Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
paintgunorange Orange Paintgun For shooting anyone who says nothing rhymes with orange. Uncommon activeitem
paintgunpurple Purple Paintgun This gun makes it rain purple. Uncommon activeitem
paintgunred Red Paintgun Paint the town red! Uncommon activeitem
paintgunyellow Yellow Paintgun Makes it clear how yellow your targets are. Uncommon activeitem
paintingapegothic Gothic Ape Painting A portrait of an Apex couple. Rare object
paintingapescream Howler Monkey Painting A haunting painting of a screaming Apex. Rare object
paintingapespeare Apex Poet Portrait A painting of a great Apex poet. He...looks familiar. Rare object
paintingapexpearlearring Subtle Ape Painting A portrait of an Apex with an earring. Rare object
paintingapexpixellisa Classic Ape Painting A very famous portrait of a mysterious lady. Rare object
paintingapexwithermine Pet Painting A quiet painting of an Apex with a pet. Rare object
paintingbirthofapevenus Beautiful Ape Painting A painting of a blonde woman standing in a clam. Rare object
paintingbirthofvenus Beautiful Painting A painting of a blonde woman standing in a clam. Rare object
paintingcreationofapepixel Grand Big Ape Painting A grand painting of two pointing Apex figures. Rare object
paintingcreationofpixel Grand Painting A grand painting of two pointing figures. Rare object
paintinggothic Gothic Painting A portrait of a human couple. Rare object
paintingmonalisa Classic Painting A very famous portrait of a mysterious lady. Rare object
paintingpearlearring Subtle Painting A portrait of a woman with an earring. Rare object
paintingscream Screaming Painting A haunting painting of a screaming figure. Rare object
paintingshakespeare Famous Poet Portrait A painting of a famous, long-dead Earthling poet. Rare object
paintingstarrynight Abstract Painting A beautiful painting of the night sky. Rare object
painttool Paint Mode Primary fire applies paint, secondary changes colour. ^green;Quick select with [Y] key. Essential painttool
paper Paper It's a sheet of paper. Common item
paperplane Paper Plane A paper plane! Will it fly? Common thrownitem
paperwingsback Paper Wings Ornamental wings handmade from paper and wood. They're impractically heavy! Legendary back
parachutepackback Parachute A parachute. No more freefalling!-NOT USED- Legendary back
parasol Parasol Open to gently float while falling. It's bad luck to open inside the house. Legendary activeitem
paraspriteaf Parasprite Figurine The label reads, "A braindead bioweapon created by irresponsible human scientists." Legendary object
paratailaf Paratail Figurine The label reads, "During storms it attaches itself to trees so as not to blow away." Legendary object
parcel Parcel Somebody else's parcel, wrapped up nicely with ribbon! Common item
pastelbed Pastel Bed A charming, pastel coloured bed. Common object
pastelbunnyplush Pastel Bunny Plushie A scented pink bunny plush toy. Common object
pastelcabinet Pastel Cabinet A small cabinet, painted in bright pastel colours. Common object
pastelchair Pastel Chair A pastel coloured chair with a heart-shaped backrest. Common object
pastellight Pastel Light A wall mounted pink fluorescent light. Common object
pastelstool Pastel Stool A small pastel coloured stool. Common object
pasteltable Pastel Table A brightly coloured table with a flowery tablecloth. Common object
pastelwallclock Pastel Wall Clock A colourful square wall clock. Common object
pastelwardrobe Pastel Wardrobe A marvellous pastel coloured wardrobe. Common object
pasty Pasty A traditional Earthling pastry meant for snacking on when underground. Uncommon consumable
pathfinderchest Pathfinder's Chestpiece This armour is typically worn by scouts, tasked with exploring inhospitable environments. Uncommon chest
pathfinderhead Pathfinders's Helm The helmet of the pathfinder is built for communication. Unfortunately, this one doesn't work. Uncommon head
pathfinderlegs Pathfinder's Trousers These boots have likely left their mark on hundreds of worlds. Uncommon legs
pearlpea Pearlpeas Pearlpeas! I'll need to bite down hard. Common consumable
pearlpeabroth Pearlpea Broth A slightly more substantial meal than just boiling pearlpeas. Common consumable
pearlpeajam Pearlpea Jam Commonly known as "pearl jam". Has a nice ring to it. Common consumable
pearlpeapancakes Pearlpea Pancakes They look like pancakes, but they've got an aftertaste of mushy peas. Common consumable
pearlpeaparcels Pearlpea Parcels Pearlpeas wrapped neatly in a wartweed bundle. Common consumable
