Icon Item ID Name Description Rarity Type
humanshiplockerTier0 Ship Locker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
humanskullhead Human Skull Mask An actual human skull. Alas, poor Yorick! Rare head
humanstoragelocker Human Storage Locker A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. Rare object
humantechstation S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
humantechstationTier0 S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
humanteleporter Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
humanteleporterTier0 Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
humantier1chest Scouter's Chestguard A sleeveless iron plated vest that offers reliable protection. Common chest
humantier1head Scouter's Visor This scouter headset features a fancy augmented visor. Common head
humantier1pants Scouter's Greaves Protective iron fibres are woven into the fabric. Common legs
humantier2chest Scavenger's Breastplate This scavenger breastplate offers a hardy layer of protection. Common chest
humantier2head Scavenger's Helmet The scavenger's helmet comes with augmented vision. Common head
humantier2pants Scavenger's Trousers These scavenger's trousers contain woven layers of protection. Common legs
humantier3chest Pioneer's Chestguard Safeguards a pioneer as they take their first steps into a new world. Uncommon chest
humantier3head Pioneer's Helm The sleek titanium helm of the pioneer. Uncommon head
humantier3pants Pioneer's Trousers Titanium trousers with a convenient flap at the rear. Uncommon legs
humantier4chest Outrider's Chestpiece The outrider's chestpiece is made from durasteel, knitted like kevlar. Uncommon chest
humantier4head Outrider's Helm The durasteel helm of the outrider is built for use in the most inhospitable of environments. Uncommon head
humantier4pants Outrider's Trousers These durasteel trousers are built for the rider of a hoverbike. Uncommon legs
humantier5achest Vanguard's Flak Jacket Chosen for its strength on the battlefield. The vanguard flak jacket has saved many lives. Rare chest
humantier5ahead Vanguard's Helm This aegisalt helmet is lightweight and durable... Plus, who doesn't look good in green? Rare head
humantier5apants Vanguard's Trousers Fight with passion, honour and fashionable aegisalt legwear. Rare legs
humantier5mchest Trailblazer's Chestpiece A chestpiece built for adventure! Rare chest
humantier5mhead Trailblazer's Helm We shouldn't view life through rose tinted glasses, but an amber tinted visor is probably okay. Rare head
humantier5mpants Trailblazer's Greaves With ferozium kneeguards, for all your kneeling needs. Rare legs
humantier5schest Adventurer's Chestguard Violium makes this chestguard incredibly strong. Rare chest
humantier5shead Adventurer's Helm A human helmet modeled after the sturdy heads of the Glitch; art imitating 'life'. Rare head
humantier5spants Adventurer's Trousers These trousers are a little stiff, but nicely complete that robotic look. Rare legs
humantier6achest Seeker's Chestguard The circuitry within this armor regulates breath rate and helps the wearer keep a steady aim. Legendary chest
humantier6ahead Seeker's Helmet The visor on this tough helmet is designed to sharpen the wearer's sight. Legendary head
humantier6apants Seeker's Trousers These trousers count the number of steps you take through sophisticated circuitry. Why? Why not. Legendary legs
humantier6mchest Wanderer's Chestguard Defend your vital organs while simultaneously looking big and tough. Your enemies will be so jealous. Legendary chest
humantier6mhead Wanderer's Helmet Protect your head as you wander the universe - afterall, your head is where your brain is. Legendary head
humantier6mpants Wanderer's Trousers A comely trouser/boot combo that safeguards the legs. Legendary legs
humantier6schest Universalist's Techjacket Battle the elements of a vast cosmos in this powerful solarium jacket. Legendary chest
humantier6shead Universalist's Helm View an infinite universe through finite eyes, safe behind this universalist's helm. Legendary head
