Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
icetip Icetip This bug's wings are frozen over. Common object
idolsupport Carved Support Beam A support beam carved to resemble a fearsome bird. Common object
ignomeaf Ignome Figurine The label reads, "Its charred surface is surprisingly pleasant to touch. Just keep away from the flames!" Legendary object
iguarmoraf Iguarmor Figurine The label reads, "Iguarmor is not an aggressive species but the spikes on its tail can deal great damage." Legendary object
index Card Index A traditional index filled with cards. Common object
inferiorbrain Inferior Brain A waste of brain cells. Common item
infinityexpress Infinity Express An intergalactic convenience store. It seems an ideal place to stock up. Common object
insidioushead Insidious Mask A very intimidating Kabuki mask. It hides the identity of the wearer well. Uncommon head
inspectionmode Inspection Mode Inspect the world around you. ^green;Quick select with [N] key. Essential inspectiontool
intestinewhip Intestine Whip A large intestine, it can stretch surprisingly far. Legendary activeitem
inventorstable ^orange;Inventor's Table^white; The inventor's table is used to produce various crafting stations. Uncommon object
invisibleand Invisible AND Switch ... Common object
invisiblecountdowntimer Invisible Countdown Timer ... Common object
invisibledelay Invisible Delay Gate ... Common object
invisibledlatch Invisible Latch ... Common object
invisiblelight Ship Light Strip lighting, for use on a spaceship. Common object
invisiblemonsterspawner Invisible Monster Spawner ... Common object
invisiblenot Invisible NOT Switch ... Common object
invisibleor Invisible OR Switch ... Common object
invisiblepersistentswitch Invisible Persistent Switch ... Common object
invisibleproximitysensor Invisible Proximity Sensor ... Common object
invisiblesparker Invisible Sparker Invisible Sparker Common object
invisibletimer Invisible Timer (1 Sec) ... Common object
invisiblexor Invisible XOR Switch ... Common object
ironanvil ^orange;Iron Anvil^white; Can be used to produce armour and weapons. Uncommon object
ironassaultrifle Iron Assault Rifle A fully automatic military grade rifle. Common activeitem
ironavianhelmethead The Aerohelm An aerodynamically designed helmet - for the space traveller in a hurry. Legendary head
ironbar Iron Bar Ore for iron bars is primarily found on planets orbiting gentle stars. Common item
ironbed Sharp Bed An iron bed made of swords. Perfect for a power nap. Common object
ironblock Iron Block A solid iron block. Common matitem
ironbroadsword Iron Broadsword It's a crudely fashioned broadsword. Common activeitem
ironchest Iron Chest A basic iron chest. Common object
ironcraftingtable ^orange;Iron Crafting Table^white; One could build some very sophisticated equipment on this table. Rare object
irondoor Sharp Door A door of crossed blades. It looks like they can be withdrawn. Common object
ironlight Sharp Light Is it a light, or is it a sabre? Maybe both. Common object
ironore Iron Ore Iron ore. Can be used for smelting. Common item
ironrevolver Iron Revolver A large handgun that packs a punch. Common activeitem
ironsample Iron Sample "A perfect sample of an iron ore." Legendary object
ironshortsword Iron Shortsword Doesn't feel so short to enemies. Common activeitem
ironswitch Sharp Console The sword in the... console? Common object
irontable Sharp Table A table with swords for legs. Not ideal for playing footsie. Common object
irontoilet Sharp Toilet A toilet made of swords. Risky. Common object
islandcabinet Island Cabinet A tropical looking cabinet, complete with a little tree. Common object
islandchair Island Chair A chair made of bamboo and leaves. Common object
islandhammock Island Hammock To some, a hammock is the very picture of luxury. Common object
islandlamp Island Lamp This glass lamp gives off a warm glow. Common object
islandtable Island Table There's a rather grim face carved into the base of this table. Common object
ixodoomaf Ixodoom Figurine The label reads, "A gigantic arthropod which can regrow its tough exoskeleton in seconds if damaged." Legendary object
ixodoomclaw Ixodoom Claw The severed leg of a mighty Ixodoom. It makes for a powerful weapon. Legendary activeitem
