Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
liquidsensor Liquid Sensor Don't use your finger! This trusty sensor indicates the presence of liquids. Common object
liquidslime Slime A slimey liquid. Common liqitem
liquidwater Water A measure of cool, clear water. Common liqitem
litorgans Lit Organs Ruin organs. Common object
livingroot Living Root A severed piece of evolved plant matter. Can be used for crafting. Uncommon item
locker1 Tall Locker A locker with a tall metal door. Common object
locker2 Flat Locker A locker with a wide metal door. Common object
logblock Wooden Log A wooden log. Good for building simple structures. Common matitem
lollipop1 Giant Lollipop A giant swirly lollipop! Sweet! Uncommon object
lollipop2 Giant Lollipop A big lollipop! Sweet! Uncommon object
loudspeaker Loudspeakers It's a set of loudspeakers through which people speak loudly. Common object
luchadorhead Luchador Mask Wrestle your way to glory with this stylish luchador mask. Legendary head
luckydip Lucky Dip Bananas and carrots mashed in a bowl makes for an Apex snacktime favorite. Common consumable
lumothaf Lumoth Figurine The label reads, "The bulb only stays lit while the Lumoth flaps its wings." Legendary object
lunarang Lunarang That's no moon. Legendary activeitem
lunarbaseblock Lunar Base Block This alloy looks incredibly durable. Common matitem
lunarbasebunk Lunar Base Bunk These cosy beds can stack on top of each other. Common object
lunarbasechair Lunar Base Chair A surprisingly comfortable chair. Common object
lunarbaseconsole Lunar Base Console A sleek control console. Common object
lunarbasecrate Lunar Base Crate A storage crate, typically used for stashing equipment and ores. Common object
lunarbasedoor Lunar Base Blastdoor This door is airtight and made with incredibly strong materials. Common object
lunarbaselantern Lunar Base Lantern These electric lanterns generate a pleasantly warm light. Common object
lunarbaselaser Mining Laser A laser made to mine through moon rock. Common object
lunarbaselocker Lunar Base Lockers A set of lockers, perfect for storing things. Common object
lunarbaseplatform Lunar Base Platform A well-constructed metal platform. Common matitem
m1helmethead M1 Helmet G.I. standard issue military helmet. Rare head
magmaceilingspike1 Sharp Spikes Watch out! Common object
magmaceilingspike2 Sharp Spikes Watch out! Common object
magmaceilingspike3 Sharp Spikes Watch out! Common object
magmagroundspike1 Sharp Spikes Don't wanna step in those... Common object
magmagroundspike2 Sharp Spikes Don't wanna step in those... Common object
magmagroundspike3 Sharp Spikes Don't wanna step in those... Common object
magmalamp Magma Lamp A lamp illuminated by suspended globules of lava. Common object
magmarock Magmarock Magmarock. This is hot stuff. Common matitem
magnorbs Magnorbs Specialized magnetic bracers for throwing and catching specially designed orbs. Legendary activeitem
mandrafloraaf Mandraflora Figurine The label reads, "Its sleepy lifestyle allows it to flourish underground and reach impressive sizes." Legendary object
manholedoor Manhole Cover A manhole cover. Common object
manipulatoraddon ^orange;Manipulator Addon^white; A module that adds additional high-tech combat equipment and armour to the replicator. Legendary object
manipulatormodule Manipulator Module This module can be used to upgrade a matter manipulator! Legendary item
mannequin Mannequin Display and easily equip armour sets! Common object
marinesign USCM Sign What does USCM stand for, again? Oh - United Systems Colonial Marines. Common object
markergroundplaque Commemorative Marker A beautifully crafted marker with a plaque embedded into it. Common object
markerwallplaque1 Iron Plaque Simple, but elegant. Plaques like this bring some real class to a place. Common object
markerwallplaque2 Polished Stone Plaque Simple, but elegant. Plaques like this bring some real class to a place. Common object
markerwallplaque3 Golden Plaque Plaques don't come much classier than this. Common object
marketstall1 Market Fruit Stall I wonder what fruit they sell on this planet. Common object
marketstall2 Market Clothes Stall Beautiful fabrics and clothing adorn this cute little stall. Common object
marketstall3 Market Weapon Stall An assortment of pointy things. Common object
marketstall4 Small Empty Market Stall A small empty stall. It looks sad. Common object
marketstall5 Large Empty Market Stall A large empty stall. I bet business is slow. Common object
marsmodel Mars Model A detailed model of the Sol system's red planet, Mars. Common object
