Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
monolithgate Monolith Gate A mysterious ancient gate. Legendary object
monolithstatue1 Monolith Statue A mysterious ancient statue. Legendary object
monolithstatue2 Monolith Statue A mysterious ancient statue. Legendary object
monopusaf Monopus Figurine The label reads, "An ancient species, know to be agile and mischievous. They have an intelligent look in their eye." Legendary object
monsterclaw Monster Claw An impressively large claw. I bet someone would pay good money for this. Common item
monsterplating Hardened Monster Plate Plating from a monster. Common item
monsterspawner Monster Spawner Spawns monsters in a variety of configurable ways. Common object
moondust Moondust Moondust, the thing dreams are made of. Common matitem
moonemblem Avian Moon Emblem This emblem commemorates the Avians' first flight to the stars. Common object
moonrock Moonrock Tough, gritty moon rock. Common matitem
moonstone Moonstone Beautiful, smooth moonstone. Common matitem
moonstoneore Moonstone Ore Moonstone ore, found only on moons and often used for FTL engine construction. Common item
mooshiegg Mooshi Egg Hatches into a mooshi calf, which grows into an adult mooshi. Mooshi produce milk. Rare object
mossypackeddirt Mossy Packed Dirt Packed dirt, covered in moss. Common matitem
mothtrap Moth Trap Attracts moths. Moths produce silk! Common object
movingsunflower Moving Sunflower A sunflower who's just looking for the sun. Common object
mrclausback Holiday Sack A sack full of presents. Legendary back
mrclauschest Holiday Coat Keep warm with this festive coat. Legendary chest
mrclaushead Holiday Beard Hat The original festive hat, complete with fake cotton beard! Legendary head
mrclauspants Holiday Trousers Traditional trousers and boots, perfect for trekking through snow. Legendary legs
mud Mud Thick and sticky mud. Common matitem
muddancer Muddancer These bugs can be seen dancing at dusk. Common object
mudstag Mudstag This bug is incredibly sticky. It has two long horns on its head. Common object
mughathead Mug Hat A mug hat filled with something mysterious! Legendary head
multicamhat Multicam Operator Cap This hat is styled with camouflage. Legendary head
mushroombread Mushroom Bread This loaf of bread has mushrooms baked right into it. Yum! Common consumable
mushroomhead Mushroom Hat With this hat, you'll be a fungi to be around. Rare head
mushroomquiche Mushroom Quiche A cheesy quiche packed full of fresh mushrooms. Common consumable
mushroomrice Mushroom Rice Delicious eggy fried rice with mushrooms. Common consumable
mushroomseed Mushroom Seed A mushroom. The farmer who plants these is a fun guy. Common object
mushroomshield Mushroom Shield A thick disc of hardened fungus. Uncommon activeitem
musicbox Music Box A music box. Is this a wind-up? Common instrument
mutantback Mutagen Back Pipe This wearable pipe looks like it's pumping toxic fluids. Rare back
mutantchest Mutant Chest Wear this if you want to simulate mutating growths on your body. Rare chest
mutanthead Mutant Head Wear this and look like some sort of toxic mutant! Rare head
mutantminerchest Mutant High-Vis Jacket A high-visibility jacket - well, except you're turning pink... Common chest
mutantminerhead Mutant Miner's Helmet A slimy helmet which makes you look like a Moontant. Common head
mutantpants Mutant Legs Look like you have a gross mutant leg. If you want to, of course. Rare legs
mysteriousalienfossil Mysterious Alien Skull The fossilised skull of an unidentified life-form. Uncommon item
mysteriousashes Mysterious Ashes This is all that remains of the trash bag's mysterious contents. Common item
mysteriousfossil1 Unidentified Skull A fossilised skull from an unknown creature. Uncommon item
mysteriousfossil2 Unidentified Torso An unidentified fossilised torso. Uncommon item
mysteriousfossil3 Unidentified Legs An unidentified pair of fossilised legs. Uncommon item
mysteriouslight Golden Spotlight A small golden spotlight. Rare object
mysterioustrashbag Mysterious Trash Bag This bag feels oddly squishy to the touch. I wonder what's inside. Common item
nanostove Nanostove Provides exceptional heat and a great for cooking outdoors. Common object
nanowrap Nanowrap Bandage This bandage knits wounds together fast. Restores 100 health over 1 second. Uncommon consumable
narfinaf Narfin Figurine The label reads, "It uses its horns to attract a partner. The light shows during mating season are spectacular." Legendary object