ixodoomfossil1 Ixodoom Skull A fossilised Ixodoom skull. Rare item
ixodoomfossil2 Ixodoom Torso A fossilised Ixodoom torso. Rare item
ixodoomfossil3 Ixodoom Spine A fossilised Ixodoom spine. Rare item
ixodoomfossil4 Ixodoom Hips Fossilised Ixodoom hips. Rare item
ixodoomfossil5 Ixodoom Stinger A fossilised Ixodoom stinger. Rare item
ixolingaf Ixoling Figurine The label reads, "If it survives for 200 years, it might become an Ixodoom." Legendary object
ixolingpike Ixoling Pike A small insectile creature impaled on a hunting pike. Rare object
javelin Javelin A sharp throwing javelin, suitable for hunting. Common thrownitem
jeans1legs Skinny Jeans Extremely close-fitting jeans, for the fashion conscious spacefarer. Common legs
jeans2legs Ripped Jeans Jeans with large, ripped holes allowing for pleasantly breezy knees. Common legs
jeans3legs Baggy Jeans Big, baggy jeans. An adequate substitute for a tent in a crisis. Common legs
jeffback Jeff It is Jeff. Rare back
jellyblock Jelly Blob A slimy, bright coloured mass of jelly. Common matitem
jesterhead Jester's Hat Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, this hat's for you. Uncommon head
juicekeg Juice Keg A keg full of juice. Mmm, juice! Common object
jukebox Jukebox This jukebox sounds great! Too bad there only seems to be one track. Common object
jumpaugment Jump Augment An EPP module that boosts your jumping power. Rare augment
jumpbooster Jump Booster The gas released from these chutes increase your jumping power. Legendary object
jumppad Jump Pad Repels objects with a strong elastic force Common object
jumpsuitchest Jump Suit Jacket Let's hope someone remembered the parachute. Legendary chest
jumpsuitlegs Jump Suit Trousers There's a label which reads, "Made in Deep 13." Legendary legs
junglebush1 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush10 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush11 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush12 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush13 Leafy Plant A leafy plant. Common object
junglebush14 Leafy Plant A leafy plant. Common object
junglebush15 Leafy Plant A leafy plant. Common object
junglebush16 Leafy Plant A leafy plant. Common object
junglebush17 Putrid Flower A putrid, horrible flower. Common object
junglebush18 Putrid Flower A putrid, horrible flower. Common object
junglebush2 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush3 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush4 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush5 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush6 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush7 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush8 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglebush9 Colourful Bush A colourful bush. Common object
junglechest Vine Chest A chest made of vines, it's not really safe. Common object
junk Junk Pile An old pile of junk. Common matitem
junktech Junk Tech Useless scrap metal, mostly remnants of outmoded technology. Common matitem
jupitermodel Jupiter Model A detailed model of the Sol system's largest planet, Jupiter. Common object
kathoodhead Hood With Ears A large hood, with pointed ears attached. Legendary head
kelp Kelp Squishy and slimy kelp. Common item
kennel Kennel An adorable kennel for an adorable pet. Common object
keyboard The Model M A Glitch model M. With buckling spring mechanism from a more civilized age. Common instrument
kimonochest Kimono Shirt A sleek traditional kimono shirt. Common chest
kimonolegs Kimono Skirt A sleek traditional kimono. Common legs
kitchencabinet1 Kitchen Cabinet A sturdy kitchen cabinet. Common object
kitchencabinet2 Tall Kitchen Cabinet A tall, sturdy kitchen cabinet. Perfect for storing tableware and food. Common object
kitchenceilingcabinet1 Kitchen Wall Cabinet A wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. Common object
kitchenceilingcabinet2 Small Kitchen Wall Cabinet A small wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. Common object
kitchenshelf Kitchen Shelf A nice kitchen shelf that keeps spices handy. Common object
kitchenstovetop Kitchen Stove Top A sturdy kitchen cabinet with a stove top. Common object
