Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
ledgebrick Ledge Brick Stone stepped bricks with a small ledge. Common matitem
legendblade Legend Sword This legend sword came out of a rock. Legendary activeitem
letheiasign Letheia Corp Sign A halogen sign for the Letheia corporation. Rare object
librarybookcase Damaged Small Bookcase A small bookcase that has been damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseG2 Grand Ornate Bookcase A large antique bookcase. Common object
librarybookcaseG2damage Damaged Grand Bookcase A large bookcase that has been damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseHUGE Huge Ornate Bookcase A gigantic bookcase filled with books. Common object
librarybookcaseHUGEdamage Damaged Huge Bookcase A gigantic bookcase that is damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseL2 Large Ornate Bookcase A big antique bookcase. Common object
librarybookcaseL2damage Damaged Large Bookcase A big antique bookcase that has been damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseN2 Ornate Bookcase A fairly big bookcase full of books. Common object
librarybookcaseN2damage Damaged Bookcase A ornate bookcase with missing books Common object
librarybookcaseN2empty Deprived Bookcase A fairly big bookcase, only partially filled with books. Common object
librarybookcaseS1 Small Ornate Bookcase An ornately carved bookcase. Common object
librarybookcaseS1empty Small Deprived Bookcase An ornately carved bookcase. It's only partially filled. Common object
librarycodex Ancient Library Codex An ancient tome that catalogues of all the Hylotl books in the galaxy. Rare object
librarymodel Hylotl Library Model An intricate handmade paper model of a Hylotl library. There's little paper bookcases inside! Rare object
license1 Sparrow License Qualifies the bearer to fly Sparrow class ships. Legendary item
license2 Kestrel License Qualifies the bearer to fly Kestrel class ships. Legendary item
license3 Falcon License Qualifies the bearer to fly Falcon class ships. Legendary item
license4 Eagle License Qualifies the bearer to fly Eagle class ships. Legendary item
license5 Condor License Qualifies the bearer to fly Condor class ships. Legendary item
liftoffseat Liftoff Seat A horizontal chair like a captain's chair on an Earth space shuttle. Common object
lightaugment1 Light I Augment An EPP module that enables a survival pack to emit a faint light. Uncommon augment
lightaugment2 Light II Augment An EPP module that enables a survival pack to emit light. Rare augment
lightaugment3 Light III Augment An EPP module that enables a survival pack to emit a strong light. Legendary augment
lightbow Light Bow Fires glowing beams of pure energy! Rare activeitem
lightbulb Flickering Lightbulb A bare lightbulb hanging from a metal rod in the ceiling. Common object
lightbulb2 Lightbulb A bare lightbulb hanging from a metal rod in the ceiling. Common object
lightbulb3 Lightbulb It's a lightbulb. Common item
lightcollar Light Collar A collar that emits light. Uncommon augment
lighthelmhead Fluorescent Helmet Makes you look like a walking lightbulb. But hey, function over fashion! Rare head
lightmetal Light Metal A light metallic tile, perfect for a research laboratory. Common matitem
lightsensor Light Sensor Activates the bottom node in dim light and the top node in bright light. Common object
lightstreaks Light Streaks Bright light streaks. Legendary object
lilodonaf Lilodon Figurine The label reads, "Its ancestors used to live in the sea. It might look small, but it's got a big bite." Legendary object
limestone Limestone Rough, unrefined limestone. Common matitem
liquidfuel Liquid Erchius Fuel A dangerous and volatile substance, syphoned from moons and used as FTL fuel. Common liqitem
liquidhealing Healing Water A measure of cool, clear, healing water. Drinking it will restore your body. Common liqitem
liquidlava Lava A measure of bubbling, searing lava. Common liqitem