pearlpearisotto Pearlpea Risotto Perfectly ripe pearlpeas work best for this hearty rice dish. Common consumable
pearlpeaseed Pearlpea Seed Pearlpea, you'll need to bite down hard. Common object
peasantchest Peasant Shirt A dirty, worn peasant's shirt. Common chest
peasantlegs Peasant Trousers These simple and slightly dirty trousers look handmade. Common legs
peblitaf Peblit Figurine The label reads, "Because of the size of its head in proportion to its body, it can't run long distances." Legendary object
penguinbandana Penguin Bandana A Penguin-sized bandana. Rare legs
penguinbarbottom Penguin Bar A bar fit for a penguin. Common object
penguinbarlamp Penguin Bar Lamp A metallic ceiling lamp. Common object
penguinbarsign Penguin Bar Sign It's entrancing. I can't look away. Common object
penguinbartop Penguin Bar Top A bar fit for a penguin. Common object
penguinbartop2 Penguin Bar Top A bar fit for a Penguin. Common object
penguinbasedoor Rusty Hatch A vertical hatch doorway. Common object
penguinbay Penguin Bay This place is selling counterfeit ship licenses. Common object
penguinbayclosed Closed Penguin Bay This would be a neat venue for a shop. Common object
penguinberet Penguin Beret A military beret, fit for a little Penguin soldier. How cute. Rare legs
penguinchest Penguin Suit Chest Penguin suit chest-piece. Legendary chest
penguincostume Penguin Costume A package containing a full novelty Penguin costume. Legendary activeitem
penguincowboy Penguin Cowboy Hat A cowboy hat for Penguins. Yee-haw. Rare legs
penguinfossil Penguin Fossil A fossilised penguin skeleton. Uncommon item
penguinglasses Penguin Glasses A pair of Penguin-sized glasses. Rare legs
penguinhead Penguin Suit Mask Penguin suit mask. It is cute. Legendary head
penguinhelmet Penguin Helmet A military helmet, mostly used by Dreadwing's crew. Rare legs
penguinlegs Penguin Suit Legs Penguin suit pants. Legendary legs
penguinposter1 Penguins Only Sign I don't feel welcome here... Common object
penguinscanner Penguin Scanner An interface scanner, for Penguins. Rare legs
penguinvikinghat Penguin Viking Hat A horned Viking hat, fit for Penguins. Rare legs
penguinweaponshop Biggy's Reputable Weaponry Offers upgrades to rare weapons. Common object
penguinweaponshopclosed Closed Biggy's Reputable Weapons This would be a neat venue for a shop. Common object
perfectchest Perfect Breastplate A perfect breastplate. Almost too perfect. Legendary chest
perfecthead Perfect Helm Pure pefection. Almost a shame to place on my head. Legendary head
perfectlygenericitem Perfectly Generic Item It's a perfectly generic item, perhaps a bit too perfect. legendary object
perfectpants Perfect Trousers These are unsettlingly perfect trousers. Legendary legs
persistenceofpixels Persistence of Pixels A bit of Glitch surrealism. Rare object
persistentswitch Persistent Switch Once triggered this switch will remain in its switched state. Common object
petalblock Petal Block Sweet smelling dark leaves and flowers. Common matitem
petalblue Blue Petal A blue petal, could be turned into dye. Common item
petalfountain Floral Fountain A beautiful stone fountain with a floral centerpiece. Common object
petalred Red Petal A red petal, could be turned into dye. Common item
petalyellow Yellow Petal A yellow petal, could be turned into dye. Common item
petball Little Red Ball I'd bet my pet would love playing with this. Common thrownitem
pethealingstation ^orange;Pet Healing Station^white; The creature healing station is used to heal captured creatures. Legendary object
pethouse Pet House Just big enough for a small animal to fit comfortably inside Common object
petricubaf Petricub Figurine The label reads, "It stares at you expectantly with its beady eyes." Legendary object
pettether Pet Tether A creature capture pod can be placed into this device, tethering the pet within its radius. Common object
phasematter Phase Matter A substance that appears to be almost intangible. Can be used for crafting. Uncommon item
phoenixfly Phoenixfly This bug rubs its legs together to produce tiny sparks. Common object
phoenixhat Phoenix Circlet This circlet represents a legendary firebird that's fabled to roam the stars. Legendary head
phrygiancaphead Phrygian Cap This phrygian cap is a blast from the past. Legendary head
piano Piano A piano. Truly a key instrument. Common instrument
pickaxe Pickaxe Pickaxes are so last millennium! Common miningtool
picturestand Picture Stand A novelty cowboy picture stand. Common object