mashedpotato Mashed Potato Smashing potatoes is scientifically proven to make them 500% tastier. Common consumable
mask1 Decorative Human Mask This guy looks surprised to see me! Common object
mask2 Decorative Skull Mask This guy looks hungry. His eyes make me uncomfortable. Common object
mask3 Decorative Alien Mask This mask looks angry. Common object
mask4 Decorative Bird Mask A rather serious looking bird. Common object
mask5 Decorative Wiseman Mask This guy seems... wise. Common object
mask6 Decorative Priest Mask This mask looks like my ex-wife. Common object
matterblock Matter Block A matter block. A block that matters. Common matitem
matteritem Matter Block A matter block. A block that matters. Uncommon item
meatdumplings Meat Dumplings Steamed meat dumplings. Beautifully simple! Common consumable
meatpie Shepherd's Pie Minced meat in a rich gravy, topped with creamy mash. Rare consumable
meatstew Meat Stew Just like mama used to make! Uncommon consumable
mechanicalelevatorlong Long Mechanical Elevator This elevator operates on an elaborate system of clockwork. Common object
mechanicalelevatorshort Short Mechanical Elevator This elevator operates on an elaborate system of clockwork. Common object
medicback Medic Backpack A medic's military backpack. Common back
medicchest Combat Medic Chest A military issue combat jacket, designed for a medic. Common chest
medichead Combat Medic Helmet A military helmet designed for combat medics. Common head
mediclegs Combat Medic Trousers Military trousers, designed for a combat medic. Common legs
medievalarmor Display Armour Shiny armour stands resolute. Common object
medievalarmorarmed Armed Display Armour Shiny armour stands armed and resolute. Common object
medievalarmorswitch Suspicious Display Armour Shiny armour stands resolute. Hmm... The shield looks loose. Common object
medievalaxedisplay Axe Display These display axes look very sharp. Common object
medievalbed Medieval Bed A firm bed with silky sheets. Common object
medievalbookcase Medieval Bookcase A bookcase for storing folk tales and legends... Common object
medievalbookcaseswitch Medieval Bookcase Switch One of these books looks out of place... I wonder... Common object
medievalbowl Medieval Bowl A bowl. It doesn't look very clean. Common object
medievalbucket Medieval Bucket There's a hole in this bucket. Common object
medievalcabinet Medieval Cabinet A charming and well-made wooden cabinet. Common object
medievalcandle Candle A small wax candle in a holder. Common object
medievalcellbed Medieval Hay Bed An extremely basic bed of hay. Common object
medievalchair Medieval Chair A hard chair, it would get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Common object
medievalchandelier Medieval Chandelier An iron chandelier. A good way to light a large room. Common object
medievalchest Medieval Chest An old wooden chest, still going strong. Common object
medievalclock Medieval Wall Clock A small clock with a pendulum. It ticks and tocks but the hands never move. Common object
medievalcodex Medieval Codex This book is full of strange illustrations. Common object
medievalcounter Medieval Counter Ye olde counter. Common object
medievalcup Medieval Cup A dirty-looking wooden cup. Common object
medievaldesk Medieval Desk A nicely made wooden desk. Common object
medievaldiningtable Royal Dining Table A fancy feasting table. Common object
medievaldresser Medieval Dresser This dresser has a musty smell. It doesn't look very clean. Common object
medievalfireplace Medieval Fireplace A stone fireplace. A good way to warm a cold castle. Common object
medievalflagpole Medieval Flagpole A flagpole fit for topping any building. Common object
medievalfurnace Medieval Furnace A old fashioned furnace for tempering tools. Common object
medievalglobe Medieval Globe A model of an unknown planet. Common object
medievalladder Wooden Ladder A shoddy wooden ladder. What a thrill! Common matitem
medievallamp Medieval Lamp An oil lamp. It gives off some warmth. Common object
medievallargecookingpot Medieval Cooking Pot This cooking pot expels the odour of a hundred hearty meals. Common object
medievalmap Medieval Map A map of an unknown world. Common object
medievalpedestal Medieval Pedestal A pedestal for putting your treasures on display. Common object
medievalplate Medieval Plate A plate. It's gathering dust here. Common object
medievalpressureplate Pressure Plate A pressure plate, to be used wisely. Common object
medievalregister Cash Register A mechanical cash register. Ka-ching! Common object
medievalscaffolding Wooden Scaffolding Some shoddy wooden scaffolding. Common object
