultist Tentacles A harness with artificial tentacles attached. Rare back
armoredcultistchest Armoured Cultist Chest A cultist breastplate, reinforced with metal made to look like tentacles. Common chest
armoredcultisthead Armoured Cultist Hood A cultist hood made to resemble a large eye. Common head
armoredcultistlegs Armoured Cultist Greaves An armoured cultist's leg armour. Common legs
arrowsign Arrow Sign I should probably go that way. Common object
artificialbrain Artificial Brain An enhanced brain, perfect for transplanting. Common item
ash Ash Pile A pile of tightly packed ash. Common matitem
ashjar1 Bird Jar A bird-shaped jar full of ash. I wanna break it. Common object
ashjar2 Bunny Jar A bunny-shaped jar full of ash. Maybe I can smash it. Common object
ashjar3 Familiar Jar A familiar-shaped jar. It looks angry and smashable. Common object
ashsprite Ashsprite These bugs appear to rise from clouds of ash. Common object
asphalt Asphalt A cheap but effective construction material. Common matitem
asranoxaf Asra Nox Figurine The label reads, "The cold-hearted human leader of the Occasus cult. She wields a solarium-infused katana." Legendary object
astrocabinet Astro Cabinet A modern metal cabinet with floor mounting brackets. Common object
astroceilingmonitor Astro Ceiling Monitor Brackets are built into the base to attach this monitor to the ceiling. Common object
astrochair Astro Chair A modern chair design, commonly found inside spaceships. Common object
astroconsole Astro Console A large display built to monitor a variety of devices. Common object
astrocrate Astro Crate A large container specialized for space transport. Common object
astrodoor Astro Door This door forms an airtight seal when closed. Common object
astrolight Astro Light A ceiling mounted utility lantern. Common object
astromonitor Astro Monitor A compact electronic display monitor. Common object
astrosabredeluxe Asuterosaberu DX An inscription on the blade reads,"High-five for expressing yourself!" Legendary activeitem
astroserver Astro Server A large computer server rack, with brackets for floor mounting. Common object
astrostoragelocker Astro Storage Locker An astro panel storage locker. Rare object
astrotable Astro Table A solid, floor mounted working surface. Common object
astrovent Astro Vent An artificial atmospheric system exhaust port. Common object
astrowallpanel Astro Wall Panel A panel designed for inside space environments. Common object
aurorabee Aurorabee The surface of this bug's shell shimmers like oil. Common object
autochip Auto Chip A crucial component of vehicle repair. Rare item
autodrive Auto Drive An auto drive. In the future I can use this to power vehicles. Legendary item
automato Automato Automatoes! Be sure to spit out the screws. Common consumable
automatoseed Automato Seed Automatoes! Be sure to spit out the screws. Common object
automatoshake Automato Shake An automato milkshake! Mmm. Common consumable
automatostew Automato Stew A surprisingly tasty stew, if you watch out for the bits of metal. Common consumable
avesmingo Avesmingo Avesmingo, the plant of a 100 different flavours. Common consumable
avesmingoicecream Avesmingo Ice Cream Avesmingos can taste like anything! For better or worse, so can this ice cream. Common consumable
avesmingojuice Avesmingo Juice A juice that can taste like anything! Common consumable
avesmingoseed Avesmingo Seed Avesmingo, the plant of a 100 different flavours. Common object
avianadventurerpants Leather Loincloth Made from natural fibres and stylish leather, for the discerning adventurer. Common legs
avianadventurershirt Leather Breastplate A breastplate which has been woven with treated leather. Common chest
avianartifactaltar Avian Artifact Altar It looks like it was made to hold something important. Common object
avianbanner1 Avian Colourful Banner An Avian banner woven with expensive silk. Common object
avianbanner2 Avian Lunar Banner A thick woven banner depicting a crescent moon. Common object
avianbanner3 Avian Patterned Banner An Avian banner made of gorgeous silk. Common object
avianbanner4 Avian Small Banner A standard cloth Avian banner. Common object
avianbench1 Rustic Bench A beautiful rustic bench. Common object
avianbench2 Village Bench A comfortable Avian bench. Common object
aviancaptainschair Avian Captain's Chair The Captain sits here to fly the ship. Common object
aviancommonerlegs Hide Skirt A plain skirt which offers mobility and comfort. Common legs
aviancommonershirt Hide Shirt A simple sleeveless top, sometimes used in traditional ceremonies. Common chest
avianfancyshirt Ornate Shirt An elegant shirt, generally reserved for special occasions. Common chest
avianfancyskirt Ornate Loincloth A particularly fancy loincloth. Dry-clean only. Common legs
avianfossil1 Avian Skull A fossilised Avian skull. Uncommon item
avianfossil2 Avian Torso A fossilised Avian torso. Uncommon item
avianfossil3 Avian Legs A fossilised pair of Avian legs. Uncommon item
avianfuelhatch FTL Fuel Hatch Accepts Liquid Erchius as fuel for the ship's FTL dive. Common object
aviangodwingsback Avian God Wings It's incredible how lifelike these wings are. Rare back
avianpressureplate Crystal Pressure Plate Use this pressure plate wisely. Common object
avianshipdoor Avian Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
avianshipdoorBroken Avian Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
avianshiphatch Avian Ship Hatch A hatch suitable for a spaceship. Common object
avianshiplocker Shiplocker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
avianshiplockerTier0 Shiplocker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
avianskullhead Avian Skull Mask It appears to be an Avian skull. The perfect hat! Rare head
avianstoragelocker Avian Storage Locker A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. Rare object
avianswitchhidden1 Yellow Hidden Switch This tile looks different from the rest. Common object
avianswitchhidden2 Blue Hidden Switch This tile looks different from the rest. Common object
aviantechstation S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
aviantechstationTier0 S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
avianteleporter Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
avianteleporterTier0 Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
aviantier1chest Hatchling's Breastplate A chestguard with iron shoulderplates. Complete with red breast. Common chest
aviantier1head Hatchling's Circlet An iron circlet to guard from overhead blows. It's a shame you can't fly, or this wouldn't be so much of an issue. Common head
aviantier1pants Hatchling's Loincloth An iron-girded loincloth. It looks feather-light, but it really isn't. Common legs
aviantier2chest Sparrow Breastplate A fortified plate/cravat combo that is both comfortable and stylish. Common chest
aviantier2head Sparrow Helm A strong, peaked tungsten helm of great aesthetic value. Common head
aviantier2pants Sparrow Loincloth An alluring striped loincloth, reinforced with tungsten. Common legs
aviantier3chest Quail Breastplate Slightly-itchy titanium plate, worn by Avian commoners around the galaxy. Uncommon chest
aviantier3head Quail Crest Common Avian headwear, adorned with a fancy titanium plume. Uncommon head
aviantier3pants Quail Trousers Flexible leg wrappings, with titanium ankle cuffs. Uncommon legs
aviantier4chest Owl Breastplate A comfortable tunic, bound in durasteel for added durability. Uncommon chest
aviantier4head Owl Helm A durasteel helmet worn by Avian spacefarers. Not that it'll protect users from the vacuum of space, mind you. Uncommon head
aviantier4pants Owl Skirt This durasteel-lined skirt is snug in all the right places. Uncommon legs
aviantier5achest Peacock Chestplate A skillfully designed chestplate that will deflect spears, swords and bullets alike. Rare chest