pillar1 Stone Pillar A tall stone pillar. Common object
pillar2 Broken Stone Pillar A broken stone pillar. Common object
pillarblock Pillar Block An old looking stone pillar. Common matitem
pilotback Pilot's Backpack May or may not contain a functioning parachute. Legendary back
pilotchest Pilot's Jacket The armpits are a little frayed, this coat must have seen a lot of flapping. Legendary chest
pilothead Pilot Goggles Goggles, soon to be used in some steampunk cosplay. Legendary head
pilotlegs Pilot's Trousers These trousers will make the wearer want to shout, 'Top Ho Squiffy!' Legendary legs
pineapple Pineapple A tropical treat! Common consumable
pineapplejam Pineapple Jam A super sweet jam made of pineapples. Common consumable
pineapplejuice Pineapple Juice Sweet, tasty pineapple juice. Common consumable
pineapplepizzaslice Pineapple Pizza Slice More toppings! Uncommon consumable
pineappleseed Pineapple Seed Pineapple, make sure you cut it open first. Common object
pinkdye Pink Dye This coloured dye can be applied to a piece of armour or clothing with a right-click. Common augment
pinkeyeparasitehead Pink-Eye Parasite This pesky parasite gives you pink-eye. Legendary head
piodia Piodia Slice A variation on pizzap, it's got more of a coppery tang to it. Common consumable
pipehat Pipe Hat This hat is steam powered. Rare head
pipkinaf Pipkin Figurine The label reads, "Despite appearing friendly, it is rarely seen interacting with other Pipkin." Legendary object
pirateback Pirate Barrel Hopefully not a volatile powder barrel, probably check before putting it on. Rare back
piratechest Pirate Jacket This pirate waistcoat isn't waterproof. Did these pirates even go to sea? Rare chest
piratehead Pirate Bandana Yarr! I lost me eye in an unfortunate jar-opening accident. Rare head
piratelegs Pirate Pantaloons A pirate's pantaloons, with holes for legs (peg or otherwise). Rare legs
pixelcompressor ^orange;Pixel Compressor^white; Compress pixels for storage. Legendary object
pixelherodemochest Pixel Hero Shirt A heroic chest with a hero's crest. Legendary chest
pixelherodemolegs Pixel Hero Pants Can only be worn by those worthy enough. Legendary legs
pizza Pizza A whole pizza! Are you going to eat all that? Legendary consumable
pizzaslice Pizza Slice A hot slice of pepperoni pizza. Common consumable
plaguedoctorhead Plague Doctor Mask An old plague doctor's mask. Wear it and creep out your friends! Rare head
plaguemasterhead Plague Master Mask An old plague master mask. It's seriously spooky. Legendary head
plainhoodhead Plain Hood Useful for those who want to hide their identity. Legendary head
plainorbplush Virorb Plushie An adorable Normal Virorb plushie. Common object
plantbed1 Plant Bedroll A Floran prison bedroll. It spreads out on the ground. Common object
plantbed2 Plant Wall Bunk A wall mountable Floran prison bunk. Common object
plantbed3 Wheeled Bed A basic bedroll on a wheeled wooden frame. Common object
plantbed4 Covered Plant Bedroll A Floran prisoner bedroll covered with a blanket. Common object
plantbiolight Organic Biolight This organic light flickers softly. Common object
plantblock Plant Block A block made of plant matter. Common matitem
plantbrokencage Broken Wooden Cage A broken cage. What could have escaped? Common object
plantcabinet1 Small Cabinet A small cabinet with a table top. Common object
plantcabinet2 Large Cabinet A desk with large cabinet drawers. Common object
plantcage1 Large Wooden Cage A large cage for designed to hold Floran prisoners. Common object
plantcage2 Small Wooden Cage A study small Floran prison cage made from wood. Common object
plantcage3 Suspended Wooden Cage A hanging cage designed to hold Floran prisoners. Common object
plantchair Overgrown Chair A wooden chair overgrown with vines. Common object
plantdesklamp Organic Desk Lamp A desk lamp made from a glowing plant pod. Common object
plantdoor1 Vine Door A door made from interlocking vines. Common object
plantdoor2 Retractable Wooden Gate A retractable gate, made from a light wood. Common object
plantdrysapdispenser Drysap Dispenser A Drysap Dispenser. The one thing standing between the Floran and a dusty demise. Common object
plantfibre Plant Fibre A set of plant fibres. Common item
plantgeyser1 Large Overgrown Geyser A large geyser, covered in plant growth. Common object
plantgeyser2 Small Overgrown Geyser A small geyser wrapped in growing vines. Common object
plantlog Sitting Log A log, smoothed for sitting on. Common object