neckruffle Neck Ruffle Jacket A formal jacket, with a ruffled shirt underneath. Rare chest
neoback Neo Disc A stylish enhancement to any outfit. Legendary back
neochakram Neo Chakram Crackling with destructive energy. Legendary activeitem
neochest Neo Chestpiece Fashioned from breathable fabrics and double seamed for durability. Legendary chest
neohead Neo Helmet A smooth and aerodynamic helmet, crafted from the finest materials. Legendary head
neolegs Neo Bottoms A flash of brightness ornaments these high-quality trousers. Legendary legs
neonblock Neon Block A coloured block filled with neon gas. Common matitem
neonhylotlhead Neon Hylotl Sign A neon sign depicting a Hylotl head. Common object
neonmelon Neonmelon A slice of bubblegum flavoured neonmelon. Common consumable
neonmelonjam Neonmelon Jam A tangy jam made from neonmelons. Common consumable
neonmelonseed Neonmelon Seed The vibrant flesh of a neonmelon tastes like bubblegum. Common object
neptunemodel Neptune Model A detailed model of the Sol system's most distant planet, Neptune. Common object
noblechest Noble Shirt A clean, well made noble shirt. Common chest
noblelegs Noble Trousers This style of trousers are frequently worn by Glitch nobles. Common legs
not NOT Switch <A /'NOT'/ switch. Inverts the input on the circuit.> Common object
novakidblackpants Formal Pants Flattering and stylish formalwear. Common legs
novakidcaptainschair Novakid Captain's Chair The Captain sits here to fly the ship. Common object
novakidfancychest Gunslinger Jacket Casual rookie duds. Common chest
novakidfancypants Gunslinger Pants Comfy and casual. Brilliant for blending into a crowd. Common legs
novakidfuelhatch FTL Fuel Hatch Accepts Liquid Erchius as fuel for the ship's FTL dive. Common object
novakidjacket Rustler Jacket A jacket over a simple cotton shirt. Common chest
novakidjacketpants Rustler Cut-offs Keep cool and comfortable while you climb all those rugged mountains. Common legs
novakidshipdoor Novakid Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
novakidshipdoorBroken Broken Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
novakidshiphatch Novakid Ship Hatch A hatch suitable for a spaceship. Common object
novakidshiplocker Ship Locker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
novakidshiplockerTier0 Ship Locker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
novakidstoragelocker Novakid Storage Locker A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. Rare object
novakidsuspenders Suspender Shirt A classy shirt with suspenders. Common chest
novakidsuspenderspants Suspender Pants A pair of pants with clips for suspenders. Common legs
novakidtechstation S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
novakidtechstationTier0 S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
novakidteleporter Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
novakidteleporterTier0 Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
novakidwaistcoat Formal Waistcoat For the smooth-dressing space farer. Common chest
novatier1chest Deputy's Vest A classic vest and bandana combo, complete with an official Deputy's badge. Common chest
novatier1head Deputy's Hat You'd make a dashing deputy in this hat. Common head
novatier1pants Deputy's Slacks Simple yet stylish deputy's slacks. Common legs
novatier2chest Bandit Vest A tough jacket with steel fastenings, to keep you warm in all weather. Common chest
novatier2head Bandit Hat Go incognito in this bandana-hat combo. Common head
novatier2pants Bandit Chaps Make the perfect getaway in these bandit's chaps. Common legs
novatier3chest Outlaw Chest A dark jacket with a dusty poncho shoulderpiece. Uncommon chest
novatier3head Outlaw Hat With a hat like that, ain't no one gonna tell you what to do. Uncommon head
novatier3pants Outlaw Pants Ideal outer-wear for evading the law. Uncommon legs
novatier4chest Sheriff's Vest Be the best-dressed in town, in this sheriff's vest! Uncommon chest
novatier4head Sheriff's Hat You are the law, with this eccentric 10 gallon hat and mask. Uncommon head
novatier4pants Sheriff's Slacks They'll respect your authority when you're wearing these sheriff's slacks. Uncommon legs
novatier5achest Bandito's Poncho A mysterious poncho for mysterious purposes. Rare chest
novatier5ahead Bandito's Sombrero A stylish sombrero to keep the sun out of your eyes and your air of mystery intact. Rare head