liquidmilk Coconut Milk A measure of coconut milk. The taste is amazing. Common liqitem
liquidoil Oil A measure of gooey unrefined oil. Common liqitem
liquidpoison Poison A measure of strong poison. Common liqitem
liquidsensor Liquid Sensor Don't use your finger! This trusty sensor indicates the presence of liquids. Common object
liquidslime Slime A slimey liquid. Common liqitem
liquidwater Water A measure of cool, clear water. Common liqitem
litorgans Lit Organs Ruin organs. Common object
livingroot Living Root A severed piece of evolved plant matter. Can be used for crafting. Uncommon item
locker1 Tall Locker A locker with a tall metal door. Common object
locker2 Flat Locker A locker with a wide metal door. Common object
logblock Wooden Log A wooden log. Good for building simple structures. Common matitem
lollipop1 Giant Lollipop A giant swirly lollipop! Sweet! Uncommon object
lollipop2 Giant Lollipop A big lollipop! Sweet! Uncommon object
loudspeaker Loudspeakers It's a set of loudspeakers through which people speak loudly. Common object
luchadorhead Luchador Mask Wrestle your way to glory with this stylish luchador mask. Legendary head
luckydip Lucky Dip Bananas and carrots mashed in a bowl makes for an Apex snacktime favorite. Common consumable
lumothaf Lumoth Figurine The label reads, "The bulb only stays lit while the Lumoth flaps its wings." Legendary object
lunarang Lunarang That's no moon. Legendary activeitem
lunarbaseblock Lunar Base Block This alloy looks incredibly durable. Common matitem
lunarbasebunk Lunar Base Bunk These cosy beds can stack on top of each other. Common object
lunarbasechair Lunar Base Chair A surprisingly comfortable chair. Common object
lunarbaseconsole Lunar Base Console A sleek control console. Common object
lunarbasecrate Lunar Base Crate A storage crate, typically used for stashing equipment and ores. Common object
lunarbasedoor Lunar Base Blastdoor This door is airtight and made with incredibly strong materials. Common object
lunarbaselantern Lunar Base Lantern These electric lanterns generate a pleasantly warm light. Common object
lunarbaselaser Mining Laser A laser made to mine through moon rock. Common object
lunarbaselocker Lunar Base Lockers A set of lockers, perfect for storing things. Common object
lunarbaseplatform Lunar Base Platform A well-constructed metal platform. Common matitem
lunarlander Lunar Lander A legendary testament to early space travel. Rare object
m1helmetmedichead M1 Medic Helmet G.I. standard issue military helmet. This one is designed for a medic.-NOT USED- Rare head
magmaceilingspike1 Sharp Spikes Watch out! Common object
magmaceilingspike2 Sharp Spikes Watch out! Common object
magmaceilingspike3 Sharp Spikes Watch out! Common object
magmagroundspike1 Sharp Spikes Don't wanna step in those... Common object
magmagroundspike2 Sharp Spikes Don't wanna step in those... Common object
magmagroundspike3 Sharp Spikes Don't wanna step in those... Common object
magmalamp Magma Lamp A lamp illuminated by suspended globules of lava. Common object
magmarock Magmarock Magmarock. This is hot stuff. Common matitem
magnorbs Magnorbs Specialized magnetic bracers for throwing and catching specially designed orbs. Legendary activeitem
mandrafloraaf Mandraflora Figurine The label reads, "Its sleepy lifestyle allows it to flourish underground and reach impressive sizes." Legendary object
manholedoor Manhole Cover A manhole cover. Common object
manipulatoraddon ^orange;Manipulator Addon^white; A module that adds additional high-tech combat equipment and armour to the replicator. Legendary object
manipulatormodule Manipulator Module This module can be used to upgrade a matter manipulator! Legendary item
mannequin Mannequin Display and easily equip armour sets! Common object
marinesign USCM Sign What does USCM stand for, again? Common object
markergroundplaque Commemorative Marker A beautifully crafted marker with a plaque embedded into it. Common object
markerwallplaque1 Iron Plaque Simple, but elegant. Plaques like this bring some real class to a place. Common object