humantier6spants Universalist's Trousers These trousers will tread a thousand alien worlds in their lifetime. Legendary legs
hunterback Hunter's Knife A large decorative knife with a strap to wear on your back. Rare back
hunterchest Hunter Jacket Sturdy, practical, stylish. Rare chest
hunterlegs Hunter's Trousers Great protection... unless it has teeth... or mandibles... or stingers. Rare legs
hunterrifle Vintage Scoped Rifle A powerful scope helps this gun pick off distant targets easily. Legendary activeitem
huntingbench Crude Bench A crudely made bench. It's had a lot of use during Floran hunts. Common object
huntingbigstatue Large Floran Statue A statue of a Floran. It looks like a great hunter. Common object
huntingchampionstatue Floran Champion Statue A statue of a Floran. It looks like a great hunter. Rare object
huntingdisplay1 Spear on a Plaque A Floran spear mounted on a decorative plaque. Common object
huntingdisplay2 Empty Plaque An empty plaque. What belongs here? Common object
huntingdoor1 Bamboo Door This door is hardly suitable for keeping the weather out. Common object
huntinggroundtorch Sturdy Torch Stand A standing torch. Illuminates the giant beast about to eat you. Common object
huntinglight1 Large Vine Lights A light made of vines. Or a vine made of lights? Common object
huntinglight2 Small Vine Lights A light made of vines. Or a vine made of lights? Common object
huntinglight3 Vine Pod Light A large, luminous pod hanigng from a vine. Common object
huntingpike1 Bones on a Pike Some bones on a pike. How morbid. Common object
huntingpike2 Skull on a Pike A skull on a pike. A Floran favourite. Common object
huntingpike3 Penguin Bones Pike Penguin bones on a pike arranged decoratively. Common object
huntingplatform1 Raised Platform A raised platform. Don't get stuck under it. Common object
huntingplatform2 Ramped Platform A raised platform. Don't get stuck under it. Common object
huntingplatformleaves Leaf Bundle A bundle of unusually large leaves. Common object
huntingplatformrocks Arrow Etched Rocks Very helpful rocks. Or could the arrow be a trick? Common object
huntingpressureplate Hunting Pressure Plate An ideal device for preparing traps and the like. Common object
huntingpunjisticks1 Large Sharp Sticks Sharp, spiky sticks. Don't fall on them. Common object
huntingpunjisticks2 Small Sharp Sticks Sharp, spiky sticks. Don't fall on them. Common object
huntingrail1 Crooked Bone Railing A railing held together with bones. Common object
huntingrail2 Crooked Pike Railing A railing made of pikes tied together. Common object
huntingspear Hunting Spear A throwing spear. Causes monsters to drop meat. Common thrownitem
huntingstatue Floran Statue A statue of a Floran holding a spear menacingly. Common object
huntingtrophy1 Round Mounted Skull A head mounted on a round plaque. Its eyes follow you... Common object
huntingtrophy2 Shield Mounted Skull A finely carved plaque with a skull on display. Common object
huntingtrophy3 Cross Mounted Skull A skull mounted as a trophy on crossed wood planks. Common object
huntingweaponrack1 Hunting Weapon Rack A Floran weapon rack. Unsurprisingly, many of the weapons are gone. Common object
huntingweaponrack2 Empty Weapon Rack A Floran weapon rack. All of the weapons are missing. Common object
hylotlartifactaltar Hylotl Artifact Altar It looks like it was made to hold something important. Common object
hylotlbed2 Comfy Traditional Bed Legend has it that if you spend the night in this bed, you'll lose consciousness. Common object
hylotlbowl Traditional Bowl A simple striped bowl. Common object
hylotlbutton Blue Base Button Who knows what it might activate... just press it! Common object
hylotlcalligraphy1 Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy Framed calligraphy for 'ribbit'. Common object
hylotlcalligraphy2 Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy Framed calligraphy for 'croak'. Common object
hylotlcalligraphy3 Hylotl "Lily" Calligraphy Framed calligraphy for 'lily pad'. Common object
hylotlcalligraphy4 Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy Framed calligraphy for 'leap'. Common object