novatier5apants Bandito's Pants The pants of a bandito. Possibly stolen. Rare legs
novatier5mchest Bonesaw's Coat A bonesaw's coat. Menacing yet elegant. Rare chest
novatier5mhead Bonesaw's Hat The intimidating headwear of a bonesaw, its eyes burning with malice. Rare head
novatier5mpants Bonesaw's Slacks A Bonesaw's ominous trousers. Rare legs
novatier5schest Varmint's Plate The sorta chest plate that makes ya wanna tie a damsel to a railroad track. Rare chest
novatier5shead Varmint's Hat Keep the dust outta yer eyes and your enemies off yer back with this first-rate headgear. Rare head
novatier5spants Varmint's Pants Loose fitting and durable, for all your varmint needs. Rare legs
novatier6achest Gambler's Vest Got a risky venture planned? Be sure to take this gambler's vest along. Legendary chest
novatier6ahead Gambler's Hat No matter how high the stakes, you won't lose you head with this gambler's hat. Legendary head
novatier6apants Gambler's Pants Cut with room to spare. Perfect for a shifty individual. Legendary legs
novatier6mchest Clockwork Jacket The tall collar hides you face as you enact nefarious deeds. Legendary chest
novatier6mhead Clockwork Hat A clockwork hat. To remind your enemies of the relentless march of time. Legendary head
novatier6mpants Clockwork Trousers Clockwork trousers - so you always march in time. Legendary legs
novatier6schest Wrangler's Plate This reinforced chestplate could take on a capricoat. Legendary chest
novatier6shead Wrangler's Hat A sturdy wrangler's hat, with reinforced facial protection. Legendary head
novatier6spants Wrangler's Pants Wrangler's pants, for the hardy Wrangler. Legendary legs
noveltybanana Novelty Banana What have we here? Common thrownitem
nowayout nowayout A graffiti warning. Common object
npcassaultrifle NPC Assault Rifle A fully automatic, military grade rifle. Common activeitem
npcavianbroadsword NPC Macuahuitl A powerful two-handed sword. Common activeitem
npcaxe NPC Axe Designed for effective chopping. Common activeitem
npcbow NPC Bow Harvests meat and other goods from monsters. Common activeitem
npcbroadsword NPC Broadsword A powerful two-handed sword. Common activeitem
npcbruisersword NPC Bruiser's Broadsword This thing is massive! Rare activeitem
npccultistbroadsword NPC Cultist Broadsword A powerful two-handed sword. Common activeitem
npccultistshortsword NPC Cultist Shortsword A shortsword that belonged to a cultist. Common activeitem
npcdagger NPC Dagger Razor sharp and lightning quick. Common activeitem
npcdeadbeatassaultrifle NPC Deadbeat Assault Rifle A rusty military grade rifle. Common activeitem
npcdeadbeataxe NPC Deadbeat Axe A basic looking axe with a crooked handle. Common activeitem
npceyesword NPC Oculus Reaver Seeing from the sword's eye is disorienting at first. Legendary activeitem
npcfeneroxspear NPC Fenerox Spear This spear is perfect for enemies just out of reach. Common activeitem
npcfirebow NPC Fire Bow Harvests meat and other goods from monsters. Common activeitem
npcfloranassaultrifle NPC Floran Assault Rifle An automatic rifle made of organic material. Common activeitem
npchammer NPC Hammer Slow, heavy and effective. Common activeitem
npcmachinepistol NPC Machine Pistol A small fully automatic pistol. Common activeitem
npcpetcapturepod Filled Capture Pod Throw it down to release the creature captured inside! Common activeitem
npcpistol NPC Pistol A small handgun. Common activeitem
npcrocketlauncher NPC Rocket Launcher The power to blow stuff up. Common activeitem
npcshortsword NPC Shortsword A sturdy one-handed sword. Common activeitem
npcshotgun NPC Shotgun Fires a spread that's lethal at close range. Common activeitem
npcsniperrifle NPC Sniper Rifle Powerfully strong to cover long distances. Common activeitem
npcspear NPC Spear This spear is perfect for enemies just out of reach. Common activeitem
npctungstenbow NPC Tungsten Bow Harvests meat and other goods from monsters. Common activeitem
npcwrench NPC Wrench Delivers a hefty whack, perfect for beating disobedient machinery into order. Common activeitem
number0 Zero Zero marker. Common object
number1 One One marker. Common object
number2 Two Two marker. Common object
number3 Three Three marker. Common object
number4 Four Four marker. Common object
number5 Five Five marker. Common object
number6 Six Six marker. Common object
number7 Seven Seven marker. Common object
number8 Eight Eight marker. Common object
number9 Nine Nine marker. Common object