markerwallplaque2 Polished Stone Plaque Simple, but elegant. Plaques like this bring some real class to a place. Common object
markerwallplaque3 Golden Plaque Plaques don't come much classier than this. Common object
marketstall1 Market Fruit Stall I wonder what fruit they sell on this planet. Common object
marketstall2 Market Clothes Stall Beautiful fabrics and clothing adorn this cute little stall. Common object
marketstall3 Market Weapon Stall An assortment of pointy things. Common object
marketstall4 Small Empty Market Stall A small empty stall. It looks sad. Common object
marketstall5 Large Empty Market Stall A large empty stall. I bet business is slow. Common object
marsmodel Mars Model A detailed model of the Sol system's red planet, Mars. Common object
mashedpotato Mashed Potato Smashing potatoes is scientifically proven to make them 500% tastier. Common consumable
mask1 Decorative Human Mask This guy looks surprised to see me! Common object
mask2 Decorative Skull Mask This guy looks hungry. His eyes make me uncomfortable. Common object
mask3 Decorative Alien Mask This mask looks angry. Common object
mask4 Decorative Bird Mask A rather serious looking bird. Common object
mask5 Decorative Wiseman Mask This guy seems... wise. Common object
mask6 Decorative Priest Mask This mask looks like my ex-wife. Common object
matterblock Matter Block A matter block. A block that matters. Common matitem
matteritem Matter Block A matter block. A block that matters. Uncommon item
meatdumplings Meat Dumplings Steamed meat dumplings. Beautifully simple! Common consumable
meatpie Shepherd's Pie Minced meat in a rich gravy, topped with creamy mash. Rare consumable
meatstew Meat Stew Just like mama used to make! Uncommon consumable
mechanicalelevatorlong Long Mechanical Elevator This elevator operates on an elaborate system of clockwork. Common object
mechanicalelevatorshort Short Mechanical Elevator This elevator operates on an elaborate system of clockwork. Common object
mecharmbeamdrill Beam Drill Mech Arm An advanced utility mech arm that fires a rapidly pulsing mining beam. Rare item
mecharmbeamsniper Beam Sniper Mech Arm A mech arm gun that discharge fast-travelling beams of solar energy. Rare item
mecharmcannon Cannon Mech Arm A mech arm equipped with a laser cannon. Rare item
mecharmchainsaw Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm An energized chainsaw originally developed for cutting through ice. Rare item
mecharmclustermine Cluster Mine Mech Arm A mech arm that fires a cluster of small remote mines. Rare item
mecharmdespawn Despawn Mech Arm Debug arm that just despawns the mech. Rare item
mecharmdrill Drill Mech Arm A basic mining drill that can serve as a weapon in a pinch. Rare item
mecharmdualrifle Dual Rifle Mech Arm What's better than a giant machine gun? Two giant machine guns. Rare item
mecharmenergyblade Energy Blade Mech Arm A powerful energy blade for cutting through... Pretty much everything. Rare item
mecharmenergyrifle Energy Rifle Mech Arm A well made mech arm that fires beams of something akin to pure energy. Rare item
mecharmflakcannon Flak Cannon Mech Arm The cheapest available mech weapon, an arm that fires heated metal shards. Rare item
mecharmgatling Gatling Gun Mech Arm A mech arm equipped with a heavy Gatling gun. Rare item
mecharmgravitymine Gravity Mine Mech Arm Fires a remote mine that creates a tiny gravitational singularity. Rare item
mecharmguidedmissiles Guided Missile Mech Arm A heavy mech arm that launches a trio of remote-guided missiles. Rare item
mecharmheatrifle Heatrifle Mech Arm A cheap mech arm that fires off rounds of superheated lead. Rare item
mecharmhomingmissile Homing Missile Mech Arm A military mech arm that fires a homing missile with onboard guidance systems. Rare item
mecharmmissilerack Missile Rack Mech Arm Fires a swarm of guided mini missiles. Rare item