hylotlcalligraphy5 Hylotl "Pond" Calligraphy Framed calligraphy for 'pond'. Common object
hylotlcaptainschair Hylotl Captain's Chair The Captain sits here to fly the ship. Common object
hylotlcashregister Store Cash Register Ka-ching! Common object
hylotlchair Blue Chair A teal blue chair. Common object
hylotlcityposter Hylotl City Poster A framed poster of a city. Common object
hylotlclassicbookcase Traditional Bookcase A master work of craftsmanship. Beautiful. Common object
hylotlclassiccabinet1 Traditional Square Cabinet A wooden cabinet. Its doors are full of etched decoration. Common object
hylotlclassicchair Traditional Fancy Chair A high-class wooden chair, is it intended for important figures. Common object
hylotlclassicdesk Classic Desk A classic style desk. Common object
hylotlclassicgong Traditional Gong Hey, this gong has a big chip in it... oh. Oh, I see. It's a lily pad. Common object
hylotlclassicpainting1 Hylotl Warrior Painting An old calligraphy painting depicting an early Hylotl warrior. Rare object
hylotlclassictable Traditional Table A traditional style table. Common object
hylotlclassictable2 Small Traditional Table A delicately designed wooden table. Common object
hylotlclassicwardrobe1 Traditional Wardrobe The lily pad rotates to lock its doors. Common object
hylotlconsole Hi-Tech Console A touch-screen console with all sorts of fun buttons. Common object
hylotlcounter Hylotl Counter A counter that oddly resembles a Hylotl. Common object
hylotldrinks Blue Vending Machine A vending machine filled with popular beverages. Common object
hylotlemblem Hylotl Emblem It's a common emblem for the Hylotl. Three crystals representing their three eyes... Common object
hylotlfashionhologram Hylotl Fashion Hologram A hologram displaying the latest trends in Hylotl fashion. Common object
hylotlfloorornament Floor Ornament It's some sort of floor ornament. Frog spawn swirls inside. Common object
hylotlfossil1 Hylotl Skull A fossilised Hylotl skull. Uncommon item
hylotlfossil2 Hylotl Torso A fossilised Hylotl torso. Uncommon item
hylotlfossil3 Hylotl Legs A fossilised pair of Hylotl legs. Uncommon item
hylotlfuelhatch FTL Fuel Hatch Accepts Liquid Erchius as fuel for the ship's FTL dive. Common object
hylotlkatanarack Traditional Sword Rack A rack of traditional swords. Common object
hylotllamp Bio-Lamp A small lamp that gives off a low red light. Common object
hylotllantern1 Traditional Paper Lantern A paper ceiling lamp. Common object
hylotllibraryposter1 Vintage Library Poster An old poster of some ancient Hylotl library. Rare object
hylotllilyclock Lily Pad Clock A clock in the shape of a lily pad. Common object
hylotllilydeco1 Little Lily Pad A small lily pad decoration. Common object
hylotllilydeco2 Tiny Lily Pads A small set of lily pad wall hangings. Common object
hylotllilydeco3 Big Lily Pad A large lily pad wall hanging. Common object
hylotllilypad Metal Lily Pad It looks like a decorative lily pad. Common object
hylotlliquidsensor Liquid Sensor Don't use your finger! This trusty sensor indicates the presence of liquids. Common object
hylotlmailbox Urban Mailbox A blue mailbox. Common object
hylotlmovieposter1 Action Movie Poster A framed poster from the movie "Cybernetic Apocalypse". Common object
hylotlmovieposter2 Warrior Movie Poster A framed poster from the movie "Fiery Blade Crusader". Common object
hylotlmovieposter3 Romantic Movie Poster A framed poster from the controversial romance film "10 Things I Hate About Florans". Common object
hylotlmusicbox Decorated Music Box An intricate handmade music box. The melody it plays is soothing. Rare object
hylotlpainting1 Traditional Wave Painting It's a painting of a great big wave. Common object
hylotlpainting2 Traditional Mount Painting It's a copy of an old, famous painting. Common object
hylotlpainting3 Traditional Bridge Painting It's a painting of a bridge over still water. Common object
hylotlplant1 Plastic Fake Plant A replica plant, it is obviously made of plastic. Common object
hylotlpost Traditional Wooden Post A decorative wooden post with a lantern in it. Common object