medievalshelf Medieval Shelf An old wooden shelf. Common object
medievalspikes Wooden Spikes Wooden spikes. Just waiting to be decorated with the heads of your enemies! Common object
medievalstock Medieval Stocks A pair of stocks. A medieval method of punishment. Common object
medievalstreetlamp Medieval Street Lamp It's an old street lamp. It gives off a little warmth. Common object
medievalswitchhidden Grey Hidden Switch This floor tile looks different from the rest. Common object
medievalswitchlever Switch Lever A mysterious lever. I wonder what this does? Common object
medievalswitchshackle Wall Shackles One of these shackles looks suspicious... Common object
medievalsworddisplay Sword Display These display swords could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Common object
medievaltable Medieval Table Ye olde dining room table. Common object
medievaltoilet Medieval Toilet A very basic toilet. Common object
medievaltorch Medieval Torch A solid iron torch with a gentle flickering flame. Common object
medievalwallshelf Medieval Wall Shelf A wooden wall shelf for displaying trinkets. Common object
medievalweaponrack Medieval Weapon Rack A rack full of fairly dull iron swords. Common object
mediummetal Tungsten Block A solid tungsten block. Common matitem
mediumsnowball Medium Snowball It's bigger than the average snowball, but you can still throw it. Common thrownitem
medkit Medical Kit Restores 100 health over 10 seconds, and instantly cures most status effects. Common consumable
meercaphead Nerdy Meercat It's a meer cap! Legendary head
memorialstatue Imagination Memorial The plaque reads "For a father who opened up a new world for me. In Memory of Tracy Dietrich 1963-2003". Legendary object
menorah Menorah A warm holiday glow. Uncommon object
mercenarychest Mercenary's Breastplate A solid breastplate without the frills. Common chest
mercenaryhead Mercenary's Helm Dependable armour is a merc's best friend. Common head
mercenarylegs Mercenary's Greaves A mercenary cares little for fashion. Common legs
merchantchest Merchant Shirt A low quality shirt, sometimes worn by merchants. Common chest
merchantlegs Merchant Trousers Some simple, low quality merchant trousers. Common legs
mercurymodel Mercury Model A detailed model of the Sol system's smallest planet, Mercury. Common object
metalbarrel1 Metal Barrel A generic metal barrel. It's sealed. Common object
metalbarrel2 Radioactive Barrel A barrel full of radioactive material. Common object
metalbarrel2b Radioactive Barrel A barrel full of radioactive material. Common object
metallic Metal Coated Wood A metal coating over a wood-like material. Common item
metallicmaterial Hi-tech Block This looks hi-tech! Common matitem
metallictrapdoor Metal Trap Door A trap door disguised as a metal platform. Common object
meteoriterock Meteorite Rock An extremely hard rock found just outside the atmosphere. Common matitem
miasmopaf Miasmop Figurine The label reads, "Prolonged exposure to its pungent fumes will knock you out." Legendary object
microformeralpine Mountainous Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a rocky highland. Legendary object
microformerbioluminescence Glowing Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a bioluminescent garden. Legendary object
microformerbones Skeletal Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a dry waste of scattered bones. Legendary object
microformereyepatch Ocular Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into clumps of lidless eyeballs. Legendary object
microformerflesh Fleshy Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a fleshy abomination. Legendary object
microformergeode Crystalline Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a beautiful crystalline rock garden. Legendary object
microformergiantflowers Floral Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a patch of giant flowers. Legendary object
microformerhive Buggy Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a hive of alien invertebrates. Legendary object
microformerluminouscaves Glowshroom Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a sticky patch of glowing mushrooms. Legendary object
microformermushrooms Fungal Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a patch of spongey fungus and giant toadstools. Legendary object
microformerrust Rusty Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into an oxidized metallic grove. Legendary object
microformerslimecaves Slimy Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a soupy slime pit. Legendary object