mecharmmultidrone Swarm Drone Mech Arm An advanced mech arm that can deploy multiple attack drones. Rare item
mecharmplasmadrone Plasma Drone Mech Arm A mech arm that at deploys an offensive turret drone. Rare item
mecharmshielddrone Shield Drone Mech Arm Launches a drone which projects a defensive energy shield. Rare item
mecharmspikefist Spikefist Mech Arm A mech weapon that fires a self-returning fist tipped with durasteel spikes. Rare item
mecharmsplitshot Split Shot Mech Arm An arm that fires shells which burst in all directions. Rare item
mecharmteslastream Tesla Stream Mech Arm A classic weapon design that overloads enemies with a devastating electric charge. Rare item
mecharmtommygun Tommy Gun Mech Arm No-one knows where this submachine gun mech arm gets its name. Rare item
mecharmwobbleshot Wobbleshot Mech Arm This mech arm fires eerily oscillating plasma donuts. Rare item
mechassemblystation Mech Assembly Station Equip and customise your personal mech! Legendary object
mechbeacon Landing Beacon This guidance beacon marks the position of a landing bay. Common object
mechblueprint3 Simple Mech Blueprint A blueprint for a simple mech part. Common activeitem
mechblueprint4 Advanced Mech Blueprint A blueprint for an advanced mech part. Uncommon activeitem
mechblueprint5 High-Tech Mech Blueprint A blueprint for a high-tech mech part. Rare activeitem
mechblueprint6 Experimental Mech Blueprint A blueprint for an experimental high-tech mech part. Legendary activeitem
mechbodyapex Dominion Mech Body A high tech Apex-styled mech body, powered by a vented cold fusion reactor. Rare item
mechbodyapexproto Dominion-00 Mech Body A prototype open-top mech body, designed for Apex pilots. Rare item
mechbodyavian Champion Mech Body An imposing mech body, designed in the image of an Avian warrior. Rare item
mechbodyavianproto Champion-00 Mech Body A prototype open-top mech body, designed for Avian pilots. Rare item
mechbodybad Beat Mech Body A somewhat strange mech body. Its original designer is unknown. Rare item
mechbodycultist Occasus Mech Body A crudely engineered mech body, designed by members of the Occasus cult. Rare item
mechbodycultist2 Occasus-2 Mech Body A high-tech mech body, designed for high ranking members of the Occasus cult. Rare item
mechbodyexodus Exodus Mech Body A powerful mech body operated by a web of synthetic brain tissue. Rare item
mechbodyfloran Golem Mech Body A mech body fit for a Floran, made from vines and recycled mech parts. Rare item
mechbodyfloranproto Golem-00 Mech Body A prototype open-top mech body, designed for Floran pilots. Rare item
mechbodyglitch Arthuria Mech Body A mighty Glitch-styled mech body, made from thick layers of plated violium. Rare item
mechbodyglitchproto Arthuria-00 Mech Body A prototype open-top mech body, designed for Glitch pilots. Rare item
mechbodyhero Hero Mech Body Defend the universe with this exciting looking mech chassis. Rare item
mechbodyhuman Venturer Mech Body A sturdy mech body, originally designed by the Letheia corporation. Rare item
mechbodyhumanproto Venturer-00 Mech Body A prototype open-top mech body, designed by the Letheia Corporation. Rare item
mechbodyhylotl Kabuto Mech Body A sleek Hylotl-styled mech body, complete with a trinocular scouting system. Rare item
mechbodyhylotlproto Kabuto-00 Mech Body A prototype open-top mech body, designed for Hylotl pilots. Rare item
mechbodyiris Cyclops Mech Body A mech body that uses a cutting-edge energy field to protect the cockpit. Rare item
mechbodymilitary USCM Mech Body A mech body manufactured by the now-disbanded USCM organisation. Rare item
mechbodyminiknog Miniknog Mech Body A mech body made for Miniknog soldiers who are cleared for space combat. Rare item
mechbodynovakid Marshal Mech Body A unique Novakid-styled mech body, built for tireless and skilled pilots. Rare item
mechbodynovakidproto Marshal-00 Mech Body A prototype open-front mech body, designed for Novakid pilots. Rare item
mechbodypenguin Shockhopper Mech Body The Shockhopper MK II, a body designed to fit with modular mech components. Rare item