plantmatter Plant Matter A block made of packed plant matter. Common matitem
plantorb Glowing Orb A glowing orb. It looks like there's room to store things inside. Common object
plantpanel Small Wooden Console Lots of tempting buttons that should probably be left alone. Common object
plantplatform Mossy Platform The platform is slimy with moss and leaves. Better be careful not to slip! Common matitem
plantplatform1 Large Wooden Scaffolding Large logs assembled as a construction platform. Common object
plantplatform2 Large Wooden Staging Large logs arranged as a construction staging platform. Common object
plantrack Interrogation Rack A prison torture rack. It's not a stretch to say this would hurt. Common object
plantshelf Empty Shelf An empty shelving rack. Common object
planttorch Plant Torch This torch is wrapped in a plant covering. Common object
planttorturedevice Torture Device An arcane torture device. Best not to ask how it's used. Common object
planturn1 Wide Urn A fragile wide urn made from clay. Common object
planturn2 Thin Urn A fragile thin urn made from clay. Common object
planturn3 Small Urn A fragile small urn made from clay. Common object
plantvinetable Overgrown Table A wooden table which is overgrown with vines. Common object
plantvolcano1 Small Volcanic Geyser A small volcanic geyser. It looks hot. Common object
plantvolcano2 Large Volcanic Geyser A small volcanic geyser. It's lighting the area faintly. Common object
plantvolcano3 Wide Volcanic Geyser A wide volcanic geyser. It's venting hot gasses. Common object
plantvolcano4 Tall Volcanic Geyser A tall volcanic geyser. It's seeping lava. Common object
plantvolcano5 Short Volcanic Geyser A short volcanic geyser. It casts a faint glow. Common object
plasmadisc Plasma Disc An electrically charged plasma field. It reacts to sound. Common object
plasticplant Plastic Plant A fake plastic plant. Not a tree. Common object
platematerial Smooth Plated Block Reminds me of the inside of a medical centre. Common matitem
platform Wood Platform A nondescript wood platform. Common matitem
platform2 Wood Platform A nondescript wood platform. Common matitem
platinumbar Platinum Bar It's a platinum bar. Common item
platinumblock Platinum Block A whole block of solid platinum. Common matitem
platinumdrill Platinum Drill Drills fast but breaks quickly. A temporary alternative to the matter manipulator. Uncommon miningtool
platinumore Platinum Ore It's platinum. Common item
platinumpickaxe Platinum Pickaxe This tool won't last long, but I'll be able to dig pretty fast with it. Uncommon miningtool
platinumrock Platinum Rock A cracked rock full of platinum. Common object
platinumrocksmall Small Platinum Rock A cracked rock full of platinum. Common object
platinumsample Platinum Sample "A perfect sample of a platinum ore." Legendary object
playerstationconsole Space Station Console A console for monitoring the conditions inside an orbiting station. Common object
pleaseget Please Get Sign ... Common object
plumeknighthead Plume Knight Helm A fancy knight's helmet. It has a large, fancy plume! Legendary head
plutomodel Pluto Model A detailed model of the Sol system's dwarf planet, Pluto. Common object
plutoniumore Plutonium Ore It's pretty, but extremely radioactive. Uncommon item
plutoniumrod Plutonium Rod Nobody's going to want this. It's highly radioactive. Common item
plutoniumsample Plutonium Sample "A perfect sample of a plutonium ore." Legendary object
podchest Pod Chest A useful storage chest. Common object
poisonblockaugment Poison Resist Augment An EPP module that makes you highly resistant to poison. Rare augment
poisonbombcollar Poison Bomb Collar A collar that causes your pet to explode when they're defeated. Uncommon augment
poisonbow Poison Bow Fires arrows coated in deadly poison. Legendary activeitem
poisonfluffaloegg Poison Fluffalo Egg Hatches into a vulnerable poison fluffalo calf - a good source of venom samples once fully grown. Rare object
poisonsign Wooden Warning Sign An ominous warning sign. Common object
polarmoth Polarmoth This little bug's legs are covered in see-through hairs. Common object
pollenpump Pollen Pump Perfect pest control. Legendary activeitem
polymer Space Age Polymer It's some space age polymer. Common item
poop Poop A revolting pile of poop. The stench is foul! Common object
popcorn Popcorn Pop it like it's hot! Common consumable
poptopaf Poptop Figurine The label reads, "The Poptop hums beautifully to confuse its prey." Legendary object