kitchentable Kitchen Table A rustic kitchen table. Common object
kitchentools Kitchen Tools Tools for creating pure, unadulterated deliciousness. Common object
kittyhead Kitty Hat A living kitty wants to claim you as their slave! Legendary head
kiwi Kiwi Soft texture and sweet flavour, yum. Common consumable
kiwijam Kiwi Jam Tangy and refreshing. Try it on toast! Common consumable
kiwijuice Kiwi Juice A sweet and tropical juice made of kiwis. Common consumable
kiwiseed Kiwi Seed This particular variety of space kiwi grows close to the ground. Common object
kluexavataraf Kluex Avatar Figurine The label reads, "A powerful winged guardian built in the image of the Avian god Kluex." Legendary object
kluexmap1 Kluex Treasure Map An old torn map which claims to lead to godly treasures. Rare object
kluexmural1 Kluex World Mural An ancient mural of the god Kluex. Rare object
kluexmural2 Kluex Gift Mural An ancient mural depicting the gifts given by Kluex to his followers. Rare object
kluexsentryaf Kluex Sentry Figurine The label reads, "A stone temple guardian, animated with ancient technology." Legendary object
kluexstaff Kluex Staff This powerful staff bolsters the warrior who wields it. Legendary activeitem
kluexstatue1 Kluex Winged Statue A statue honouring the history of the Avian god Kluex. Rare object
kluexstatue2 Kluex Serpentine Statue A statue depicting the might of the deity Kluex. Rare object
knighthead Knight Helmet Tis scratched! Rare head
koto Koto A koto. For that oriental sound. Common instrument
laboratorylight Laboratory Light A sleek red wall light. Common object
laboratoryverticaldoor Laboratory Hatch A sleek vertical doorway, perfect for secret labs. Common object
ladlelarge Large Ladle A container full of bubbling of molten liquid. Common object
ladlesmall Small Ladle A tall container full of bubbling of molten liquid. Common object
ladyhathead Fancy Hat Perfect for Ascot. Legendary head
lagoonchest Lagoon Chestpiece This swampy chestpiece is covered in scales. Rare chest
lagoonhead Lagoon Mask This mask undoubtedly belonged to a lagoon dwelling creature. Rare head
lagoonpants Lagoon Trousers These scale-covered trousers have claws for feet. Rare legs
lamp Golden Lamp A sickly-sweet scent clings to the inside. Common object
lamppost1 Basic Lamp Post A lamp, fit for outdoors. Common object
lamppost2 Triple Lamp Post A lamp post, with thrice the lights. Common object
lamppost3 Double Lamp Post A lamp post with two lamps. Nifty! Common object
landmine Military Land Mine Watch your step, this looks explosive! Common object
lanternstickback Lantern Stick Provides light while leaving your hands free. An essential accessory for adventurering! Uncommon back
largebell Large Bell This bell must make quite a sound. Common object
largecastledoor Large Medieval Door A huge, intimidating door. Common object
largecooler1 Large Cooler Perfect for storing a lot of food and keeping it fresh. Common object
largefloorspike Large Floor Spike It's a spike Common object
largesnowball Large Snowball A large snowball, still the right size for throwing. Common thrownitem
largetentacleprop Huge Tentacle Statue A huge stone tentacle Legendary object
largewoodencrate Large Wooden Crate A wooden crate. Common object
larva Baby Larva An alien, baby larva. It's small, squishy, and defenseless. Common item
larvahead Larva Mask A mask which resembles a large insect. Rare head
larvalegs Larva Legs Wide, large creepy looking legs. Rare legs
larvanpcchest Larva Chest A bug like chest, with a pair of extra arms attached. Rare chest
laserdiode Laser Diode It's a laser diode. Common item
laserminer Laser Mining Tool Pickaxes are so last millennium! Lasers are the future. Uncommon miningtool
lasertripwire Laser Tripwire Crossing this laser beam might trigger something! Common object
lavaballoon Lava Balloon Just like a water balloon, with one noticeable difference. Common thrownitem
lavahopper Lavahopper This tiny creature skips across hot lakes of lava. Common object
lavalamp1 Lava Lamp It's entrancing. I can't look away. Common object
lavatankcascade Cascading Lava Tank This tank cycles the molten liquid inside to keep it from becoming stagnant. Common object
lavatanklarge Large Lava tank A sealed tank full of molten liquid. Common object