mechbodypirate Skulduggery Mech Body A mech body used primarily by pirates and mercenaries, for obvious reasons. Rare item
mechbodyprotector Protector's Mech Body A finely engineered mech body, for use by members of the Terrene Protectorate. Rare item
mechbodyreactor Reactor Mech Body An experimental mech body powered by an unstable radioactive core. Rare item
mechbodyshark Lilotron Mech Body A mech body based on the Lilodon. Its bark isn't quite worse than its bite. Rare item
mechbodyskull Nightwinder Mech Body A mech body made for stealth and infiltration, personalised with a spooky skull face. Rare item
mechboosterastro Astro Mech Boosters A set of mid-range boosters that use a series of long thrusters. Rare item
mechboostergallant Gallant Mech Boosters A set of slick mech boosters built with intricate circuitry for high performance. Rare item
mechboosterhammer Hammer Mech Boosters A set of large boosters, which trade speed for greater control. Rare item
mechboostersimple Basic Mech Boosters Mass-produced mech boosters, with external fuel tank attachments. Rare item
mechboostersleek Sleek Mech Boosters Very sleek mech boosters. Rare item
mechboosterstalwart Stalwart Mech Boosters A classic design of mid-range boosters, historically used by delivery crafts. Rare item
mechboosterzed Zed Mech Boosters Speedy mid-range mech boosters that are shaped like the letter Z. Rare item
mechboosterzero Zero Mech Boosters A set of pointed, high quality mech boosters. Be careful with those corners. Rare item
mechhornairhorn Airhorn Mech Horn Make a little noise from the comfort of your own mech. Legendary item
mechhornbikebell Bike Bell Mech Horn Assert yourself with a gentle ring. Legendary item
mechhornbull Bull Mech Horn Why simply grab the bull by the horns, when you can BE the bull? Legendary item
mechhorncharge Charge Mech Horn A musical fanfare, typically a prelude to a sporting event or gruesome battle. Legendary item
mechhornclownhorn Clown Mech Horn Honk. Legendary item
mechhornfoghorn Foghorn Mech Horn A horn traditionally used to warn others of nearby hazards. Legendary item
mechhornlacucha Melody Mech Horn La cucaracha, la cucaracha, ya no puede caminar! Legendary item
mechhornrobotvoice Robot Voice Mech Horn Give your mech a booming voice to intimidate your foes. Legendary item
mechhornrubberduck Rubber Duck Mech Horn A timeless classic. Legendary item
mechhornsportshorn Sports Mech Horn Shrill and loud, this horn is perfect for obnoxiously announcing your presence. Legendary item
mechhornsteamwhistle Steam Whistle Mech Horn Full steam ahead! Legendary item
mechhorntoy Toy Mech Horn This horn module is surprisingly small... I wonder what it sounds like? Legendary item
mechhorntrain Train Whistle Mech Horn Put on your conductor's hat and get on track for fun! Legendary item
mechhorntruck Truck Mech Horn For beeping angrily when someone won't move out of the way. Legendary item
mechlegsarc Arc Mech Legs Claw-like mech legs, designed to be streamlined for speed. Rare item
mechlegshermes Hermes Mech Legs Finely crafted mech legs that provide the fastest possible ground movement. Rare item
mechlegshopper Hopper Mech Legs A mid-quality set of mech legs designed for jumping. Rare item
mechlegsintrepid Intrepid Mech Legs Heavy duty mech legs that balance speed and thruster power. Rare item
mechlegsronin Ronin Mech Legs A high quality set of mech legs designed for maximum jump height. Rare item
mechlegssimple Basic Mech Legs Mass-produced mech legs that allow for basic mobility. Rare item
mechlegssleek Sleek Mech Legs Sleek mech legs that pair composite socks with titanium sandals. Rare item
mechlegstwinjet Twinjet Mech Legs Mech legs that have an extra jet booster for balanced performance. Rare item
mechpilothead Mech Pilot Helmet A helmet typically used to interface with a personal mech. Legendary head
mechsign Mech Sign This metal sign indicates a mech work station. Common object