microformersteamspring Steamy Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into an ice sheet threaded with odd, protruding steam pipes. Legendary object
microformertar Tarry Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into a morass of sticky tar. Legendary object
microformerwilderness Wild Microformer Transforms an area of a planet into an overgrown wilderness. Legendary object
microphone Low-Pitch Microphone A microphone. How low can you go? Common instrument
microphonefem High-Pitch Microphone A microphone. For all the soulful divas out there. Common instrument
microscope Microscope Everything looks significantly more terrifying under a microscope. Common object
microwave Microwave Nuke all the foods! Common object
midjar1 Old Pot A crumbling old pot with patterned markings. It looks smashable. Common object
milk Milk Mmm, milk. Common consumable
mindwurmplush Mindwurm Plushie A questionably cute plushie of a Mindwurm. Common object
minerchest High-Vis Jacket A high-visibility jacket with reflectors - safety first! Uncommon chest
minerhead Miner's Helmet A protective helmet with a built in visor. Uncommon head
minidronerack Minidrone Intel Rack A computer displaying information downloaded from the drone on top. Rare object
minifridge Mini Fridge Ideal for storing food and keeping it fresh. Common object
miniknogchest Miniknog Chest Mass-produced chest armour for loyal Miniknog soldiers. Uncommon chest
miniknoghead Miniknog Helmet A standard issue helmet for Miniknog soldiers. Uncommon head
miniknogintel1 Miniknog Intel Display A display cycling through information about Miniknog strongholds. Rare object
miniknoglauncher Miniknog Launcher A miniature missile launcher, developed by top Miniknog scientists. Legendary activeitem
miniknognewspaper Miniknog Newspaper A large propaganda newspaper, to be put up where everyone can see. Rare object
miniknogoldsign Ministry of Knowledge Sign An old sign from an Apex laboratory. Common object
miniknogpants Miniknog Greaves Armour-plated legwear made for Miniknog soldiers. Uncommon legs
miningbelt Mining Conveyer Belt A machine used to move large amounts of mined material. Common object
miningchest Mining Chest Perfect for storing tools and equipment in! Uncommon object
miningcrusher Mining Impact Crusher A machine used for breaking down rocks. Common object
miningdoor Miner's Door An industrial-looking metal door. Common object
miningfence Mining Railing A metal fence with red and black warning stripes. Common object
mininghathead Mining Helmet A miners hat, has a light on it! Common head
mininghazardsign Mining Hazard Sign A metal sign that says "HAZARD!" Common object
mininglantern Explorer's Lantern This lantern can be carried by explorers to light the surrounding area. Common flashlight
miningpowersign Power Sign A sign that says either offline or online. Common object
miningskip Mining Skip A large metal Skip full of rubble. Common object
miningsupplies Mining Supplies Crate An old crate of Mining supplies - For every budding Miner! Common object
miningverticaldoor Mining Hatch A vertical hatch doorway. Common object
mirror Mirror Block A non-reflective mirror. Common matitem
mistprimer Pile of Mossy Stones A pile of mossy stones. Common object
mobilityaugment Mobility Augment An EPP module that boosts your movement speed and jumping power. Legendary augment
mocha Mochaccino A mild blend of coffee and hot chocolate. Common consumable
modernchair Modern Chair A contemporary chair. Common object
modernplatform Modern Platform Made from a modern material, this platform is smooth to the touch. Common matitem
moderntable Modern Table A fancy modern table to place fancy modern things on. Common object
molemanposter Moleman Poster A framed poster for cult hit, "The Moleman Prophecy". Common object
molotov Molotov The liquid in this bottle is highly flammable. Common thrownitem
moltencore Molten Core A very powerful molten core. Can be used to craft a metalwork station! Rare item
money Pixels Pixels are a universal currency. They can also be used for 3D Printing. Common currency
moneybagsback Moneybags Sack A sack full of valuables. Legendary back
moneybagschest Moneybags Tux A fancy tux, perfect for the prom. Legendary chest
moneybagshead Moneybags Hat A fancy top hat with monocle and moustache. Legendary head
moneybagspants Moneybags Trousers These fancy tux trousers let you step out in style. Legendary legs
monitorhead Monitor Helm It's a helmet re-purposed from one of those old computer screens. Legendary head
monkchest Monk Shirt These robes are traditionally worn by Hylotl monks. Common chest
monklegs Monk Skirt The simple, draping leg-coverings of a monk. Common legs