lavatanksmall Small Lava Tank A small tank full of molten liquid. Common object
lead Lead A block of lead. Common item
leadguitar Lead Guitar A lead guitar. For those who like to showboat. Common instrument
leather Leather A square of leather. Uncommon item
ledgebrick Ledge Brick Stone stepped bricks with a small ledge. Common matitem
legendblade Legend Sword This legend sword came out of a rock. Legendary activeitem
librarybookcase Damaged Small Bookcase A small bookcase that has been damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseG2 Grand Ornate Bookcase A large antique bookcase. Common object
librarybookcaseG2damage Damaged Grand Bookcase A large bookcase that has been damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseHUGE Huge Ornate Bookcase A gigantic bookcase filled with books. Common object
librarybookcaseHUGEdamage Damaged Huge Bookcase A gigantic bookcase that is damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseL2 Large Ornate Bookcase A big antique bookcase. Common object
librarybookcaseL2damage Damaged Large Bookcase A big antique bookcase that has been damaged. Common object
librarybookcaseN2 Ornate Bookcase A fairly big bookcase full of books. Common object
librarybookcaseN2damage Damaged Bookcase A ornate bookcase with missing books Common object
librarybookcaseN2empty Deprived Bookcase A fairly big bookcase, only partially filled with books. Common object
librarybookcaseS1 Small Ornate Bookcase An ornately carved bookcase. Common object
librarybookcaseS1empty Small Deprived Bookcase An ornately carved bookcase. It's only partially filled. Common object
librarycodex Ancient Library Codex An ancient tome that catalogues of all the Hylotl books in the galaxy. Rare object
librarymodel Hylotl Library Model An intricate handmade paper model of a Hylotl library. There's little paper bookcases inside! Rare object
license1 Sparrow License Qualifies the bearer to fly Sparrow class ships. Legendary item
license2 Kestrel License Qualifies the bearer to fly Kestrel class ships. Legendary item
license3 Falcon License Qualifies the bearer to fly Falcon class ships. Legendary item
license4 Eagle License Qualifies the bearer to fly Eagle class ships. Legendary item
license5 Condor License Qualifies the bearer to fly Condor class ships. Legendary item
liftoffseat Liftoff Seat A horizontal chair like a captain's chair on an Earth space shuttle. Common object
lightaugment1 Light I Augment An EPP module that enables a survival pack to emit a faint light. Uncommon augment
lightaugment2 Light II Augment An EPP module that enables a survival pack to emit light. Rare augment
lightaugment3 Light III Augment An EPP module that enables a survival pack to emit a strong light. Legendary augment
lightbow Light Bow Fires glowing beams of pure energy! Rare activeitem
lightbulb Flickering Lightbulb A bare lightbulb hanging from a metal rod in the ceiling. Common object
lightbulb2 Lightbulb A bare lightbulb hanging from a metal rod in the ceiling. Common object
lightbulb3 Lightbulb It's a lightbulb. Common item
lightcollar Light Collar A collar that emits light. Uncommon augment
lighthelmhead Fluorescent Helmet Makes you look like a walking lightbulb. But hey, function over fashion! Rare head
lightmetal Light Metal A light metallic tile, perfect for a research laboratory. Common matitem
lightsensor Light Sensor Activates the bottom node in dim light and the top node in bright light. Common object
lightstreaks Light Streaks Bright light streaks. Legendary object
lilodonaf Lilodon Figurine The label reads, "Its ancestors used to live in the sea. It might look small, but it's got a big bite." Legendary object
limestone Limestone Rough, unrefined limestone. Common matitem
liquidfuel Liquid Erchius Fuel A dangerous and volatile substance, syphoned from moons and used as FTL fuel. Common liqitem
liquidhealing Healing Water A measure of cool, clear, healing water. Drinking it will restore your body. Common liqitem
liquidlava Lava A measure of bubbling, searing lava. Common liqitem
liquidmilk Coconut Milk A measure of coconut milk. The taste is amazing. Common liqitem
liquidoil Oil A measure of gooey unrefined oil. Common liqitem
liquidpoison Poison A measure of strong poison. Common liqitem