hylotlprizecounter Arcade Prize Counter A glass case full of plushies and toys. Common object
hylotlradio Traditional Radio An old radio, it still plays music. Common object
hylotlredalert Blue Alert A bright blue alarm Common object
hylotlshipdoor Hylotl Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
hylotlshipdoorBroken Hylotl Ship Door A door suitable for a spaceship. Common object
hylotlshiphatch Hylotl Ship Hatch A hatch suitable for a spaceship. Common object
hylotlshiplocker Shiplocker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
hylotlshiplockerTier0 Shiplocker A locker. Store some stuff, why don't you? Common object
hylotlshojidoor Traditional Shoji Door A shoji screen door. Common object
hylotlshojiscreen Traditional Shoji Screen A screen for modest individuals to hide behind while getting changed. Common object
hylotlshopsign Friendly Hylotl Sign A cheery welcome sign meant for Hylotl-owned shops. Common object
hylotlshorttable Traditional Low Table A table set at kneeling height. Common object
hylotlsign1b Blue Shell Sign A blue neon sign decorated with a seashell. Common object
hylotlsign1g Green Lily Pad Sign A green neon sign advertising furniture from a lily pad inspired design movement. Common object
hylotlsign1o Orange Apex Sign An orange neon sign displaying what seems to be Big Ape. Common object
hylotlsign2b Blue Neon Sign A sign that looks like it says "BUBBLE"... Common object
hylotlsign2g Green Neon Sign A sign that looks like it says "RIBBIT"... Common object
hylotlsign2o Orange Neon Sign It looks like the word 'croak', but apparently it means something completely different. Common object
hylotlsign3b Blue Neon Shop Sign Small ocean creatures swim within this sign. Common object
hylotlsign3g Green Neon Pod Sign A sign displaying reefpods, a tasty delicacy. Common object
hylotlsign3o Orange Neon Collector Sign A sign seeking Hylotl to collect spawn from the surface. Common object
hylotlskullhead Hylotl Skull Mask A Hylotl skull. Hopefully they died a warrior's death. Rare head
hylotlstoragelocker Hylotl Storage Locker A nice, spacious, wall-mounted storage solution. Rare object
hylotlstoreshelf Hylotl Store Shelf The shelf is packed with all kinds of Hylotl goods. Common object
hylotlstyleposter Comedy Movie Poster A poster for a unpopular Hylotl movie "Claw of Dread". Common object
hylotlsupportbeam Pressurised Support A structural support beam able to withstand deep-sea pressure. Common object
hylotlswitch Standard Lever It's a very tempting lever. Common object
hylotlsymbolb Blue Neon Symbol A metal lily pad with a bright blue emblem. Common object
hylotlsymbolg Green Neon Symbol A metal lily pad with a bright green emblem. Common object
hylotltable Hylotl Table A table with a studded gem motif resembling the three eyes of the Hylotl. Common object
hylotltechstation S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
hylotltechstationTier0 S.A.I.L Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short. Common object
hylotlteleporter Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
hylotlteleporterTier0 Teleporter Trusty teleporter, what would we do without you? Common object
hylotltier1chest Puddle Chestguard This chestguard is produced with an ancient Hylotl technique that weaves iron like straw. Common chest
hylotltier1head Puddle Hat This iron hat is perfect for keeping one's head from drying in the hot sun. Common head
hylotltier1pants Puddle Trousers Made from iron, these refined, comfortable trousers are embarrassingly named. Common legs
hylotltier2chest Pond Breastplate A tungsten breastplate of simple, elegant design. Common chest
hylotltier2head Pond Helm A helm of great elegance, crafted from tungsten. Common head
hylotltier2pants Pond Greaves Tungsten greaves protect the wearer, while simultaneously transforming their silhouette. Common legs
hylotltier3chest River Breastplate Made with silk and metal. Like the Hylotl warrior, this breastplate blends elegance and strength. Uncommon chest
hylotltier3head River Helm Part armour and part mask - for the warrior who needs both to infiltrate, and protect. Uncommon head