numiplush Numi Plushie A plushie of Numi, the mascot from a Hylotl children's cartoon of the same name. Common object
numiposter Numi Poster A poster displaying Numi, mascot from a Hylotl children's cartoon. Common object
numisign Numi Sign A sign advertising Numi, a famous mascot from a Hylotl children's cartoon. Common object
nurusspear Nuru's Spear This belongs to Nuru. How did you get this? Legendary activeitem
nurusspearmelee Nuru's Spear A spear made for keeping enemies at bay. Uncommon activeitem
nutmidgeaf Nutmidge Figurine The label reads, "The king nutmidgeling is the only one whose head tuft hasn't been trampled to death." Legendary object
nutsandbolts Nuts'n'Bolts Assorted copper flavoured morsels. Common consumable
nylonguitar Nylon Guitar A nylon guitar. It gently weeps. Common instrument
oasisbed Deck Lounge Chair A deck lounge chair with a parasol, perfect for sun weather. Common object
obliviouscollar Oblivious Collar A collar that pacifies your pet. Uncommon augment
oboe Oboe An oboe. It's pretty dusty. Common instrument
obsidian Obsidian Solid obsidian. It is naturally black. Common matitem
obsidianbookcase Large Obsidian Bookcase A ornate obsidian bookcase. Common object
ocarina Ocarina An ocarina. Make sure you have time to practise. Common instrument
oceanrisotto Ocean Risotto A salty and aromatic rice dish. Uncommon consumable
oceansalsa Ocean Salsa A refreshing salsa made from tropical and ocean fruits. Uncommon consumable
oceansurprise Ocean Surprise A Hylotl dish, overloaded with ingredients of questionable oceanic origin. Uncommon consumable
oculemon Oculemon Sour but so worth it. Common consumable
oculemonade Oculemonade Nothing better on a hot day than a cool, refreshing can of Oculemonade. Common consumable
oculemonmeringue Oculemon Meringue A sour oculemon-filled pie with a sweet meringue topping. Common consumable
oculemonseed Oculemon Seed The iris is the best part of this strange fruit. Common object
oculemonstew Oculemon Stew A tangy, somewhat slimy stew made of oculemon and meat scraps. Uncommon consumable
oculobaf Oculob Figurine The label reads, "It's unpleasant to look at. It's also unpleasant when it looks at you." Legendary object
oillantern1 Oil Lantern A pretty oil lantern. Common object
oillanterntall Standing Oil Lamp An oil lantern on a stand. Common object
oliverstatue xOliver137 Statue The only letters I can make out are "xOliver137". Legendary object
omelette Omelette Easily prepared and delicious, you can't go wrong with an omelette! Common consumable
oogleraf Oogler Figurine The label reads, "It appears mystified when encountering new life forms. You can't help but feel watched." Legendary object
opensign Neon Open Sign A neon "open" sign. Common object
ophidauntfossil1 Ophidaunt Skull; A fossilised Ophidaunt skull. Rare item
ophidauntfossil2 Ophidaunt Torso A fossilised Ophidaunt torso. Rare item
ophidauntfossil3 Ophidaunt Upper Tail A fossilised Ophidaunt upper tail. Rare item
ophidauntfossil4 Ophidaunt Mid Tail A fossilised Ophidaunt mid tail. Rare item
ophidauntfossil5 Ophidaunt Lower Tail A fossilised Ophidaunt lower tail. Rare item
opulentbed Opulent Bed A remarkably comfortable opulent bed. Common object
opulentchair Opulent Chair An incredibly comfortable opulent chair. Common object
opulentdoor Opulent Door A super-strong opulent door. Common object
opulentlight Opulent Light A glowing opulent light made from crystal. Common object
opulentswitch Opulent Console A opulent console mounted on a suspended crystal. Common object
opulenttable Opulent Table An incredibly stylish opulent table. Common object
or OR Switch An /'OR'/ switch. Allows you to have multiple individual inputs. Common object
orange Orange It's an orange. Common consumable
orangedye Orange Dye This coloured dye can be applied to a piece of armour or clothing with a right-click. Common augment
orangestim Orange Stim Pack A stimpack full of orange liquid, it will get you all fired up! Common consumable
orbideaf Orbide Figurine The label reads, "Something about the way it limps makes you feel uncomfortable." Legendary object
oredetector Ore Detector Emits pulses to analyse the composition of nearby minerals. legendary activeitem
organictorch Organic Torch A gently flickering torch of mysterious organic origin. Common object
ornateflooring Ornate Flooring Delightful ornate flooring. Common matitem
ornateroofing Ornate Roofing Traditional looking ornate roofing. Common matitem