hylotltier3pants River Leggings Strong and supple, like the lithe and limber legs of their wearer. Uncommon legs
hylotltier4chest Lake Breastplate A breastplate designed to strengthen the wearer's durability, as well as their resolve. Uncommon chest
hylotltier4head Lake Helm A durasteel helm that is built for defense. Uncommon head
hylotltier4pants Lake Greaves Durasteel greaves that allow the wearer to stand at their post for many hours. Uncommon legs
hylotltier5achest Sea Chestguard A lightweight and supple chestpiece, that enables the warrior to strike swiftly. Rare chest
hylotltier5ahead Sea Hat This headwear protects the mind of the warrior, which must always be sharp, honed like a blade. Rare head
hylotltier5apants Sea Leggings Light, strong leggings that encourage a warrior to be fleet of foot. Rare legs
hylotltier5mchest Reef Jacket Combining the fashion of scuba with the protection of ferozium, there's nowhere this jacket can't be worn. Rare chest
hylotltier5mhead Reef Helm A narrow visor and strong ferozium shell make this helm an excellent addition to any head. Rare head
hylotltier5mpants Reef Trousers These form-fitting ferozium laced trousers are practical AND stylish. Rare legs
hylotltier5schest Ocean Chestguard This chestguard is designed to turn away the attacks of huge fish, as well as those of more ordinary adversaries. Rare chest
hylotltier5shead Ocean Helm This violium helm is built for exploration of the deep. Rare head
hylotltier5spants Ocean Greaves Violium greaves allow an ocean explorer to sink easily and stay sunk. Rare legs
hylotltier6achest Euphotic Chestguard The reinforced spine of this chestguard protects the wearer from surprise rear attacks. Legendary chest
hylotltier6ahead Euphotic Helm A helm with an elaborate, bubble-like aesthetic that allows a wide plane of vision. Legendary head
hylotltier6apants Euphotic Trousers The pale stripes of these trousers are reminiscent of shifting rays of light through water. Legendary legs
hylotltier6mchest Aphotic Chestguard A chestguard built to withstand the high pressure of the ocean depths, among other things. Legendary chest
hylotltier6mhead Aphotic Fin A strong helm designed to protect the wearer in the darkest depths of the ocean, coveted by the land-bound. Legendary head
hylotltier6mpants Aphotic Trousers Solarium crafted trousers with strengthened ribbing, that let the wearer swim, run and fight with equal ease. Legendary legs
hylotltier6schest Disphotic Breastplate Designed for the warrior who is a guardian of peace - stalwart and unflinching. Legendary chest
hylotltier6shead Disphotic Helm A helmet designed for the elite warrior, the crest implies nobility of purpose. Legendary head
hylotltier6spants Disphotic Greaves Greaves reinforced with pure solarium, as strong as the spirit of their wearer. Legendary legs
hylotltrashcan Urban Trash Can A garbage bin. Common object
hylotluniformstand Hylotl Armour Stand A stand displaying Hylotl armour. Common object
hylotlwallshelf Blue Wall Shelf A blue shelf used for displaying items. Common object
hylotlwarningposter Warning Poster It's a warning to anyone who cares to read it. Common object
hylotlwaterfeature1 Traditional Water Feature This water feature is perfect for the home, garden, or interstellar dojo. Common object
hypnareaf Hypnare Figurine The label reads, "It loves frolicking through forests and meadows." Legendary object
ice Ice Solid ice, tingly to the touch. Common matitem
icearmorchest Ice Armor Shirt A chestpiece formed from solid ice. Rare chest
icearmorhead Ice Armor Mask A moulded mask made of ice. Rare head
icearmorlegs Ice Armor Trousers Chilly trousers made of ice. Rare legs
icebed Ice Bed A bed made of ice. In the summer, it becomes a water bed. Common object
iceblock Ice Block Solid ice, cut into block shape. Common matitem
iceblockaugment Ice Resist Augment An EPP module that makes you highly resistant to ice. Rare augment
icebombcollar Ice Bomb Collar A collar that causes your pet to explode when they're defeated. Uncommon augment